Saturday, 14 May 2016

Angry Joe goes to Italy on Holiday, new quick review series and other updates

Looks like Mr Joe "I work 70 hours a week and don't take holidays" Vargas has actually taken a holiday in Italy for a week, no doubt putting all that Youtube and ebeggin money to use.

You should also know that Jesse Cox was also in Italy during the same time as Joe, he was shilling for some Witcher 3 expansion event which Joe also attended. It also seems that everyone who attended the original paid promotion even in Poland for the release of the base game got invited for this event. I guess soulless sellouts stick together.

There is also a really obnoxious video by some pink haired anime character on YouTube you should check out if you want to see what happened during the event. It's best you watch it because you sure as hell won't see Joe uploading a video about it, that would be too much effort for him. Unless he was paid to promote the event with video's for quick and dirty sellout cash.

You should also know that Joe never stated he was going to this event, before leaving for Italy he said he was going on Holiday and now it's a paid promotional event. Which one was it Joe? He's also trying to do some quick review format but it's alright, he clearly isn't cut out for making shorter video's anymore.

Meanwhile Delrith has stayed stateside and continued to stream in place of Angry Joe, he's also been showing off his retarded walmart style gun collection. If you are going to buy guns at least buy ones which don't look retarded.



  1. Lol now Joe just needs to tell delrith to lose some weight. Maybe he would. Buying guns makes the fool feel powerful. Keep himself safe from the Chris hanson.

  2. They can't help themselves. They are programmed this way. Just look at Pewdiepie and his fan base. 80% children and and man-child brofist bullshit fags with no positive role models in their life.

  3. I dont care much of Del, he's a dickhead and treats people like shit ingame, trolling and ganking just to satisfy his misrable life cause of obesity is his way to make himself feel good.

    No wonder hardly anyone donates in twitch when he's streaming, the guy doesnt have the balls to stream his own face cause it makes him uneasy.

  4. I've seen comments here and there which imply that "The Witcher 3" isn't a great game and it's overrated without any reasons, so could you tell me what was wrong with it exactly? (I haven't played it myself). I mean it won more awards than "The Last of Us".

  5. Hmph, so you're saying that the gameplay and combat is the main issue.
    It's true that sometimes video games, movies and even books get awards which they don't deserve, but I've seen many great award-winning books, movies and video games as well. I think the whole point of giving awards to something is to show people that it deserves to be seen, read or played.

  6. He thinks he is great because he thinks he is special, who fights Corporate Commander or the Big Bad Gaming industry. Basically "Occupy Gaming". He even said that he could be a much bigger shill than he is currently, by accepting offers from everyone, but because he's special, a real Robin Hood, he doesn't, and has to live on a measly 20.000 $ a month. And that's just Youtube. Yet, he constantly complains about how hard his job is, making videos, acting like a man-child. He acts like it's really doesn't worth the effort, i mean, some people make 40k a year by working hard. He just sits around his fat ass, getting fatter every day.

  7. In what way does the witcher 3 fall into that catagory??
    Besides the gameplay being weak and the combat being horrible, the story is nothing to write home about, pretty childish in fact. Its as dark as linkin park, aka not dark at all but fake emoness.

  8. I'm not saying that this game falls into that category. I haven't even played it. (I don't have a console).
    Anyway, you're saying that the game tries to be dark, but it fails. Maybe you've only played it for about 2 or 3 hours? I read an article about "The Witcher 3" in which the writer mentioned that only the first few hours of the game were dark and the rest of it was actually happy and full of comedy or whatever.
    BTW, let's face it. Many (not all) video games have terrible stories since they treat their stories the same way porn movies treat theirs: It's just there for things to happen, which is a shame because it's an "interactive" media, so video games give the gamer the chance to become a part of the story thus there are lots of ways to make the story more engaging.
    PS: What ARE your favorite games, Mr. Nitpick? (Just kidding, not trying to be rude).

  9. So Delrith has guns now?

    Who thought it was a good idea to give him guns?

    1. Way to go america, I instantly know your gun laws are shit if he can get a permit. A fucking satanic KNOWN pedophile can just get a gun over there??!?


  11. I'll watch and get it done tomorrow, I've been busy with other shit.

  12. wasnt joe a superduper warhammer AND total war fan in his own eyes?
    Then how can he be so late on the warhammer total war review lol what a mong.