Monday, 19 October 2015

EA Battlefront Season Pass Angry Rant!

Man, I know Joe is stupid, but this is just beyond belief. Well not actually since this is Angry Joe we are talking about, he's got the intelligence of a gnat. Anyway long story short, amidst all the huffing and puffing Joe says that you shouldn't buy this game or the dlc. However, right after that "rant" he says that he'll be buying the game and the dlc anyway, lolwut? Is this nigga serious? Angry Joe is what's wrong with the videogame industry, it's full of a bunch of fucking nitwits that will buy something even though they don't agree with it. Grow a fucking backbone you spineless coward, don't throw your support behind a company that's practically evil itself. I mean this beaner can't be that stupid.

Aw, shut the fuck up. 
If Joe really believes what he says then he should stand by his claims, but whatever this guy is just in it for the money and all that shit. Did you also see how he said that the Angry Army want to play the game, a fact that's even debunked on the Angry Army forum itself. Now that just shows you how delusional Joe himself is,


That's because he's an idiot.

My point exactly. 

He won't do that, he needs people to watch his review to make him money.

Yeah, he's too ignorant to do that.


  1. Well, if he doesn't buy it. There won't be any review. I'm just saying.

    Man, it sad that angry joe doesn't care about his subscribers anymore. Still, I still watch only his game Review. Just to entertain me. At least, I did not subscribe him.

  2. It is revealed the fact that Joe is in fact Mexican as he simulates the game's emote via his Mexican Salsa song while jerking off while simulating it in the video.