Sunday, 29 May 2016

Uncharted 4 Angry [RF] Review & more

Looks like Joe has gone ahead and done a Rapid Fire review of Uncharted 4, sigh. With these type of reviews he leaves so much detail out, he can barely cover the basic parts of the game people want to hear and yet he tries and fails. If there's one thing Joe should improve on it's writing his reviews, he wants to be IGN and Gamespot so desperately, he should stick to his traditional reviews. That is if he'll ever do one ever again. He doesn't talk enough about the multiplayer and his reaction to micro transactions for multiplayer is pretty mild. This is at odds with his Halo 5 review, where it costs the game a few points on his scale. Basically this review was missing all those fun (sometimes) skits and Joe being upfront talking about it more expressively. It was a shorter, cheaper, less entertaining type of review than people who watch Angry Joe reviews are use to.

He told a dude to fuck off on Twitter, rude.
It seems he's more interested in going to random events and making shitty reaction video's that caring about what made him popular in the first place. Heck, it's reaching the point where fucking feminist frequency is doing more video game reviews that Angry Joe. That's hilariously bad and it just puts things into perspective. Whether or not the game deserved a 9/10 is up for debate, but for Joe to not have played any other Uncharted game is ridiculous, he's a video game reviewer and yet he can't be bothered to research and play previous games in the series. He plain and simple doesn't care.

He also uploaded his Graduation Photo to Twitter for some reason, and it just shows how much of a blob he's turned into over the years.



  2. still no total warhammer (shouldve been the name of the game btw) review? I thought he knew more than anyone on the internet about those series?? *cough cough

  3. He doesn't really have an excuse. If Youtube is important, your career, and you are behind on work, yet you have an OPTIONAL conference you can go to, why pick the latter? If you do, you can't complain about never taking time off, working nonstop, or whatever crap he says he does. It just doesn't make sense...

  4. Even if people might not like this Uncharted game, the fact that he puts a RF Review for a game that is big on the PS4 is jarring. The other funny thing is that it's either wait too long and Joe won't review a certain game that was requested or if he wants to shoot out a review he will do it the RF format. Because we want more reviews like FTL, Preview and movie reactions. Disgusting.

    That graduation photo perfectly shows how Joe has become. From someone who looks genuinely honest, happy and worked hard, becomes a lazy turd which not only his weight turned massive, his ego as well.

  5. That graduation photo...

    I feel sad seeing it. Joe really had gone down the drain, turning in to a pale, large egotistic maniac, from a colored hard-working lad. I wonder what happened to him....

  6. I still hate his reviews, however I think I actually prefer Rf reviews. I understand fans love his long reviews but I personally hate all the shitty jokes that he puts in with the stupid costumes and shitty acting. I also hate it when he spends time constantly making fun of any flaw he finds. Some flaws that don't make sense. So maybe I'm not a 'true fan' like others. Nor do I want to be.