Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Email Exchanges with Angry Joe Part 2

Well, it seems that Joe has cut off contact with me over me revealing that he got a restraining order from YouTube. This post reads from top to bottom, unlike the previous email post. Anyway, enjoy reading them.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 15:37:57 -0500
Oh yes it did.
Thank you!

1. OH I see.
2. Thank you man!
3. I understand the tone of the blog, its cool, I mean you are free to run it however you wish. I get it! After all you do watch my videos and follow my posts so in that small way its still cool you care what I have to say on different things (in your own way even if to turn it into troll bait). Its the internet.
4. Uhm obviously all lies. The thing about running a community of thousands is internal politics, people getting mad at each other, stupid power struggle fights between different officers and all sorts of crap that I dont engage in or deal with. Just now theres some drama over what other channel are being "hosted" on the angryjoeshow main twitch, its distracting, unnecessary and creates drama where its not needed. People can say whatever they like, doesnt make it true, much like your blog. Ive never run a pyramid scheme in my life, dont need to, dont have to. Im thankful for the support that i already receive. contrary to what you may believe about me im not greedy. Those founder levels are there as another way to donate freely to support the show. Theres not much value to them outside of that. I put those there for those who donate regularly as they requested it. They enjoy the show and want to regularly support it. Furthest thing from a pyramid scheme possible.
5. Thanks man! I knew that you were a reasonable dude at heart, like I said I understand your trollish angle and the satire there, but I still think in encourages real hate and some of the stuff is just fuckin mean, but whatevers.
6. You are right about this man. I need to stop replying to people who are purposefully being assholes to get a reaction out of me.
7-8. Understood.
9. See I felt there was something there, I knew it. I understand where you are coming from to have someone hate on something you like, you think they are exaggerating or being mean on purpose. But im not. I actually dont like risen and how its evolved I know it can be so much more and better. But my god after playing Ravens Cry forget it, Risen is amazing compared to Ravens Cry.

Thanks man for taking the time to reply and give me your thought process. I was wondering what someone who can run a hate blog about me really thinks about me. I'm glad to see its not pure hatred and its purposeful exaggeration for your type of entertainment, I still think it kinda sucks and stokes hate and conspiracy theories that are bullshit. But at least I understand more talking with you.

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 4:47 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

It's good to see that we've reached an understanding, well kinda. Anyway I wish you the best of luck in your videos'. Though when you do the board games, you could at least explain the rules and such. Because people don't really know what's going on, and it'll help viewers immerse themselves in the video. You should skim through the comments and read the helpful ones, that way you'll be able to better yourself. 
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 15:26:52 -0500
Thanks for posting it to your blog despite the blowback some diehard "AngryJoe is a piece of shit" purists might have given you.

I read a few of the comments and it sort of confirmed for me that spending time on this stuff is pointless and I need to not do it.
If I spend time replying to all your posts and emails look what it did - it just gave them a reason to hate me more, that I care too much about setting things straight - what any person would do.
And should just shut up when people tell lies about me. or that if I reply it only means everything MUST be true!

No matter what you say in response some people will refuse to accept anything you say and continue to hold onto their idea of you.
In this case that I'm "soulless" and a "shill" and a "terrible person".
That someone can read through all our exchanges and be even more convinced I'm every bad thing ever said about me is insane and shows how ugly the internet can be.
For what? A guy who makes video game videos? And talks about major topics, including ones that effect his revenue like youtube and nintendo being dicks? "Fuck that guy! How dare he!"
I even see people saying that I had other people write for me, LOL. Anything to protect their version of me. Joe couldn't have possibly wrote all that! Hes an idiot...right?!!? *sigh*

Do you see Ciaran, what your blog does? Who it's for? The type of people it caters to?
I don't understand why you'd ever want to be associated with these people. With no logic. With no capability to listen to both sides.
They'll turn on you in a heartbeat. It's what they do. It's what makes them feel good about themselves.
Its why it lives on the internet on I've never seen it from anyone that's met me in person.

