Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Street Fighter V & Capcom's Copyright Claims - Angry Rant

Notice how he's using the puppy dog eyes.

He said they claimed his video even though it was an "automatic" content ID claim by YouTube, not Capcom. It seems Joe thinks that Capcom themselves put a claim on his video, that is contrary to what actually happened. He's acting like they did this because he said negative things about the game even though his statement is total bullshit. The video is still there but Joe has hidden it because he doesn't want people watching it because he can't make money on your views. But this isn't what this video is about, it's about Joe going off on one ranting about Capcom's business practices.

He's acting like a child, he is stating the wrong information, he said Capcom flagged his video even though it was a copyright ID, they are two different things. He only cares about the money, he should learn to respect copyright instead of acting like a crying baby. There is so much anger coming from Joe in this video, and it's for one reason: he can't make money!

He isn't even using the video they sent him to make his point!
He keeps saying that Capcom is doing terribly and about to go down, but then right after that he says they're making tons of money all the time and could have funded Street Fighter V without Sony's help, he's contradicting himself over and over again. He is so self righteous in this video, like they are destroying his livelihood and running him into the ground, the majority of people aren't even gonna care that his video was taken down. His ignorance of YouTube regulations is pretty shocking considering he already went through this last year during his "seven dollars" statement. 

He even mentions the people who called him a hypocrite on twitter and called them all sorts of things, even fan's of Angry Joe are calling him out on this across the internet since they are finally understanding who he really is. He essentially called his fanbase stupid, anyway let's look at some comments:

Agreed, his video is full of so much misinformation.

Because he's in it for the money!

Totally agree, he should already know this.

Dollar, Dollar...

Original Video:


  1. Anyone else getting sick of this Larry Bundy Jr. guy in the comments of Joe's videos white knighting for him like a pussy and getting hundreds of thumbs up from all the fanboys who are too stupid to know he's lying about shit?
    1. Yeah I see his little gay Cartoon face almost every time I look at the comments, he probably uses that because his real life face is too hideous.
    2. He's always in DSP videos too hating on DSP.. okay he's DSP but Larry is always there.
  2. Seems he is getting fatter by the video rofl, I guess coke and latino food are not a good combination (plus of course all the cum he swallows on a daily basis now sucking corporate cock)
    1. I wonder if all that YouTube money is going to be enough to pay for his diabetes medication.
    2. He has been putting on more weight. It has to do with ALL THAT MONEY he made in that video he made where he was PROFITING OFF OF THE DEATH of his supposed best friend. Shameful.
    3. This comment has been removed by the author.
    4. Well what do you expect Joe to do? He very badly needs money because the poor guy only has seven dollars in his wallet :(...

  3. You know, Ciaran, you mentioned puppy dog eyes I made a comment about his stupid puppy dog eyes in the video so the fans can't call him a sellout. Then I just discovered this blog and you said the same thing. Ha ha! Great blog here!!! I am joining. I can't stand Angry Joe for the life of me!
  4. What the hell is wrong with you people?!? Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do but make this waste of life website? Get over yourselves go outside and live your life without thinking about angryjoe if you hate him so much.
    1. Fuck off Negro. We got lives. We enjoy taking the piss out of Furious Fernando and his 7 Dollars.
    2. Why are you on the site den?
    3. Great now we have racist inbreeds in the comments.
    4. Inbred.. Nope.
      Non PC.. Oh.. Yeeeessss
      BTW have you seen some of things said about Joe in this blog by the poster? I know you're a filthy Kike spy Brandstrom.
    5. ROFL, you are definite a deep south inbreed racist Tidus. I'm surprised you even know how to type with your webbed fingers. Why don't you go help ma and pa pick the corn you hillbilly.
  5. The reason why Joe became a crying baby and a sellout because of JewWario's death that his soul was consumed to the devil after the JewWario video.

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