Tuesday, 3 February 2015

AngryJoe Plays Nosgoth! [Open Beta Now]

Another let's play video...but this was from before Joe left from PAX so I guess that makes it okay, right? Oh, and it's another paid promotion video, yeah because he'd though that the new year needed more of him selling out.

Anyway, the video is basically him and Other Joe playing Nosgoth. And shouting very loud all the time, probably trying to reenact PewDiePie or probably because he's got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The video is just pure gameplay, you can tell he put no effort into it whatsoever when it even cuts mid way when they're talking at the end. He probably though that he had to upload something in between of him jacking off and working on reviews and new videos. I really don't know what else we can complain about, because it's basically the same thing every week. And he really should make a second channel for this shit because most of his viewers don't even want to watch it, though didn't Joe say he was gonna put his live streams on You Tube too. Another thing he probably forgot about...

Anyway here's some comments:

He's all about the money...

You can tell people don't like the video when about half of them disliked the video.

Exactly, we all should be doing this.

Yeah and he's the type of player who runs around with a grenade launcher.

Typical Angry Army comment.


  1. The amount of dislikes on that video was heart warming.

    1. Yep that is proof right their that Joes horrid internet franchise will die before the Summer even comes.
  2. How can this guy still be so terrible at literally every type of game?

    1. Because enjoying a game is more than being good at it.

      Sometimes in order to truly enjoy something you need to like it regardless of how good you are at it, including/especially sucking at it.

      Any random joe can like a game he is good at. It takes a true fan to like a game that they aren't good at. Just look at Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2.
    2. Dark souls series is nothing more than dumb trial and error gaming not even hard...

      And he litterally sucks at every game, even worse then my 11 year old cousins. Dude isnt a gamer thus his opinions mean nothing,
    3. A trial and error game?

      Is that your own personal opinion based on your own personal experience with the game or just from what you have seen of others playing the game?
    4. This comment has been removed by the author.
    5. I see what you mean Maddemon64. No arguments about what you said about it's more fun to enjoy a game than to be good at it. That's true, I'm not asking Joe to be professional at playing games. However I'm asking him to stop acting so immature (in a bad way) and so lifeless in his lets plays. In my opinion his behavior at times is unacceptable in some cases like his Risen 3, and Shadow of Mordor videos. While i can't judge how he acted in this lets play yet since i haven't watched it, i do hope he doesn't repeat what he did in the videos i mentioned. This form of behavior should not be tolerable from a lets player.
  3. You see he did a review of Dying Light....Probably thinks he got his quota in for the next several months

    1. Well excuse him for not having enough spare time on his hands to fulfill your unrealistic expectations for him! How dare he have more to his life than just playing video games and reviewing them for people like you!
  4. A fucked up review yeah, dude thinks that dragon age 3 drivel was better than Dying Light? What a fucktard

    1. Well, it's a rare story driven real-time rpg that has your stories from the previous two games in the series affecting what goes on in the game vs. a sandpark zombie game that has fun gameplay but a cliched story that is only one more drop in the overflowing sea of sandpark zombie games.

      Thinking Dragon Age Inquisition is better than Dying Light isn't that much of a stretch.
    2. rofl if you think the story and rpg elements in dragon age are good xd
      They started great with origins and each installment after that just sucked more, just like mass effect series.

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