Friday, 20 February 2015

PDXCON 15' - AngryJoe Vlog Impressions

This video is so long, it's almost 40 minutes long. He didn't even bother to edit it, it's just raw. Anyway the video is them talking about their trip to Sweden and the different games they saw, all courtesy of Paradox Interactive. The same publisher of Fort Zombie (Shitty zombie game) and Mount and Blade. He talks about many games and says what he liked and what he didn't like about them, he did a good enough job of explaining why but he really should have condensed his points into a first impressions video or something instead of a long and boring vlog. Did he actually think people would watch all of this video? It's not like it's a podcast, if he did a once a week thing like that it would be okay but it's not. Just look at the way he keeps interrupting Other Joe when he's talking, I know he's done this before but let the man speak Joe. All in all, the video's okay but he better not start promoting Indie games like no tomorrow again. Anyway, here's some comments:

Well he did go to Sweden recently...


Yeah, it's like he's being a mouthpiece again.

Ahh, that face.

Oh yeah, remember that happened.


  1. Other Joe's novelty has worn off imo. Also, Google "angry joe jewwario rule 34" for a laugh. :D
  2. His interview with the people from Paradox was pretty bad as well. Seems like there were points where it was decided that he had to ask a hard question. Its quite obvious that all the questions were screened/approved ahead of time.
  3. Yeah anyone falling for this is a moron. Its so obvious there was a deal made.
    "Ill let you promote your company and tell excuses for failures if I can ask some harder questions which I dont even care about and then we'll go suck each others dick!"

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