Monday, 2 February 2015

Angry Joe's Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2014 get's taken down temporarily

Well it seems that Joe's top 10 controversies video got taken down temporarily by Bro Team Pill. Mainly because his logo was used when Joe showed an image showcasing who was on each side of the Gamer Gate camps.

Since he didn't want himself to be associated with Gamer Gate he sent an email and a twitter message to Joe, meanwhile he sent a complaint to YouTube that his logo was used without his permission. He gave Joe 5 hours to respond but Joe didn't respond in time, and the process over on YouTube went through and took down his video.

A shit storm followed over at Joe's twitter where he started flipping out on Twitter, shouting at random people and fans alike. Granted he is justified, but he just flew into a rage and didn't go about it in a calm manner. They argued with each other for a while on twitter but eventually worked it out over a private email. Bro Team Pill later posted on tumblr saying that he was sorry for the whole thing and it's all behind him now. Well, it was fun while to lasted, espicelly since it got Joe rilled up. Serves him right for slacking off, anyway you can check out the entire email exchange below:

Yeah Joe, use this to prolong you not working on reviews.


  1. Those broteam fags sure made my day rofl
    I can just imagine joe exploding and crying behind his pc xD Oh sweet justice!
  2. Thank God for small miracles.
  3. And of course Joe spins this into "there are going to be content delays" this guy is a fucking excuse machine.
    1. Yeah its pathetic lol, we're not very far off from seeing bullshit like:
      "MH17 crashed, sorry guys this means the review will take another week."
      "angryfaggotjoe here, the weather is 10 degrees hotter than predicted, shit now I have to reupload my vid"
      "OH NOES the patriots won and now my new review got deleted :( "
    2. Lol yeah, this guy's excuses are worse than "the dog ate my homework."

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