Sunday, 21 December 2014

AngryJoe Drives a Tank! - [War Thunder Event]

Well he's gone and done it again, another paid promo event, Angry Joe is becoming the very definition of corporate shill. Just look at them all walking in the opening scene thinking they're all hot shit, yeah steaming hot shit, the vampire vs zombies kind. Please someone get that reference, anyway this event was paid by the developer of some free-to-play game featuring tanks, is it me or is there a market for tank games now. World of Tanks ring any bells? Basically the video is Joe driving a tank and shooting some guns, riveting, especially with that god damn music playing constantly throughout the video, don't even bother watching it as it will put you to sleep, that's if the neckbeards and nerds don't get you first. Why is Joe even going to these events if he can't even keep up with video game reviews?

I can smell the money now.

That's mr let's player to you.
That's just more failed promises from Joe, see anything similar.
Sounds like he's jealous.
Damn right.


  1. It looked like some sort of autistic special needs field trip. And look at Joe walking in front of everybody like he's some six year old pretending to be a military commander or some shit ROFL.
  2. I like World of Tanks. This video bored me to death though.
  3. its a wonder he even fit in that tank
    1. Well, you can see Joe didn't invite TonsOfFat for a reason...
  4. Joe walks like a three year old who just shit his pants. Maybe that's why he stopped making review parodies? Probably runs out of breath just standing infront of the green screen. I bet that tank smells like shitty underwear and hairspray now.
  5. New and Better title for this new format of the show: The Sellout Joe Show.

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