Sunday, 22 February 2015

22/02/2015 - Twitter Madness

Well Joe's come back from his trip to Sweden and he pumped out one vlog and one interview, both about 40 minutes each. I think that's too much Joe for one week.

Working through the nigh isn't good for one's health, and I know.

I hate it when people compare on game to another, it's so stupid and goes against judging each game as it's own.

Seems like that's what everyone has been saying.

Hard hitting my ass, who does he think he is, CNN?

I don't know what to make of this one.

Yeah, because you "grab" review copies. Just look at his tone on this one, he's more or less complaining that he didn't get sent one. He does this everytime he doesn't get one, like he's entitled to one.


  1. whats that place?
    The Angry army Fag-cave or what?
  2. Joe is a faggot who just parrots the shit everyone else says and then tries to pass it off as his own critique a few days later so he can make sure that he has the correct opinion to please his idiotic followers.
    1. Yeah remember when he posted "his" theory on Destiny's story and it was just a copy of what some chick on Kotaku wrote. What a fucking hack.
  3. He'll never be a real reviewer since he lacks objectivity, or the ability to do that. Watching him is like watching a super slow motion train wreck happening. You just can't seem to divert your eyes as much as you would like to.

    You know I actually think he was really out of breath during the little skits for the evolve segments, and that wasn't acting.
  4. It's obvious that these "hard hitting" questions were pre screened and that Angry Jew was well compensated for giving this company exposure. Also Joe's sense of entitlement is disgusting. He calls himself the "People's Champion" but he won't even buy his own fucking video games to review.

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