Saturday, 16 April 2016

Angry Joe Review Update and another sellout Loot crate video

tfw no seven dollars
It looks like this Mexican asshole is about to cry, aww poor baby needs to shill moar. He says like he always does that a review is coming, Quantum break to be exact, then he wants to do a Ratchet and Clank review as if he's even played a game in that series. Afterwards he wants to do a Battle fleet Gothic armada review since he's been shilling that game since forever because muh Warhammer obsession. He'll also be going to PAX EAST where he announced in advance that he'll be streaming battle born because muh paid promotion among other shit. And for some other bizarre reason he wants to do another Batman vs Superman video because that's where all the money is at right now, shitty movie related video for that easy YouTube money, what a scumbag.

He then goes on to say that you should support his "independent reviews channel", since when has he called what he does that? It seems that he's trying to portray himself as something he's not once again. You got to love it when Joe blames his health for the reason he can't put reviews out but that won't stop him from streaming on Twitch and making movie videos, under the weather my ass. He's a liar through and through. He also complains that he isn't part of a big company where he has over 200 employees like IGN or GameSpot, it seems to me that he's looking for something to complain about when it's his own fault that he isn't putting out reviews. The lazy fucking beaner of a whore.

What a load. 
He also put out another Loot Crate video to help support his channel because fuck you give me money. Looks like a sellout piece of shit does what a sellout does best, sellout.


  1. I don't know anyone without mental disability who would want to waste 15 minutes watching sellout Joe unboxing cheap plastic toys.

  2. No 2015 top 10 gaming controversies, less reviews than last year he said there would be double. Joe is a liar and he's just in for the money.