Thursday, 24 September 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: Spoiler Post-Review Discussion

Jesus, another boring 40 minutes video. Who in their right mind would actually sit through this entire thing willingly? And it's mostly Joe and Delrith rambling about random stuff that happen in the game, this is the exact opposite of an intelligent conversation, not that I expect this from Angry Joe and co anyway. Throughout this video they say alot of stupid stuff, mostly relating to how "MGS is one of the best games of the year" and that Joe is now a metal gear fanboy and is going to play all the other games. Get a load of this, Delrith's wearing the same shirt as the last video, I mean can't this guy wear anything other than shirts? I'm not asking him to wear a gimp suit but holey moley, don't be wearing the same thing again and again, oh wait he's probably copying Joe seeing as he wears the same stinky jacket without washing it. A true mexican patriot.

And as usual Joe keeps cutting the others off after he asks them something, he should let them speak or just do the video alone, because it's annoying as hell. He also mentions Jim sterling......opinion invalidated. When he gets to Quiet he is just being a politically correct queer, yes it's a "sexy" character and all that crap, moving on. People don't subscribe to watch childish conservative PC American bible belt bullshit, huff said. For some reason Other Joe just sits there with his thumb up his ass not knowing what the hell is going on. He's quiet as a mouse.The comments section is really toxic and funny with lots of Delrith hate, that guy just can't catch a break. Joe also starts yapping that he couldn't get a review copy and that's why he couldn't' get the review out faster, yeah but you could just buy the freaking game like a normal person instead of being a special snowflake.


Joe is too young to have played the earlier games.

Maybe he can't afford another shirt.

Well, he's a casual.

You suprised?

Angry Jew sounds so much better than Angry Joe.

No love for muslims? 

Well, Joe is a poser.


  1. A grammar nazi, oh brother. And fishy, who said I even watched the entire video? I watched parts of it as I'm not a brain dead fanboy who'll watch the entire video because senpai said so.

  2. Im black ya fuckin idiot. What am i trying to do? Callin your senpai goe out on all the nigga's hypocrisy and showing the small minded how unintelligent he is. Simple stuff.

  3. Looks like Fishy is chimping out today.

  4. Rofl you are not black, you are the whitest and most pathetic little white kid Ive ever seen on the internet and its so obvious too!
    If you really would be black you should kill yourself out of shame because everyone thinks you are a skinny little white faggot trying to be "funny" or something. No black person would shame himself like that.

    Now go suck on your fathers white pecker.

  5. Don't think that was meant to be racism. But I see your point. Ciaran can overreact to criticism. As Joe does and millions if people over the internet. I follow Ciaran because it is interesting to see other points of view. Whether Ciaran Is the best source, that's perfectly debatable. Plus I have gotten quite annoyed/bored with Joe. Im sure you can agree that Joe Is not what he once was, good or bad. I feel like he was a good reviewer points out good and bad merits to a game. But he has fallen victim to what many others have, greed. As for Ciaran being "homophobic,bigoted, and racist". I don't think he's as bad as many other people here. But I can agree with many of your points, but there is no just "neutral" either way someone is gonna be on one side or the other. While Ciaran has flaws, I respect his opinion, as I respect people who disagree with him just as equally.