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Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2014!

Number 10 - Hatred

It seems he really doesn't understand these types of games, it's just like Postal where you go around killing people. These games don't create more columbine massacre's, but Joe has this idea in his head that this game does. Though let's get to the bottom line, he's taking the mainstream media approach and that's what he does best, being a "Mainstream Manny". If he actually looked at this game from the developers or a potential buyers angle, he could be able to have a complete opinion, instead of being baised. That's one thing a Journalist doesn't do, I'm looking at you Al Jazerra.

Number 09 - Buying Twitch

This is just stupid, even though it's video game related Joe should really have added something instead. It's basically there so he can bitch and moan about his twitch streams not working properly, which he blames on hackers and people ddosing him. Which is just to further the image of white knight Joe vs the trolls.

Number 08 - Microsoft Abandons the Kinect

This is more of a business decision than a controversy, and they didn't abadon the kinect because games are still being made for it. Joe has probably set his opinion of it too high, expecting Minority Report, and he's so angry, but then again that's his shtick. He spouts the biggest load of shit, and that's the main word he uses over and over to shove his own opinion down your throat. He then starts ranting about VR systems for some reason, he wants to demo it before he buys it because he can't take other people's, he says that Microsoft is wasting his money even though he made the decision to buy it. Fucking dumbass.

Number 07 - Mountain Dew Game Jam

He was there, he really hates the mountain dew producer, mainly because he wanted to make the show more interesting. Probably to get more views, he's such a bigot because he didn't even attempt to see it from his side. Joe takes his white knight approach and totally glory holes his whole part of the show, it's basically him hating on reality tv shows. He then shows a clip of him talking about how they went to Disney land and other stuff, but let's not forget this entire segment is from his account. Which is obviously biased.

Number 06 - Lizard Squad

He basically tells the story of how PSN and Xbox Live were taken down by Lizard Squad, but after that he takes the chance to mention Microsoft's' online only approach, he then says some stupid shit about how he helped make the change to no drm, screw you Joe stop acting like the champion of the people. But he totally fails to mention the reason why some of them did it, to show how vulnerable their security was and that they should improve their systems. He basically told only half the story, probably because he couldn't actually be bothered to fully research his topics.

Number 05 - Early Access

He totally nails this section, but it's mainly to bash the H1Z1 game that Sony released, he probably just read the news article about it that everyone re-tweeted. Anway, it's a good topic but he should have focused on the bigger picture and not rant about one game, or even how you only get's the beta for a game if you pre-order it now.

Number 04 - Shadow of Mordor

He talks about it's review copy practices, but then again how did he think real review copy deals work. Using Jim Sterling's video is just lazy, couldn't he have made his own opinion instead of using that other guys, he was doing alright up until he started using other people's video and making mistakes.

He then says he enjoys doing paid promos but only for games he wants to support or do let's play's on, take this with a pinch of salt because he's trying to justify him selling out to the corporations. Look's like he is the real corporate commander. This segment ends with him bitching and moaning about restricting review copies because he can't be bothered to fucking buy it himself, what a cheap bastard. Stop relying on the charity of others, you don't get to decide who get's review copies or how the process works, the people who make the games do.

Number 03 - Micro transactions in AAA Games

Moron got her name wrong.
He goes off in a wild tangent for this one, he does make goes points but he's going about this all wrong, he's acting like this is only recent even though micro transactions in triple A games have been around for over a year. I'll list a couple here:

  • Dead Space 3 Power up Pay Wall
  • Weapon Skins in Gears of War 3
  • Token's in Forza Motorsport 5 
  • Ryse
  • Gran Turismo 6 
  • Killzone Shadowfall

He then act's like consoles are sacred for micro transactions, but it's okay for mobiles and tablets. Now that's just hypocritical, after that he then goes on a rant about Game of War featuring Kate Upton. And he even got her name wrong because he's a dumbass, and shits all over the game even though he's probably never played it. All in all, it seems he didn't do his research or even play those games listed fully. 

Number 02 - Swatting

I totally agree with him here, no objections. But this is more of people being assholes than a controversy. 

Number 01 -  Gamer Gate

Now this is a can of worms ready to be opened, if you've made it this far through my rambling then you should be alright. Let's continue.

He says people in Pro Gamer Gate and anti Gamer Gate are bullshit, and both sides have problems, 
granted this is true but he says over and over again that he's neutral. If he actually understood what he was saying he would see that's he's not neutral. He the says that Gamer Gate haven't accomplish much, and that the underbelly always rears it's ugly which is why people see them like that. This can be said for both sides but Joe makes no attempt to say that, it's clear what side he's chosen. He says GG started with the Zoey Quinn incident, and of course he defends her since he know's her personally. But hasn't GG always been there since people have been complaining about the industry since the creation of gaming, it just didn't have a name back then. Angry Joe is right about the hastag, but what he doesn't understand is that is what gives it power. Would people in the States listen to a crowd of people who aren't in an organisation, or would they listen to the same crowd with banners from the Republican party?

He then makes fun of Adam Baldwin and says he's not a gamer and that him and right wingers, and blames him for the creation of the hashtag. He also defends harassment against those women even though if he had an inkling of intelligent he would know why people were doing that, moron can't even be bothered to research anythingHe says GG movement is a small movement on Twitter, what a load. They may not be everywhere but there are a large number on both sides, though I will commend him on at least trying to understand both sides but he really needed to put more effort into it and not get his information from second hand sources.

And by being neutral and silent, Joe himself encourages the harassment of GG, and that's a simple fact. He's gone from being an idiot to a social justice warrior, and I don't know what's worse...

Anyway let's get onto the comments. I'm probably not making much sense anyway.

Exactly, though he probably thinks people don't remember what he said.

Yeah, because they are morons and show us what we mustn't become.

It's clear Joe doesn't understand the game or it's intentions.

Well said, now only if Joe could actually understand this and pull his head out of his ass.

Well that's it for the controversies, I'll also make a post about his video getting pulled down, and I'd also like to hear from everyone reading this what Joe did right and what he did wrong.


  1. This vid was the nail in the coffin for me, what started out as disliking because he sold out has turned into full hatred for what a lousy human being Joe has become sigh
  2. I bet Joe only said that about #Gamergate just to get them and supporters of the movement off his back.
    1. That's probably most likely because he dipped his toe into the argument and couldn't take the heat, that's why he quickly changed his opinion and became "neutral". I'm pretty sure he never cared to begin with anyway.
  3. For number 8, couldn't he at least pur Gaza and Ferguson Riots as a controversy than Microsoft? DUMBASS FUCKING ANGRY JOE.

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