Anyway, I have a few promo's coming up so I'm sure you can have some good material to satire how I'm a sell-out for those hate-mongers.
Even though every single one of these games are damn good, and games I support and want to see succeed.
I remember when sell-out meant shilling products you don't like or care about or believe in.
Instead of meaning, "you fucker you got paid to talk about an awesome game that you like and would have done a video on anyway, HOW DARE YOU! I HATE YOU! STOP MAKING A LIVING!!!! BE MISERABLE LIKE MEEEEEE AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" lol. okay got carried away. I've turned down so many promos at this point it's not even funny, stuff that could have really helped me out with my bills and when I see other channels do the ones that I declined (and NOT label them) it's difficult not to say something - something ppl will never know nor care about nor give me credit for. The reality is I'd never do a Promo Review for anything, I'll never do a promo on something I think is shit, and I'm extra vigilant about labeling everything in this relatively new frontier and finally I keep anything I do related to things I care about, video games, board games and movies.

Alrighty! Take it easy mang!
And Keep on hatin'! ;)

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 7:13 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

I didn't think I'd be sending you another message but someone sent me something interesting the other day. Apparently someone claiming to be from Polaris send me a message saying that YouTube put a restraining order against you because you barged into their office over a year ago, is this true or not?

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 19:47:00 -0500
The craziest stories like this are so fun to hear if actually true!
No, I've never even been to a "youtube office". I have no idea where they are even located.
I have email contact with youtube employees though.
We've had several google hangouts video meetings and everyone's always been all smiles and really nice and thankful for my time.
(even if youtube never gets anything actually done after asking for my feedback).
And I don't have a single restraining order against me (I don't even know what that process is or what its even like) - what nonsense.

You can be for sure whoever told you that is 100% full of shit and a bold faced liar.

May I ask who it was?
It's just weird to know people come up with some wild outlandish lies and expect anyone else to believe them.
(I guess because it's easier to say whatever first comes into your head and get away with it, than it is for people to check up on your claims)
Whoever it was is playing you and whoever listens to them for fools. That's the real person who needs a "sucks blog" devoted to them.
From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 6:28 AM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Well, they didn't give their name. They just said they were from Polaris and that other networks on YouTube could corroborate this "call to arms". And that it's been a running joke ever since, I asked them more about who they were and he also said he is a member of Blistered Thumbs too. 

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 11:15:00 -0500
A clear liar. They can claim all they want to "have been a part of polaris, blistered thumbs" and the illuminati for all we should care.
If they refuse to reveal who they are or provide definitive proof, its bogus rumors to make their lives seem more interesting.
So damn easy these days to make up whatever you like then hide behind anonymity.

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 2:46 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Well I checked the email and it linked to a website and his username linked to his Twitter account, so yeah the guy is actually from Blistered Thumbs.
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 17:38:05 -0500
Well if its a real person can you just tell me who it is that would make up bold face lies?
From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 5:52 AM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

He told me to make sure it doesn't come back and hit him in the ass, so I won't be telling you who is it. We don't kiss and tell Joe.

Subject: Youtube Restraining Order
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 13:49:51 -0500
So I read your post on the lie someone came up with randomly on twitter about youtube putting a "Restraining Order" on me.
Even though I told you it's a complete lie when you asked me you put up a story that's clearly slanted towards it being true.
"It's a start" you say to a random tweet. Joe is a "running joke in the community and on other networks". etc. etc.
"YouTube Put a Restraining Order Against Angry Joe"
Is the title of your shit post without any proof.
You are now no better than the shit person you and your blogs followers think I am. Kettle Black.

You completely made up some story about how "I went into the youtube offices" (which I told you I've never been to and have no idea where it's at)
and "screamed and yelled at the receptionist" (Are you a child? With no skeptical bone in your body? Is this the shit you believe because of the "angry" word in my name and vlogs where I get upset in the privacy of my own home?)
I put the "call for my angry army to join me" (when, where? what proof? what post? Did I pay for people to come down or was it just people in the area where I have no idea its location?)
and I was "thrown out of the building by security" (LOL. Fan fiction, it reads like fan fiction! pathetic.)
"Days later youtube sends maker a hand written letter very upset that puts a restraining order on Joe" (this contact sure is in the know, and is everywhere at once, weird how no one else but this person knows so many details about pretty much every aspect of this fascinatingly epic story - a person with an egg avatar on twitter. Are you that fucking stupid? or just desperate for any bullshit to write about on your fucking piece of shit hateblog?)

To me it sounds like you are now being duped by trolls on your own blog.
Imagine the amount of people who will send you wild stories without any proof about me now? Oh wait, maybe that's what you want?

