Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Angry Joe Eye surgery updates

Well, since Joe's teary eyed video he's released a big stinking load of crap onto his YouTube channel. None of which anybody wants to see, well except the meme tier Deus Ex review which is severely lacking in many places. Or so I've heard because I didn't watch it since I'm busy irl, if you want to hear critique on his review you can read it on reddit. Anyway's Joe has got some 7 dollar eye surgery done with what little money he has.
Oh wait he has lots of money. Scratch that. He's the million peso man now. With that aside, here's what he's done since last time:

4 let's plays
1 very long and boring developers (cock sucking) preview
1 review
Streaming on Twitch

And he did all of this even though he has eye problems, I guess he cares more about money than his health. A jew is a jew through and through.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Angry Joe going blind! YouTube's new policy!

Looks like flustered fernado is going blind! First Total Biscuit gets cancer and now this! They are getting what they deserve, hahahaha! Cry me a river! Though seriously this only means that Joe is going to have to wear a pair of glasses, oh boo hoo. In the video Joe made it seem like he was dying from cancer or some shit like that, did he really need to go and make this video? The answer is yes because he's going to flood his channel with let's plays and other shit that isn't fucking reviews because fuck you I need eye surgery. He would be pumping out a review every week if he wasn't sucking some old dues shriveled cock on Twitch for jew gold.
And how can he go this long having known eye problems and never get glasses or contact lenses. Is he some kind of insecure faggot? Does he really think glasses are going to seriously ruin his image or something? Bitch please.

Also in other news YouTube has changed their policies and can use monetization against you if you don't follow their rules or some shit. Anyway's the low down is that Joe may become a dare I say a "victim" of these new measures as they target people who use bad language and are generally an asshole so you is probably going to be crying a river of tears pretty soon. I've got my popcorn ready, have you?