Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Angry Joe goes to PAX and shills Lamborghini for Overwatch

Angry Joe shills for Overwatch meeting fake Tracer and pretty much says all kinds of shit that sounds like he is trying to sell you a fucking car, which he is. The dude acts like a kid in a candy store, I guess it must be him dreaming about when he will own one. Yet Joe brings this up and acts like he'll never get one because fuck you give me money. The driver also constantly has a phone on her lap, yeah I'd be ignoring Joe if he was in my car too. All in all Joe acts like a complete idiot thinking everyone knows about his e-fame, heck he even sticks the camera outside the car while it's driving like the complete moron he is. Shit's dangerous. Angry Joe looks so sad when he has to leave the car,

Look at this shit, Joe is recording with a mobile phone like a complete tool. He doesn't even look interested, look at that look on his face. 
He also took photos but makes the same face in every single one of them, Even though Joe was there for days running around like a spaz do we even know if he'll upload any video from it? And you know what the worst thing is? Joe and Delrith never went to the PAX East 2016 Diversity Lounge, it's sad because they would have fit right in.

Gaymer's and #Translivesmatter, get me the fuck out of here.



  1. Overwatch is one of the worst games ever, to shill for that youve gotta be retarded XD

  2. hahhahahahaha at those sjw fags.
    actually I feel sorry for them, theyve been so misled that they ruined their souls and will burn in hell.

  3. "All lives matter"
    *Audience boos

  4. Well megamanda was a dude.untilljoe payed for him to ttransitionto a girl.look at her/him ugly dude/girl.he/she

  5. Well he might look sad, but alot of people donated ALOT of money so he could buy the car, wich I doubt he will, all in the AJ piggybank oink.