Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Visit Angry Movie Review

Right off the bat you can tell he's trying to attract attention with a clickbait thumbnail, John Cleese is giving his death throws right about now. It's funny because Joe mentions that no one will watch this video, yeah because it's a stupid movie review and that's reason enough to not watch it. I like how Angry Joe asked Delrith what he thought about the movie and he didn't answer so Angry Joe kept talking instead, I mean there's being an ass and then there's being Angry Joe. Joe is also interrupting Other Joe and Delrith as usual, that just makes him seem like an insecure asshole who only cares about his opinion. Kinda like me. Who said that?

I also laughed my ass off when Other Joe disagrees with Joe, and then Angry Joe is telling him he's wrong. Seriously Wtf? Honestly Joe is not a movie critic. He needs to stop trying to sound like he knows how to make movies and know how to act. His terrible skits are an example of this, I'd love to see what Micheal Bay thinks of that. He'd probably try and make some TMNT or Beavis and Butthead porno, oh wait they already exist. Uhm, toodles.


Insert paedo joke here.

I doubt he will, he needs peso's on twitch. 

Ouch, Angry Joe takes critical damage.

Joe can't even read a cereal box, how can you expect him to understand that?

There's also a lot of Delrith hate again, poor guy can't catch a break.

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  1. Fuck Joe is getting fat. He'll be sharing clothes with Delrith soon.