Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Angry Joe's Alienware Paid Promotion with Chloe Mortez

Looks like the hungry hippo's known as Angry "fuck my shit up" Joe and Chloe Moretz have finally done a crossover. Isn't that what you would expect on the Angry Joe Show? Yeah, didn't think so. There's a lot of things wrong with this video but the most glaring one is that Joe is now trying to push the political agenda of Feminism and Hilary Clinton with this video and what he's posting in the comments section. You can see it below:

That's right, Angry Joe has taken the next step forward to becoming a nu-male cuck, I can't wait until he starts accepting immigrants into his home to be more progressive. Oh wait I forgot to say that Chloe "career killer" Mortez is in this video. If there was one cross over I would want to see it would be this:

A match made in heaven. And I know she does this jokingly, probably thinking she is some fragile cute girl and this will look funny. But she actually looks like she could beat up Joe. Those shoulders, those hands, those pythons. Honestly she could probably take Joe in a fight, in a paid promotion by Alienware or on the street. 

I mean hell have you see what Angry Joe has become? He's been packing on the pounds lately, I guess all those seven dollar meals are getting to him. Also seeing as this video is part of Broforce's Alienware paid promotional campaign which Chloe Mortez has been a part of with YouTube Gaming it's only naturally that Angry "beaner" Joe was a part of this sellout. That's it for this time, back sometime in the future. Peace out.


  1. Can he be an even bigger sellout cuck?


    1. Great, at least I now have a legitimate reason to feel disgusted.

  3. Uh why did you photoshop his neck and stomach to look bigger? Do you have that sh*tty of a life? You do realize that the REAL images from the actual video next to your photoshopped images are circulating reddit and it makes you look psychotic. Photoshopping an image to make the guy look fat so you can write something on your pathetic blog. My gosh, at least write REAL criticism of the guy instead of doctoring photos to make you look "witty" and "angsty"......what are you 12?