Saturday, 9 July 2016

Angry Joe heads to Tennocon (War frame Convention in LONDON)

Seems like Angry Joe and a slew of other "content creators" are in LONDON of all places to shill for Warframe at Tennocon. Note that all of these people have been paid to go to this event as it's a paid promotion. Not that you'll hear any of them saying that.

Seems like Joe has his priories right, he'd rather travel around the world and shill then make proper video's for his fans. Also, a little about Tennocon. The basic ticket is $25 but VIP passes that include a tour of Digital Extremes’ offices and brunch with the game’s developers sold out in a day despite the price tag of $250. I wonder which one Joe has, though I presume since he's a "content creator" he'll have a special pass or some other bullshit.


  1. A reminder that Joe monetized a video where he fake cried about JewWario.

  2. Not surprised, after all they voted for SuqMadiq Kahn. And I heard something about shitlibs wanting to make London an independent state. Kek