Monday, 4 April 2016

AJ's Stellaris Developer Preview!

Who in their right minds wants to watch a 43 minute video? Even though I've kept my eye on this game every once in a while I just can't be bothered anymore. The 4X genre died long ago and every game that get's pumped out is either a steaming pile of shit or an unfinished mess with half the features that are supposed to be there. Also don't tolerate this type of content, no one subscribed for long and boring videos.

Get a load of Joe's video description:
So excited for this one guys! Its one of my favorite genres (4x - space empires) mixed with the depth of a Grand Strategy! Create your own empire, expand, and explore the galaxy! Then Conquer it!
In other words: Dude look at me trying to capitalize on people's dude weed lmao nostalgia, I totally know everything about this genre (seeing as it's my FAVORITE) and it's not like I'm just being a poser to gain internet cred. Please watch and subscribe to see me fail miserably playing video games.


  1. I hate to agree but yeah 4x games get released in a shitty state these days and hardly ever fixed, such a shame.

    And joe posing is nothing new fuck him lol

  2. Yeah, I see it that way too. Also, that $850 000 he made over the last couple of years has made him (literally) fat and lazy. Why 'tards still rally behind him is a mystery but his viewer numbers for anything but AAA "REVIEWS" are way low vs his subs number.

  3. ASHES OF SINGULARITY Yet another "promotional video" ... his channel has become like watching infomercials all day. Fucking sad and pathetic at the same time. Corporate Commander has won ... so long Joe.

    Delwrith FORGETS he is doing a PROMOTIONAL VIDEO and actually says the AI is "complete bullshit (ie cheating) and "there is NO WAY he can afford that" at 18:44 and Joe quickly covers his ass by saying that the AI has lots of whatever the game currency is LOL.

    23:18 Delrith angrily points out that the game is totally cheating (AGAIN forgetting he is supposed to be PROMOTING the game) and AngryJoe says nothing negative about the game ... fucking sellout. This video proves what others having been saying for months now. Hence all the down votes on the video.

    "the particle effects are so awesome", "this game looks amazing in DX12", "I love the A.I."etc. Fucking liar. The game is BROWN and is obviously unbalanced in the favour of the AI ... if this was an honest review he would have railed on these points. Now he says he "enjoys the challenge" ... the same guy would complained like hell in XCOM 2 that he missed a 49% hit shot.

    Also, coughing loudly into the mic is really disrespectful to your audience :-( No matter whether you are sick or not.