Sunday, 1 February 2015

AngryJoe Previews Dreadnought! *Best of PAX South!*

More let's play footage, because that's what we want to see. This is getting stale, and you can tell not much people want to see it because the views have been dropping, and the comments on YouTube have been angrier. Basically it's just a gameplay video with no discussion or feedback at all for that matter, he just show boats the game mainly because he enjoys it. Taking into consideration that this game if free to play, he'll most likely be doing more video's for this in the future.

Throughout the video the main reason for him liking this is just because it's in space and there's explosions, like a retard playing Sins of a Solar Empire thinking it's a real 4X game. All in all, it's an alright video. Except that Joe should prioritize working on reviews instead of uploading let's play footage, and actually put some effort into the a discussion part of the video.


Pay attention next time.

Yeah, it'll be pay money for better shields.

As opposed to Joe.

This guy's doing Joe's work for him.
I know, it's like Battlestations Pacific all over again, except in space.

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