Sunday, 6 November 2016

Angry Joe is now a reaction/filler channel

That's right boys and girls, Angry Joe is now a meme tier reaction channel. Though I'm sure most of you already know that if you've been keeping up with what fat Fernando has been doing in the past months. All he does it react to stuff that happens nowadays, be that YouTube related crap, copyright, movie reviews/reactions and news. He's not creating any original content besides reviews. This is all due to him aiming for the dollar dollar that he's become obsessed over.

Take the recent Alienware paid promotion for example, which he didn't disclose by the way. He causes a stink and plays the underdog to gain sympathy from retards on the internet. Either way his retarded fanbase will stroke his ego. Alright that was a bit unrelated to the matter at hand but what the heck, it's my blog. Anyway you get the point: Angry Joe reacts to any and everything that get's released nowadays to gain epenis and jew gold for all the new crap that comes out. I'll list all the reaction type stuff he's doing over the last few weeks.

  • Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review
  • Call of Duty on PC Angry Rant!
  • Doctor Strange Angry Movie Review
  • OtherJoe Plays Outlast 2!
  • Amazon FAILS w/ Titanfall 2 - Angry Rant
  • MS Announces Beam & VR - Angry Reaction
  • Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Review
  • Jack Reacher Never Go Back Angry Review
  • Nintendo Switch Angry Reaction
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Teaser Angry Reaction
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Teaser Angry Reaction!

And this is only a few weeks. As you can see he's reacting to new stuff, not even bothering to do original content or proper reviews. I guess it's just easier for him seeing as he hasn't give a shit what his viewers want in years.

Yes Joe is was you and only you that made them reverse their decision.

In his recent Call of Duty rant video  he apologizes for lack of reviews, saying he tried to do everything at once. Says he might have to do vlog reviews instead of rapid fire or proper angry reviews. Complaining that he can only do a review when the game comes out because nobody will want to watch it and give him money, oh boo fucking hoo Joe you can't have your cake and eat it you lazy beaner. I hope trump deports you. And you want to know what the biggest load of shit I've heard from him recently? He claims a single angry review takes WEEKS to do. Yeah I'm pretty sure he pulled that number out of his unwashed asshole.


  1. Okay, let's be honest, a game review of Angry Joe's sort of magnitude may not exactly be something done in a span of two to three hours (Unlike his movie reviews, blegh..), but it is a stretch to say that they last weeks to be made.

    A realistic estimation? A day or two max, if we're including the whole editorials and the skits and the actual playing of said videogame, definitely not something that would take weeks to be created. Don't mistake this as me defending Joe, as someone will most likely misinterpret this, far from it, just putting an explanation why the whole "It takes weeks to make an Angry Review" is complete B.S

    Oh, and Joe's face has started to disgust me, I can't even watch his older videos without feeling disgusted knowing what happened to the semi-handsome Angry Joe who frequently shook what he had to the kinect dancing videogames.

  2. It does take Constipated Carlos a couple of weeks to shit out a lazy review. Want to know why?
    It's because he always waits for better & real reviewers to rate a game first, and the gaming community to reach a consensus on it; so he can "borrow" their opinions to present as his own, or rarely play the contrarian.

    But honestly, have any of you ever learned anything from a Sellout Joe review that couldn't be read on the Steam about page or the back of a game box? I sure as hell haven't!

    I think most of us who frequent this blog and its previous incarnations know that Portly Paco is a shill for any company or publisher/developer that pays, and meanwhile acting like he is looking out for the consumer.
    He's not even a half-competent gamer.
    C'mon, have you ever seen how utterly inept he is at playing games? How can people trust his opinion on anything?

    1. I don't know how people look at his reviews, I see some people say "Oh uhh... I watch his reviews for entertainment, not for the actual game purchase recommendation!", which sounds like a weak excuse.

      I think it is safe to say that Nacho Grande was an actual credible reviewer at some point in time, now he is just... Well... Whatever he is now if you look at him. Oh and yes, he is not a very good gamer, and he always looks like he is completely intoxicated if there is ever a takeout from his stream on Youtube, which is honestly really hard to stomach and to look at.

      And what bothers me the most is how people defend him as if he can do no wrong. Uhh... I haven't really seen him do anything that remotely suggests that he gives a damn about his viewers, people defend him while they don't get anything back in return (Could say they get videos, but they're Rebel Taxi kind of garbage, so whatever), which confuses me the most.

  3. Is he actually happy about the return of some dipping sauce? What a fatass.

    1. I don't know, if there was something that you enjoyed that was suddenly taken away, only to return again, I think you'd be rather happy about it.

      I for example enjoyed a certain pizza that a local bakery made, but they replaced it with pizza rolls, which are a lot less tasty (The bread is rock-solid and they put in ham in solid squares). I'd be happy to have the regular pizza make a return, but I wouldn't open up my Twitter just to go "OMFG IT'S BACK! Hashtag Pizza is Great."

  4. A few short years ago gaming was just for nerds? Jesus Joe where have you been? Gaming hasn't been nerdy since the original PlayStation. Which was how many years ago now?

    Also let's be real here. Aside from little kids nobody is keeping the ladies from gaming. The more the merrier and you damn well know it.

    You are a sellout... Jesus