Thursday, 4 December 2014

AngryJoe Plays Heroes of Might & Magic Online

It's official: He's a sellout

Apparently he was asked by Ubisoft to take a look at this game, in layman's terms he is a sell-out. This is a paid promotional video, he basically say's it in the video and in the actually video description. Get a load of this:

Need there be anymore proof than this, time after time he's proved to himself and the world that's he's sold out. I guess he threw his integrity out the window, if he ever had any.
Just look at how he takes this, he's totally comfortable promoting this game and letting everyone know he was paid. He say's he's free to say whatever he wants to, however he only says on thing negative in the video, and he just does his usual live stream shlick. Well see where this takes him, hopefully he'll become a footnote in the grand book of corruption in video game journalism. He can't need the money because he racks in hundreds of thousands of US dollars from his Twitch account yearly, 

 Let's see what the common folk think about this:

Probably a crusty old mans.

He's done paid promotional video's before, does Smite and guns of Icarus ring any bells?

Well since he plays him in the show, I guess he kinda was Corporate Commander all along.
Paid promotions and trips are the name of Joe's game.


  1. after all this time his fans can no longer deny, he is exposed to the max good job!
  2. He is sell out joe leader of the ajsa pyramid scheme. Only thing worse than him is his drooling fans giving him money.

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