Sunday, 6 September 2015

06/09/2015 - Twitter Madness

Well, Joe's been away sucking off some corporate dick at some convention, shame he didn't bother recording anything for his fans to see. He's also been charging people to enter a football league while is just shady, looks like he's gone full Jew. Also, he's being salty as usual.

This is just shady, why the hell is he charging people when the jackpot should be his money, not theirs!

Excuses, excuses.

Yeah right, more like a week. He hasn't even played enough of the game to make a review.

Isn't Delrith playing the game for you?

Boo fucking hoo.

Yeah, jumping all in because that's where the money is.

I seriously doubt he's even played Cossacks or heard of it before Cossacks 3 was announced. Poser.

The King of Salt. Also, what an asshole.

The salt is real, get a load of his salty reaction.

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