Friday, 13 February 2015

Angry Joe's Twitter Fight with Memevrick DeCero

Well your in for a treat, this is a special edition of Twitter Madness. Covering the event over a week ago where Joe duked it out on Twitter with Memevrick DeCero. It went on for over an hour, as if Joe can afford that amount of time to shout at people. This really does show you what he's really like.

This is how it started, three guys talking about Angry Joe where they tagged him into the conversation. Like the idiot he is, he accepted. 

Joe's fail attempt at defending himself.

He pulled the "I have so many subscribers" and the "jealousy" card.

It just goes on and on.

This is just laughable, he's trying to act like he "won."

Well if you actually made it through this, what did you think of all the rambling?


  1. �� Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What a pathetic loser Joe is.
  2. lol that ^ was exactly what I was going to post xd
    Pathetic indeed!
    Seems he is losing it though and even when its his own stupid decisions who took him here I feel sorry for him. He obviously got suckered into joining a group (controled gamer opposition) without knowing there is a satanic cult behind it and got dragged in with false promises.

    Joe will be in my prayers, I dont hate anyone... I'll keep laughing my ass of in the between time though lol
  3. I hope I'm commenting signed into the right account with this.

    Maverick DeCero here. I just wanted to talk about how fucking dumb Joe is and used the tag to point people to him if they ever saw our comments. Lo and behold, the dicktard comes in and has to start a fucking dickwaving contest about who's right and who's wrong and apparently I was objectively wrong and somehow jealous for finding his content lazy and uninteresting.

    Joe has the kind of syndrome where he can't stand people not liking him and he said his motives behind keeping this up for a fucking hour were that he thought I was a good person and could be swayed to liking him.

    What a crock of fucking shit.
  4. Oh also lol his fans and Spoony were literally BEGGING him to stop arguing with me, to the point they had to convince him how I wasn't worth his time.

    That's pretty fucking sad to be honest. It doesn't help that he had some of his fans defending me saying I was entitled to freedom of speech and so on.
    1. Especially when it's Spoony were talking about here. Who's like supposed to be one of his freinds, and now he's beginning to see what kind of a monster he really is. Spoony may have flaws, but I'd take him over the raging immature Psychopath that Is Angry Joe.
    2. Honestly he is starting to remind me of Dan Stapleton from ign...
  5. That crazysean talking about racial slurs and such LOL Joe does it all the time and that mindless fuck obviously has no problem with it. Seriously Joe acts like he is such this great and powerful person yet has such insecurities he is arguing with someone on twitter almost every week. Joe is trash and a con artist, the people who defend him just want to justify spending their money and time on someone they view as "the peoples reviewer."
  6. Arrogant so and so.. Hope he has a mental breakdown.
  7. Im almost starting to think that ever since Joe and Spoony joined up with the powers that be they now literally feed of hate, so indeed they are trolling us on purpose.
  8. One of these days Joe is going to slip up and lose everything because he deserves it. Just like the two rich bastards in Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphys movie (Trading places).
  9. So...... Joe comes back against an accusation about him being egotistical by bragging about his subs? LMAO!!!!
  10. I really wish that someone, someday, shows this blog to Angsty Schmoe.
  11. First I want to say a big thank you for having this site exist.

    Now let's just flat out agree that Joe is an idiot who can't counterattack and can't even get into a logical, mature argument. From here you can see him comparing his idiotic fanbase as a form of trophy even though all day he is at home eating beef jerky and playing video games. He justifies himself as busy editing videos all days not sleeping in result of that, he became overweight. I call bullshit on that already. He CAN exercise, he just don't want to. He makes it as though it's tough work for himself.

    Spoony might not have a great reputation, but it's still better than Joe's. I just don't understand why Spoony is friends with Joe for this long. I thought Spoony saw hundreds of Joe's "attacks" tweets, he would be like "I'm gonna stay far away from Joe from now on" I guess NOW he finally sees what a moron he truly is.

    Again, no surprise that Joe has no friends inside of TGWTG other than Spoony at that time. His only friends are Other Joe his childhood friend, Delrith and another neck beard person. He can't even make an army worth shit compared to TGWTG or any other charismatic crew. The only charismatic one is Other Joe. 
    1. And yes I know, Delrith is from AJSA and not his childhood friend. You've gotta wonder where are more of his friends he made through social media.

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