Sunday, 23 October 2016

Angry Joe burns his finger and other updates

Well it looks like overweight Ortega has done it again, he's went and burned his fat "gaying" finger. Get it? Because he shoves it up Other Joe's and Delrith's ass, heh heh. Whatever. Also it seems that Angry Joe has been releasing lots of content recently, none of that being worth your time. Well maybe the we wuz Mafia and Shit 3 review but honestly most of what he's released is a big steaming pile of shit. I mean since his YouTube rant he's released:
  • 4 Let's play video's
  • 8 Reaction video's
  • 1 Review
And a few random video's that you don't really need to worry about except this:

What expression is he trying to convey?
 That's right: Pie Face! Clearly the first thing that comes to mind when you think Angry Joe, right? I mean who is this video aimed at? Seeing at it's from his Twitch streams it's for his autistic 12 year old audience. Oh and the sucks blog got taken down twice in the span of a month. What else is new?


  1. Mommy Mommy I burnt my finger,now i can only do shitty raction Videos

  2. Can you say, 2 cent fake blister prop?

  3. also how creepy is it that a 40 year old mexican and his pedo buddies are aiming at kids between 8 and 12 more with each passing week?