Monday, 4 April 2016

AJ's Hearts of Iron IV Developer Preview!

Wow, just what the doctor ordered. Another boring ass video about a video game that no one cares about. Angry Joe just brings the viewers what they want most, except he doesn't. Joe is stupid as a pile of rocks, he is ass at strategy games or history/geography for that matter. You can see that this type of game is not for him. If someone gave him, for instance, an FPS, he would certainly do better, right? After all, he says that this is his first experience with grand strategies so that tells you how much he knows about the genre. The only reason he's trying to get into the new one is because it's more streamlined, which more or less means he's playing the retarded version.

How did that get there.
Personally this type of game is a meme game, it's really a huge steaming pile of shit that people keep buying every year. If I wanted to play something like this I would play the classic's which are genuinely good games, unlike there modern equivalent which is not a labor of love. And why the hell is paradox giving Joe a developers preview when most of his audience either doesn't play the games or knows nothing about them, Joe included. Whatever, later dudes.

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  1. Joe is honestly about as strategic as an Oreo cookie ... just watch his Twitch stream of marathon Xcom 2 for proof. The guy is as dumb as a pile of rocks, lazy as fuck and finds humor in being childish. What a cunt !