Monday, 20 June 2016

Angry Joe does 24 Hours of Le Forza Stream #Sponsored by Audi

With full Jew mode in effect Joe has went and done a 24 hours stream sponsored by Audi for the new Forza game as if anyone cares. It's minimum commentary all the way through, just Joe muttering random words trying to keep the one thousand people watching entertained. At one point he claims his bad performance was due to him being delirious, yeah we all know that's just him being a terrible player. To make matters worse the comments section is full of people calling Joe a bad driver, mostly because he can't bloody play a driving game properly. I mean he keeps crashing into the barricades, constantly not being able to turn a fucking corner correctly. But to deflect criticism he keeps calling everyone else a "pro", oh boo hoo Joe is a casual game please feel sorry for him. What a complete joke.

Joe said this on Twitter sometime after the sponsorship. I think we all know this isn't true. 

He also argued with some dude on Twitter, seems like Joe is the one who can't stand someone's personal opinion. And get a load of Joe's "4chan sheep troll" comment as if he knows what he's talking about, what a joke.


  1. I imagine that by the time Joe would return to his roots it would be too late. He'd be bleeding relevance and subscribers and would be staring down the end of his Youtube career. He simply won't perform a course correction as he has been bitten by the "Greed Bug" and just wants more. The Joe Vargas that started this whole Youtube endeavor is long gone and won't be coming back.

    P.S. Is Joe trying to convince himself that he works an 80-hour work week or does he really think anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would actually buy into that horseshit?

  2. Yet people do watch him, either cause they love chubby bearded men, or cause he acts like pipo the clown.

  3. That's just sad, but then again so is being a fan of Angry Joe.