Thursday, 14 April 2016

5 Movie video's in a week!

I mean golly, this is getting out of hand. In the past week alone Joe has put out 4 reaction videos, 1 movie review and one VR game review. The dude must have some priority problems because this isn't what most of his subscribers want. They want reviews, not some crappy video that takes him two seconds to make from Twitch footage. I mean he's been on Twitter and Twitch nearly every day shilling himself to make more jew money, and to make matters worse he's been putting Delrith on stream constantly when he's not there as if people want to watch that fat bastard.

And he's going to another stupid event to shill himself some more and suck developers cock to more interviews and paid promotions, how low can Joe go? It's one thing to "earn a living" playing video games like a retard but it's another thing to totally ignore what most of your fan base wants from you: REVIEWS! Maybe you should take that head out of your ass and give the people what they want instead of being an imbecile.

Because that's what we want.

This marks a change in post format because I'm getting fucking tired of covering every little damn thing, so you'll see posts about whatever ebin lulz that retard is up to.


  1. I actually like Delrith's streams, plus he has better judgment than Joe does, however, that's not saying that much.

    No, he's a funny dude who gets more hate than he deserves. Joe, on the other hand, he's pretty much brought the hate onto himself.

  2. delrith is more of a gamer yes but I cant look past the fact that he is a pedophile without regret who will burn in hell.

  3. I actually did look into the whole Second Life Delrith thing, it's incredibly possible. There's too many connections to just shove off as nothing.

  4. Angry Joe is the biggest sellout on youtube, all he does is sponsored let's plays and is too lazy make actual reviews, when he started doing sellout lootcrate unboxings I knew all hope is lost.