Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dying Light Angry Review

Even though Angry Joe put's out a video, everyone get's upset again mainly because he's a bloody idiot. Not only did he give good points, but he had to further dilute them by giving inconsistent scores and padding out the video to achieve a length over 20 minutes. The video is alright, but what drags it down is Joe thinking that he can be funny be forcing terrible let's play segments, stupid internet clips, internet memes, and running his mouth throughout the video. Don't forget that he also spoils the games ending, even though people want to know what the games like, not having the story spoiled. No wonder people are pissed off on Twitter and in the comments section.

Joe states that Dying Light borrows from other games such as Far Cry and Assassins's Creed but never states what they borrow. You know when you bring up a point you're meant to back it up with substantial information, not just state that it happened. Heck, even IGN and Gamespot managed to say what Dying Light took from other games. The most stupidest thing he said in the video was that Dying Light has the best parkour in a video game yet, it look's like someone hasn't played mirrors edge. Oh wait, he did, or at least put out a review for it.

Rape face.

But the most annoying thing in the video has got to be Angry Joe cackling like a retard during the whole jump kick segment, that and Megamanda's stupid annoying voice. It's this kind of stuff that makes his video's bad, he think's people are watching them for shit's and giggles. There was even some stuff he forgot to mention about the game:

  • Repetitive character models
  • Gunplay is lame
  • Animations are unimpressive

Anyway, I've ranted too much so here's some comments:

Woah, working out some personal demons there?

Since when did Joe's mom come onto the comments section, I'm getting Irate Gamer vibes here.

Derp, I like Resident Evil 6 too!

My point exactly.

More power to you, this is exactly what should be said about the game. Not giving two different scores.

Anyway, what did you guys (and gals) think about the video.


  1. Best Zombie FPS game in a loooooooooong time, those like me who skipped all the sucky ones arent saturated at all!
    Better game than the last 5 games he rated 8 or higher...
    1. Glad it's good in your opinion.
  2. That video was extremely painful to watch. I can respect that he likes boardgames, but my fucking God, that intro was some serious self dick sucking trying to look cool with his collection. He doesn't even review boardgames or PnP rpgs, so there was no need for it.

    I don't even think he was even intentionally trying to show how over saturated everything is with zombie shit. If he did, he would have had other Joe show up and go "Yo Joe, your zombie stuff arrived and its kinda scary...." Cut to Joe being buried under zombie cards, comics, films, tv shows, games, etc.
  3. The dropkick segment was annoying as fuck and the review was lackluster as shit overall. Also, Joe showing himself playing a board game by himself was just sad. He's a 30 year old man for Christ sake but he looked like an autistic little kid, like the ones that you'd use to see in the arcade moving the sticks around and pressing the buttons pretending to play the demo because they didn't have any quarters.
  4. We all know that you love joe its like they say to kids if they fight they love one and other go and kiss him already
  5. We all know that you love joe its like they say to kids if they fight they love one and other go and kiss him already

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