Tuesday, 15 December 2015

AngryJoe Plays XCOM 2!

Wow more let's play footage, because that's what we want to see. But then again this is Joe being sponsored content Joe because he's got bills to pay (chick-a-filla) and the Mexican drug cartel or some other shit. Anyway it's only interesting if you are interested in the game at all, I'm not being it's a stupid rehash and a crippled remake at best. Just go play the fucking original you fucking retards, newfags like it more so because it's so goddamn streamlined from the original among other things. Fucking millennials.

Anyway during his let's play Joe blames the game even when he only had a 51 percent chance of hitting, sounds like Joe is salty as usual.


That's Angry Joe for you.


He's only doing that because that's what's popular to do. 

Sounds about right. 


  1. I actually wanted to play this game. However after watching Joe's lets play of it, I don't think I want to look at the title of it. The video was edgy to me,but at least it wasn't as bad as his other lets plays. Want reviews though.

  2. The newer ones are also awesome imo, not as awesome as the classics but in this generation of shit games they still stand out.

    I just feel they couldve been so much more.
    Ive been waiting on bigger squads, multiple squads and other sensible additions ever since the reboot but all they do is build a bit on the old system and format... very dissappointing. And this newest one even seems like its just a reshuffling of classes and a new gimick overworld mechanic, and more dumbed down stuff sigh :(

  3. They are good in their own right, however they should go above and beyond what the original did but they just haven't done that. How about playing as the aliens in the campaign or a third person/first person mode, I mean improvements can be made anywhere but they are just playing it safe.

  4. Joe lets play is easier for him to get easy pesos then actualy work for it and do a good review if he isnt bought out.

    Beside that I like xcom2 especialy the generated maps and customisation as well MOD support.