Your blog is now nearing dangerously to libel and defamation.
Especially after you communicated with me, learned my side, the truth, and disregarded it leaving up - your erroneous post.
Want to post about every little thing some tryhard troll on the net makes up about me? Fine, but what was the point in asking me personally about this if you didn't update the post - was that just for your own selfish curiosity? Thats what fucking ticks me off.
So that you can keep up your warped twisted false image of me for your "fans".

I thought we had come to an understanding. I thought your blog was about "satire".
Why is it some random person on twitter forms the basis of an entire post but not my reply - you didn't even bother to update the post.
All it takes for someone to troll or fool your ass is to say "I'm from polaris" and I worked at "Blistered Thumbs" for anything they say to be true? and taken as gospel?
With only lip service to "it's up to debatable whether it happens or not" NO its not DEBATABLE because IT DOESNT EXIST and it's a LIE. Nope, that doesn't matter to you nor your followers.
They need a blog like yours to lie, exaggerate, twist facts so that they can self-confirm their bias hatred and dislike of someone they never even fucking met based solely on my loud opinions on games and companies that come after youtubers for making a living through independent shows and critique. Fuck anyone that's not as miserable as they are - lets dog pile a one man show for fun. Sick shit.

I have regular contact with youtube and they all very much like me and appreciate my feedback. Ask them. I have no less than 4 contacts at youtube.
I helped wake up youtube and get them to start taking a more proactive approach to protecting their gaming community content creators.

Why didnt anyone make a post on that? Cuz that doesnt get click bait views. Why doesn't anyone speculate on what positive changes came about from our meetings?
Because Joe is a selfish asshole thats why. *rolls eyes*
Hell we seen them take a more active role in the superbunnyhop vs Konami controversy.

Do you even care about that? Course not, because it doesnt fit in with the - "Joe complains about YT/ Nintendo attacking his livelihood and the livelihood of others on youtube so he's a fucking bitch, get a real job." "and oh yea he hates the game I love so fuck him." attitude that so many of you guys have.

Post this response as an update if you have any sense of fairness or need for the truth.

Why the hell do I continue to directly communicate with you, my two-faced harasser - who treats me with respect and fairness in emails but lies and defames me on flimsy premises KNOWINGLY in public.
Fuck you dude. Seriously Fuck you.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 14:15:42 -0500
Why do you think he told you that?
Because it's a fucking lie dude. IF someone lies about you so BRASENLY and OUTRAGEOUSLY don't you want to know who it is?
And if you are a third party and a dude tells you a lie, dupes you and you write about it and later discover it's a lie, why do you still protect that person?

Maybe because there is no "mysterious Polaris guy" it's you, you made up the story, you made the post, you want it to be true and ignored facts, proof or truth.
You don't give a shit about anyone or anything.

Why protect a liar who made a FOOL out of you?
If he lied to you and took advantage of you isn't your promise to him invalid?

No cuz you're full of shit and I've had enough.
From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 2:25 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Well Joe, I've been in contact with this guy for the past month. He's told me other things and he has no reason to lie, he does work at Blistered Thumbs. I doubt he would make this up, unless he was trying to get back at you for something. But that's just conjecture. 

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 2:37 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Youtube Restraining Order

Well I wrote that post before I sent you that email, it's not like I wasn't going to post your side. If I wasn't, then why would I even contact you in the first place. Also if you've done so many great things then why don't you tell people about them, do a post on the Angry Joe site and have the Angry Army retweet it. How are people meant to know if you don't tell them?

Subject: RE: Youtube Restraining Order
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 14:48:23 -0500
Why so people like you can say im boasting?
and Conceded? and have a Huge Ego?
Fuck off.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 15:00:10 -0500
This dude is fucking lying to you to seem important.
He doesn't work at Blistered Thumbs because Blistered Thumbs doesn't EXIST anymore.
There's one person at Blistered Thumbs that I could think of that would do that - who had problems working with others because of his own ego.
A person everyone else wanted fired (writers, management, editors) but who I defended and kept on (idiotically cuz I didn't have the heart to fire anyone) and later saw talking shit about me on twitter.
I'm not revealing who it is just like you aren't.

