Sunday, 1 February 2015

01/02/2015 - Twitter Madness

Well it seems ever since Joe put out his controversies video a shit storm has hit him over on Twitter, that and he can't stop ranting about the Superbowl. Ever enhancing his dude bro image, and he must really have a "HARD-ON" for hating on Game of War because it has bewbs!
Yeah, because you're a football fan not a real video game fan.

This statement is so ironic.
I expect an angry review and rant, because games which use sex to sell themselves is evil. But then why hasn't Joe complained about any other game that does this, maybe he does have a hard on for Kate Upton but he's just trying to hide his massive boner. I know I am. (Only half joking.)
Angry Joe would be the small annoying one.
Someone tried to talk some sense into Joe but he didn't even bother listening.
Yeah Joe, you ask people to watch you're video again, for the views as always.
Nice one Joe, call all those people "fucking stupid". Stay classy Joe.

Another excuse to not do any work.

Didn't even bother checking himself, getting his twitter warriors to do the work for him as usual.
Do some real research instead of a simple google search you moron.
We should have sent Joe over to Vietnam to win the hearts and minds, he'd sort out all the problems. What an asshole.
Joe's experienced GG live no one else never has, don't make me laugh. People are "bitching" are Joe's research mainly because it's either wrong or not researched correctly.
Gotta get those views Joe.
Does he actually think people care about stuff like this?
What's that there coming over the hill is it a monster...


  1. That moment when he makes fun of a guy for just trying to reason with somebody was just....horrid. If Angry Joe no longer is at the point of reasoning with then his career needs to die. But he's just a stupid internet celebrity, and like others he'll just fade away. But the difference for him is when he's gone no one will have loved him enough to care that his show is gone. much like old Ebeneezer Scrooge if he continued on the path he was on in Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". On a lighter note Ciaran you seen someones "Calm Rant" on Joe's Risen 3 video on You tube. He pretty much beats the crap out of why it was so bad.
    1. If you think that's bad, check out the fight he had with a guy on twitter yesterday. It went on for over an hour.
    2. For over an hour?! Ciaran are you serious? I love how he blocked me from his You Tube channel, but I'll be back on there. He cannot handle constructive criticism, nor can he handle a fair debate, or an exchange of words.
    3. What did you say that got you blocked? I've been shitting on his channel for over a year now and he still hasn't blocked me.
    4. probably something from real life he doesnt want us to know about rofl, if I remember it right Lynn went to school with him or something. Anyway Lynn if you ever want a comment on his vid when you cant post just throw it on here and we'll make sure it gets on there :P

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