Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Halo 5: Guardians Angry Review

Man, it feels like ages since Joe has done a review. Mostly since all of the content in between is utter tripe no one wants to watch. And finally he's put out another review since MGS V, skipping Mad Max and other games so he can shill on Twitch and do paid promotions, champion of the people my ass.

Anyway, let's get to the actual review. It's long, boring, and he complains and gives fake anger to make a click-bait video as usual, what's new? Oh yeah, let's not forget the long, boring and drawn out sketches that he loves to make for the 12 year olds that watch his video's. Joe says this isn't the halo he "fell in love with" even though it's been different like that since Reach, not that he would know that because he's a poser. He also never finished Halo 4 (or bothered to review it) which is a crime to Halo fans everywhere, not finishing a game even though he calls himself a "critic" is just shameful, IGN and Gamespot do their jobs why can't Joe? Oh wait that's because he's lazy. Moving on. He then makes pointless statements about the microtransactions in the game, and goes off on a one sided rant like the man child he really is, microtransactions are just evil to Joe because he needs to keep up the facade that he's "angry" and relevant. He didn't even try to understand why microtransactions are in the game, that right there is plain ignorance to push his own agenda.
Remember this retarded moment.
Let's also get to the fact that he rages over split screen being removed, he gave 343 the finger in his live stream to show how much of an adult he is. He then said that splitscreen was removed to force people to buy another system (which Joe did because he's a stupid consumer) which is in fact not true, split screen was removed because it wasn't at a level which they desired, Joe never even mentioned this so he could push his version of events. He also complains about having to wait years for the sequel, as opposed to getting yearly Halo releases like COD, double standards Joe. For some reason he's putting random emphasis on random words, must be autistic. Joe says the game is closer to Call of Duty, he would already know this if he actually played Halo 4 for crying out loud. Even though he takes 20 minutes for the story he doesn't actually cover much.

He says the multiplayer has a lack of classic maps in a new game, is he stupid or something? He also hasn't played his Xbox One since last november, bahahahaha, some gaymer he is. Joe calls requisition points controversial when they are not, he spazzes out like a retard, he makes stuff up about people downvoting video's and removing comments yet doesn't give any evidence to back up his claims. And Angry Joe says he "speaks the truth", and he get's really salty when people call him out on his bullshit, Joe's such a role model. He also calls for everyone to "stop sucking 343's balls", yeah real mature Joe. His final score is 6/10 because he's a sore loser and salty as hell. Anyway screw Joe and just watch Angry Centaur's review of the game, it's below:


  1. Complaining about the sketches? There's only 2, one at the beggining and one at the end. How's that even something to complain about?
    You loved his batman review and it had a ton of sketches

  2. U can't even chat on his Twitch unless I pay $5 to subscribe. Wtf?