Sunday, 24 July 2016

Wonder Woman - Angry Trailer Reaction

Joe says Gal Gadot looks 100 percent as Wonder Woman, opinion 100 percent disregarded.

When Joe said "fighting for the Americans" when British soldiers were charging I wanted to kill myself. And he obviously doesn't know anything about WW1 with the Nazi comment he made. Hitler creates the Nazi party in the 30's after WW1, God, what a fucking idiot this guy is. He also needs to stop fucking calling those gatlin guns. They are MAXIM MACHINE GUNS, they replaced gatling guns. If it is not crank operated it is not a gatlin gun. Btw does Joe not understand that WW1 in Europe is supposed to have a grey overcast? It's not meant to be bright and happy. Did i just saw a black amazonian in the horse riding scene? What the actual hell? I won't even go into that bullshit. Also Joe had no reaction to this, nice to know he's a dirty liberal beaner scumbag. And why are you so focused on gender, Joe? Why does the fact she's a woman automatically make it "a movie for women and girls to look up to"? Was I not supposed to enjoy the other superheroes because they were men? That's absurd.
"Oh the women are going to be cheering as they kick men ass!"... It seems that by trying to promote gender equality, you are actually promoting gender segregation. I don't care for a character's gender if that character is well made. In fact, trying to put gender on the forefront weakens the character.

All that crap aside I can't believe he loved this trailer yet complained like a little bitch about the Justice League trailer. Shit taste confirmed.


  1. Joe shilling hard to the pro female SJW. Probably feels he has to try to get on their good side after hating Ghostbusters.

  2. While you are right that the Nazis were not around at WW One (as a political ideology), it was not Hitler who created them.