Thursday, 23 June 2016

Angry Joe uses auto aim during a stream

Seems like Joe played a big part of Uncharted 4 multiplayer with the auto aim on, only disabled people use it but I guess that's just what Joe is. If you like games and are a gamer you aren't going to turn on auto aim or any assist tool like that, only cheats and disabled people use it. If Joe is a real gamer like he thinks he is why is he using auto aim? Challenge is an important aspect of the gaming, Angry Joe is one of those people who don't get gaming. Angry Joe claimed he was "testing it" but that's not true as he had auto aim on for most of the stream. What a liar.

Also Robinoyo covered all of this in his stream, he makes a lot of good points. It starts at 16:30.

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  1. Oh, he finally finished Doom. And it's 13 minutes long, and he wasted a few minutes with his shit skits and the intro that insulted the people who were complaining. Nice. He thinks he's fucking clever.