We brought on random people from the internet with no real vetting or in person interviews, who knows what unstable personal issues someone may have that they go off and then form some unfounded hatred of me. I had no real control over blistered thumbs. And leaving it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was the worst situation for everyone involved and so much so that CA made me sign an NDA to where I'm never allowed to talk about it.

Because someone says they worked a Blistered Thumbs is Irrelevant when they tell you a LIE.
I'll give you a trillion dollars if you can produce a shred of proof of a restraining order or any of those wild claims I went to youtube headquarters and yelled at a secretary LOL!
Fucking Fan Fiction, what are you 12? Arent you a skeptical adult who demands proof before rushing to print something?

Why are you protecting someone who lied to you and made you look like a fool in the eyes of the Truth.
Why dont they want to be revealed? Because they can't defend it and have no proof and were making shit up to seem important.
Why do you continue to protect this person? - Because they don't exist and you made it all up yourself.
From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 3:25 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Believe what you want to believe Joe, I think we're past the point of rational conversation. Like I said, cool off and have a beer or two. Come back tomorrow when you've cleared your mind, there's no use talking to someone when they're dead set to refute whatever you say. Like I said, cool off.
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 15:56:01 -0500
Or you know instead of avoiding my question, you could answer it.

1. Why protect someone that lied to you and took advantage of you?
2. And when are you updating your post with my email response?
(your Joe has fired back and said it never happened isn't enough and omits all the details that are important)

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2015 6:48 AM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Oh, I was busy last night. I thought stating the obvious was enough, but I added the email this morning. 

1. I'm not going to throw him to the wolves. Nothing you can say will make me do this, I promised him and I won't betray his trust.
2. The post has been updated. 

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Sat, 16 May 2015 12:57:56 -0500
He betrayed your trust by lying to you. What will you do in response?

Answer these at least:
Do you still believe that I went to Youtube HQ from my home in Austin, Texas to yell at a Front Desk Lady and got thrown out by Security?
Do you believe that Youtube put a restraining order on me (you do realize I'm essentially an employee of Youtube/Google and they make money from my show)?
Do you believe he made-up a story about that to seem important and to smear me?

And finally will you write about any random accusation that you are told without any sort of proof and after its debunked directly from those involved?
I'm curious to the type of person you are.

From: Ciaran Hillock []
Sent: Saturday, May 16, 2015 2:23 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog

Truthfully, I don't know what to believe. Much like politics, it's all she said he said with people saying things without any proof.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Sucks Blog
Date: Sat, 16 May 2015 14:52:54 -0500
So you think I'm lying then. LOL.
Cuz its either I'm lying or he's lying and since you are protecting him after he lied to you, you've made your choice.
Okay Ciaran. Have a good life.

I won't be visiting your blog again, it's taking too much time and will from me, depressing me, dragging me down into that disgusting side of the internet.
All while I'm pretty happy right now, pumping out content and making good friends. Have a good one but please be more responsible and avoid harmful libel and defamation!

 Ciaran Hillock (
16 May 2015 21:11:19
Angry Joe (

Don't worry Joe, you do what you do best and I'll do what I do best. PS. I won't be going anywhere.

Well, if you read that then you'd notice that Joe totally flew off the handle and started spewing all kinds of anger towards me. He even told me to "fuck off" at one point, I guess these emails have shown the world who Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) truly is.


  1. Sigh what a pathetic loser, cant even laugh at this no more its so sad to know there is an adult person out that behaving like this and being this dumb...
    1. Funny, I think the same thing about you every single time I read one of your post. Small world, ain't it? :)
  2. Why did you even continue on conversing with this schizophrenic cocksucker of a lame loser anyway? Schmoe's completely done for, it became very apparent the previous time.
    1. I don't know, maybe I just wanted to see what his reaction would be. That and it's hilarious to see him get bent out of shape.
  3. Wow, a man flying off the handle and telling you to "fuck off" because you made a blog devoted to libel and defamation centered around lies you made up about him.

    Totally not what he should have done. He should have apologized for being everything you accuse him of and stopped making videos altogether (rolls eyes).

    Of course he was going to blow up in your face. You made up vitriolic, hate filled lying rants about him and spat in his face for mourning the death of JewWario. Just imagine if he was half as deranged as you claim he is; he might have actually done something that actually proved you right. Instead he didn't, thus proving you wrong.

