Saturday, 19 September 2015

AngryJoe Previews Total War: Warhammer!

Shit eating grin.
Man, another video that Joe's fan base doesn't care about this. It's like he wants people to hate him, just take a look at the comments section and you'll see what I mean. And when Joe says he got an "exclusive" he really means he let the developers pee in his butthole, what don't you believe me? Joe also says the review will be out by weekend, what game is he talking about? I mean he could have easily said anything but no, he just thinks everyone already knows what he's talking about. How stupid can this guy get?

This was also recorded at the start of this month, this is probably the thing he left Texas for. As for the video, it's freaking 44 minutes long, and it's very boring, that's all you need to know. It's a generic Total War game and Joe's getting all hyped up for nothing, it also takes 10 minutes for the battle to start and then again it's only interesting to people who have never played an RTS in their life. I watched ten minutes of this tripe and couldn't be bothered getting through the rest, don't watch this video and let your voice be heard.

And I love how Joe takes over a whole month to put out a 30 minute review, it's like he's sitting on his ass getting donations over on Twitch......on wait that is what he's doing instead of working on making reviews. I smell Jew gold. And I can' believe that Joe has the gall to upload a raw session without editing it to make it watchable, he should have made a 5-10 minute video showing off the game's new know, putting some effort into making a video instead of being a lazy Mexican. He'll go no where if he keeps this up.


A poser does what a poser does.

Joe don't know shit.

He probably meant they'd being doing something that's not his workload.

B-but the let's plays...

He got fat.

This is so true.

This comment is so true.

A joke that'll stand the test of time.


  1. Man dis nigga is way too easy. Joe's a lazy mexican for not editing a 45 minute video but Mr. Bloggers first line in his blog is..Man another video that joe's fanbase doesn't care about this. Lol. Then says Joe had his "butthole peed into" (u can tell dis nigga is like 17) because he got an exclusive from developer's. Now i could understand valid critiques of tha dude.. but this shit is just beggining to sound like a jealous, angsty, racist, tween in love with tha nigga. Lol. Keep going Mr. Blogger everyone else otha then yo 10 booty buddies sees ya for what ya are. Salty.. oh and said booty buddies let Mr. Blogger fight gis own battler ya heard! Yall look like foolish lil sheep defendin the crackpot.

    1. Ahh nigga chill. I was fuckin wit ya. U make it too easy man gettin so offended off of criticism. Didn't think it was a serious question. I said ya talk bout editing and that first sentence is redonkulous. Editing... it's a thing.

    2. No wonder no one thinks their lives matter.

    3. No one thinks our lives matter nigga? Lol. Only a poor inbred fucktard would say shit like that. Sorry yo dad molested you while ya moms watched and did nothing. Im sorry you gonna have ta marry yer sister since she's the only pussy you've ever tasted. Must suck being a homosexual, racist, inbred loser.. but it'll turn round. Just escape.. find the cops and tell em where daddy touched you.