Sunday, 7 December 2014

Street Fighter V Exclusivity! - Angry Rant

He literally did this video after waking up, you can tell this because he said it and his Dragon Ball | hair is sticking out in every direction. He thinks the decision is bullshit, and that Capcom is screwing around their fanbase. He mention's NeoGaf at one point to demonstrate the improved graphics, he could have did his own comparison but he lazily borrows from the NeoGaf topic. He does bring up good points such as Microsoft's stance on cross-play and about Sony funding the game, but this is all conjecture and not fact. He says the best solution is to just buy a better pc and ignore the (current) next-generation consoles, apparently that's how you solve the problem. Anyway this is the worst way to do a video, who in there right mind wakes up and films a video, he should at least be presentable if he wants people to take him seriously. That's why people are mocking him in the comments section on both NeoGaf and the YouTube comments section. Seriously Joe, it's called common sense, get some.

Also notice how Smite the board game and the Witcher the board game is in the background, I'm sure he just left them there and is in no way advertising them. And how can he call this an "Angry Rant" when he's not even angry, just frustrated, it seems like he doesn't care as much about it and he's only making a video on it because it's current news. Maybe he think's he's Pat the Nes Punk.


He's not doing it because he doesn't care and since he didn't get a review copy.

He does have a point.
And he call's console gamer's childish, what a hypocrite.


  1. How can Joe call console gamers "childish" and to buy a PC when he use to play on xbox 360. Hypocrite...
  2. I used to be a Joe fan but his Copyright Disaster video turned me off him. I can't feel sorry for a man who drops his paying job just to make JewGold on JewTube.. and then screams like a child over having no money. Wonder why that is you tart..
  3. lol I said the next gen consoles would be shit and that joe was an asshole for hyping the shit out of them and now he says ignore them? What a retarded fucker and his fans actually believe anything this guy says??

    Tomorrow he will change his mind again and say fuck pc buy consoles nownownow

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