Sunday, 16 August 2015

16/08/2015 - Twitter Madness

Well, Joe has had plenty of time to invite developers to his house, post on twitter, watch random movies, buy tickets for the wrong cinema, and insult people on the internet. What else is new?
Another crappy game, amazing.

Joe got into an argument over the new battlefront game.
Shit nobody cares about.

Can't stop this train!
Angry Joe covers movies now.

Hilarious, he's acting like he forced them to change even though everyone was saying bad stuff.
Stop the mexican, and then send them a body bag.

How the hell do you get tickets for the wrong cinema? You've got to be born stupid to do that.

Ouch, Joe didn't give two shits. 


Joe really needs to get away from Twitter for a while. Somebody on Youtube posted a video about how humiliating it was when he lied about not calling himself the "voice of gamers". He was right Joe really needs to go outside and smell the flowers for a while ,because it's clear he can't handle a Twitter account responsibly. Especially when his dad gets mad at him for picking too many fights.
I can't believe how this guy was born like that. Shame on their parents for using alcohol during pregnancy.
I know it's a little bit of an off-topic, but I still feel that this must be shared with you all:

I never thought that I'll ever say this, but...someone out there REALLY needs to visit that house of Spoony's (Noah Antwiler's) and put the fucker down, hardcore-style. Or AT LEAST beat the living shit out of his sorry ass, with humiliating photos/video. Up until recently, I've still tolerated him and his bullshit. This time he completely lost it, absolutely 'dun goofed it all up. He did it. The stupid fucker finally did it, he fucked it all up BIG TIME. In his recent Let's Play video of Yakuza 4 ( ) he came out in open and loudly proclaimed to everyone that Shenmue sucks. Such things should never be let left unpunished. The fucker completely lost it, he fucked it all up. Now (thanks to Ciaran's magical post in you-know-where) when we know exactly where this cocksucker lives, somebody's really gotta do something about this. The stupid fuck must suffer the consequences of his idiotic behavior, he must learn out of actual physical punishment that he shouldn't run his mouth on camera like a totally dumb fuck, let alone proclaiming before the entire world such absolutely imbecilic things as the ones he said. Seriously non-sarcastically proclaiming to the whole world that Shenmue sucks, is the most biggest failure of Spoony's EVER since the very first day of his existence in the internet. Such things simply can never be tolerated, cannot be ignored, would never be forgotten, and should never be forgiven.
you have serious issues....
Keep sucking Spoony's dick, loser.
lol Im one of the most anti spoony people but Im just not a psycho xd
So somebody has an opinion.
And you want to kill them for it.

That's sadly kinda normal these days.
I'm a Spoony hater, but I would say that you should keep spamming on his livestream instead.
Why don't you do it Redditfag? Too much of a pussy to take on Spoontard on your own?
LOL, Joe's nothing but a punkass bitch.
I agree with Joe about Battlefront. It's a joke.
"He's acting like he forced them to change." How so?
He's saying that when we let developers know we don't like something, they tend to listen. I don't see the part where he claimed it was all him.
"Stop the Mexican, and then send them a body bag." just wow. 
You claim that you created this blog to prove that Joe Vargas is a fraud, But you've yet to do so.
I've read the vast majority of your posts and at no point have you ever shown any proof of your claims.

You have however, shown that you are openly racist and eager to slander this man every chance you get.
Does he get paid to promote games? Probably, but how exactly does that make him a terrible person?

I'm openly challenging you Ciaran, to defend your claims without hiding behind petty insults and name calling. I've seen the comments on here and they equate to nothing more than ignorant flaming.
As opposed to fedora posting?

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