Monday, 1 December 2014

AngryJoe's Star Wars: Force Awakens Teaser Impressions

He's giving us his impression while he's watching it, that's just dumb. He mouths "what the fuck" when the stupid new light saber design appears. Going through and picking moments is a new idea but that's kinda like watching the people doing a commentary watching the film.

He called the Empire the "Imperium" and that's Warhammer and not Star Wars, he is such an idiot. He acts like the Empire was gone after the sixth movie and probably doesn't even know about Thrawn, I know I'm nerding out here but Joe really doesn't know what he's talking about because he's clearly only seen the movie's and knows nothing of the expanded universe. He wants an Imperial perspective even though it's already been done in other media, and speculating about the plot will only serve people to ridicule him because he's throwing around some pretty dumb ideas. He says it "feels right and looks right" even though if he was a real fan he would know it's a change of tone. I hope this doesn't become a thing he's gonna push, ah wait I'm giving him!

My instincts tell me otherwise. Of course they will.
Star Wars: Dark and Gritty Edition
Are you sure you aren't racist, why because he's black wearing something that's white. Get over yourself.



  1. So between doing more let's plays and now trailer impressions joe is now a variety channel, a lazy one at that.
  2. I hope Joe goes out of business soon and has to get a real job. The fucker is 30 years old and acts like he's still a fucking teenager.
  3. What the hell is wrong with you people?!? Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do but make this waste of life website? Get over yourselves go outside and live your life without thinking about angryjoe if you hate him so much.

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