Saturday, 26 September 2015

AngryJoe plays Company of Heroes 2: British Forces!

Another paid promotion from the Mexican Jew himself, he must really need all that money for pay for his eye surgery and fast food that he's always chomping down on. And he's playing Company of Heroes 2, an expansion to a game he hasn't even bothered to play. Yeah, that just tells you that Angry Joe isn't even a gamer and only interested in making money on the internet. He's also pulling a very insulting and bad British accent throughout the entire video, a Latino doing a White Mans Accent... Isn't this Racist in the Politically Correct Society we live in at all. If Joe can butcher a british accent then I can do a Chinese or Japanese accent...Is the chicken rubbery? Racist!!!!!! Got to Love Liberalism and Political Correctness these days.

I watched the first twenty minutes and Joe is pretty terrible at this game, as usual. He dens't even use (or know how to use) the retreat and refresh function, maybe he should atleast know the most basic and elementary game mechanics before making a promo video and sticking his ass in the air for developers everywhere. If your going to watch it then be warned, Joe shouts like a retard at a christian sunday school when Uncle Buck comes to visit, it gets real annoying real quick and just hampers the overall video.

Joe also needs to clearly identify in the title that video is a paid promotion, he needs to be forward that he's selling out. Also, just play Men of War that's a much better game than this casual piece of shit.


I think he spent in on chicken. 

Why would he stop when he can make Jew gold?

Exactly, we should do mexican accents since he did a british one.

Well said.

Insert Freddy got Fingered reference here.

Haha, this is so true.

How much can you give him?


  1. He's obviously just trying to milk what he has left of his failed franchise. He may have 2 million subs, but the Ajsa sure doesn't feel as great as it used to be. He's only gone 1 step forward, and a thousand steps back.

  2. You love him. Most people would just move on but you can't. You can't let it go. Your bumgole burns with lust and it confuses you a d reminds you of the uncle who touched you so you continue your hate for him. Just give in. You gay

  3. And what do you do all day? Be a keyboard warrior and tell your mom "I've done it again", I bet you came from reddit.