    Funny how that works.
    1. I know, Joe should have kissed my ass.

      Woah! Calm down man. Someone should give him a chill pill.
    3. Get out of here you 4chan pleb.
  4. MD,

    It has been proven by a lot of people he monetiezed the JewWario video. Maybe you should go look at those. But you won't, you will still say that he never visits this site or seen it, depsite Joe saying he as in the emails, and plus you are probably getting ready to spew more racist hate against blacks
    1. No, they didn't. They boldfaced lied about it.

      They claim that the ads are enabled. They aren't.

      They lied to you.

      Also I have yet to say anything racist. I have no idea why you think I have.
    2. lesson MadDemon I have no problem with you and hell you do make valid points but what I'm saying is if your main reason for being on youtube is money and how if you stop making revenue off it you're going to leave your fans in the cold no longer making videos because you are not making a viable liveable income you are a asshole in my book

      Can we at least agree on that?
    3. No, because that's a false dilemma.
    4. what do you mean by false dilemma is it not wrong?
    5. Well, yes. And no.

      You are creating a false dilemma. You know "You are either with us or against us".

      There are plenty of people on youtube who's sole source of income is youtube, but they are on youtube to create entertainment. Some only can find work being entertainers on youtube for one reason or another, and others chose to do so because they managed to make their channel a more lucrative job than any others they are qualified for.

      They are on youtube to make money, but they are also on youtube to entertain. It's not all black and white. That's what I mean by false dilemma; you thinking that it is black and white.
    6. I have no problem with people making money my problem is when these individuals star guilt tripping their fans saying how they should watch all their videos and how they're not making money. What I'm saying is if you stop making entertaining videos because you aren't making money, you are a prick who is doing a disservice to you fanbase atleast in my eyes
    7. Well, Angry Joe's videos are still considered entertaining to many people, far more than those who don't find them entertaining.

      So really whether or not you find Joe's videos entertaining is irrelevant, since it is a subjective term that, in this context, is determined by the cumulative subjective opinion of the people who watch his videos. This means that you can find a video entertaining or not, but whether or not a video is entertaining is determined by the masses, not the individual, and since the masses find Joe's videos entertaining, they are still labeled as such, whether or not you agree with it.
    8. I understand what your saying like I never said you couldn't enjoy his videos people obviously find them entertaining if he has 2 mil subs. My problem with him is atleast to me he puts more effort these days into bitching about ad revenue then speaking for things that would matter to us the viewers. Now if he comes out and says how he was wrong and says how he will give us the viewers what we want like more reviews, how he will prioritize his fanbase over the money he makes and makes youtube videos about the ad revenue then I might think about watching him again and gaining respect for him.

      And about the entertainment value, I never said he wasn't entertaining I know he is, what I said was he should make entertaining videos regardless if he's making money off them, because his fans should come first,

      personally though I never followed joe that often because I feel his taste is a lot different from mine, the youtuber I like follow is Projared I feel like he and I almost have the exact taste in games who do you like?
  5. After reading this,my shred of hope for angry Joe fades in the darkness of despair.
    He could at least convince ciaran without swearing.

    Or maybe,just maybe, he was too angry that he was found out that he got a restraining order therefore lashing insults at ciaran and decided he doesn't wanna reply anymore.

    And I thought he was a good person too,I guess not... :\
    1. Naw, he just got angry that Ciaran, as he claimed, created a blog whose purpose was to create libel and defamation.

      He gets angry when people make bad games. Just imagine how pissed he must be that someone made up a bunch of stuff and posted it on the internet, passing it off as fact.
  6. "I don't understand why you'd ever want to be associated with these people. With no logic. With no capability to listen to both sides."

    Well isn't that hypocritical. Automaticlly assume everyone one this Blog are "those people". Joe not everyone loves you deal with it. Again with that attention BS.... "ow you want to say something negative about a famous guy/gal you just want attention on the internet" no if i wanted attention i would have posted on PewDiePie hate blogs.
  7. "I have no idea where they are even located."... Really Joe.

    901 Cherry Ave
    San Bruno
    CA 94066
    United States

    And for you other Lazy Joe's
  8. Jeez, I had no idea so much drama could be created about a man getting angry and playing video games on the internet.
  9. If you put this effort to your real Blog..... maybe Cyran maybe.

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