Tuesday, 23 December 2014

AngryJoe Plays Dying Light - Zombie Joe's!

Where's Other Joe, oh wait, don't tell me he's...
Zombie cosplay, wasn't Halloween a while back and it's Christmas time now so that makes no sense. While it actually does impressive they should actually stream the game instead of acting like idiots for the first 4 minutes and 22 seconds, and he's using a controller again to play a pc game. And is it me or is he reading a script while talking at the main menu because his eyes keep twitching off screen, Joe mentions the walking dead and how they could find a cure even though if he actually payed attention he would know the answer to that question.

Jesus Christ, nobody wants to see that, oh and nice dental work Joe.
He doesn't even show the introduction because he doesn't want to spoil the story, or is it because he isn't allowed? This doesn't really make sense since he's showing missions and dialog which contains story and the purpose of a stream is to show off the game, I don't think he know's the difference. But then again, this is Angry Joe after all so don't expect him to actually know stuff. Just look at how he plays the game, like an idiot, like always. Anyway watch the video if you want to, or just don't and remember that he isn't even doing a review this month, the lazy shit. He spends more time being a camwhore than doing his job.


I know, he's such a slacker, wait until he creates a Paetron, then he'll be even lazier.

Well said, only if Joe could actually see comments like these instead of just writing them off as trolls.

A stupid Joe does as a stupid Joe does.

Captain obvious.

I know, the money hungry fuck actually wants people to donate during the streams like he needs the money, he's just being a greedy Jew, or mexican, or puerto rican, or whatever he is now.


  1. Lousy sellout. Not just him but many big youtubers just copying pewdiepie and doing bullshit like this. Youtubers are bursting their own bubble. They will blame others but they doing it to themselves.
    1. Oh I agree! Angry Joe, however, is the worst of the bunch by far! His greed will be his undoing. He has sold out from his original intent. It's just a matter of time before he and the rest of his ilk are off of You Tube. Their days are numbered.
    2. I say tie between him and that neck beard piece of shit boogie2988. His channel is summed up with, "wahhhh I am fat but still eating Doritos and mt dew, but pity me and oh look I tell you when it is paid promo, but wahhhh pity me."
    3. I use to like boogie2988 till I released what a hypocritical person he is. Boogie would eat joe is they covered joe in Doritos and Mt Dew.
  2. If only Joe would spend less time on Twitter being an asshole, stop creating crappy lets plays, end creating stupid cheap content. Then he would have much more time to create more reviews. For Lets plays I've seen like 3 or 4 and they were so freaking boring. In comparison to people like Markiplier and Pewdipie he fails badly.
    1. I know what you mean, but Joe just seems to do what is easiest while still trying to retain his facade.
    2. He can't stop doing that. His love for money is too great. He's also not a rational thinker, hence him quitting his job and getting rich off of You Tube. He's also a liar.
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  4. I love Other Joe and Boogie, and Angry Joe himself is a complete tool, Other Joe needs to break up with Angry Joe and start making his own show dedicated to reviews and less Let's Plays.
    1. You know i was thinking about the fact that Other Joe is much more entertaining than Joe Vargas, so you're right it should be him doing the lets plays instead.

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