Monday, 30 June 2014

Witcher 3 - Angry Interview E3 2014

Wow, this interview was amazing, it covered near enough everything that I wanted to know about the game. Gotta give Joe credit where it is due.

What he did right:
  • Near enough everything, the interview answered most questions that needed to be answered
  • Was engaged with the developers and everybody had fun
  • Plus points for mentioning Obama likes the Witcher
  • Answered some fan questions
  • Mentioned that Joe named his dog after Geralt
  • Asked about Mounts

What he did wrong:
  • Didn't have fan questions pre-loaded (though we can overlook that from Joe since he handled it very well)
  • Slightly muffled audio (don't know why Joe said it had audio problems when I heard everything clearly)
Overall it was a great interview, covering all points that people wanted to know. I hope what's left of his interviews are like this, though don't have your hopes up. Anyway look at the comments below:

Nothing a couple of energy drinks can't fix
Yeah, Joe could at least buy a different Superman t-shirt
I'm surprised people didn't already know, oh and nice political joke
Agreed, very entertaining interview

Next up is Joe's Kingdom Under Fire 2 interview, he better ask them what took them so long!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Twitter Madness - 29/06/2014

Other than Joe post links to his interviews, not much has been going on for Joe on Twitter.

Another reason not to do a review
Ah, what the hell is this?
At least he'll be sticking them up this time unlike last years E3

Pillars of Eternity - Angry Interview E3 2014

For some reason this interview was done after hours at E3, anyway the interview is average at best with not much going for it since Joe was too busy asking the wrong questions. Though I'm pretty sure the PC Master race will love this one.

What he did right:
  • Asked about the story (Though the guy was being an ass about it)
  • Talked about companions
  • Asked about plans for other systems
  • No microphone holding
  • No awkward handshake this time
  • Asked about the map size

What he did wrong:
  • Asked about the games length (the guy chuckled when Joe asked the question)
  • Asked about the story (because people play these games for story and not game play)
  • Didn't ask about game play mechanics
  • Has no clue what he's talking about

Anyway it was an alright interview, the dude Joe interviews looks like Jonah Hill, comments as usual below:
Yeah, he likes to pretend he's all old school
Why would they
Probably since Joe never played much cRPG's
I thought that too

That's it for this post, next up is the weekly Twitter Madness.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Angry Interview E3 2014

Finally, a good interview. After the last couple downright stupid and boring interviews we get to see Joe engaged with the guy being interviewed which is always a good thing.

What he did right:
  • Asked a variety of good questions
  • Asked about Multi-player
  • Talked about how big this game is compared to the previous
  • Was clearly excited and happy
  • There was no mic visible so both speakers are heard clearly
  • Mentioned voice actors for the game, Troy Baker and North North...uck

What he did wrong:
  • Said Superman was smarter than Batman
  • Mentioned Superman Vs Batman movie
  • Awkward Handshake at the end
  • Tried to get story details
Even though he did mention some stupid stuff this interview was very good when compared to the recent boring interviews. Check out the comments below:
Well Said
Wouldn't be the first time for Joe, nah just joking.
This guy does have a point, this year has been Joe's worst
Yeah, Joe should concentrate on asking what new game play mechanics they've added

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Mortal Kombat X - Angry Interview E3 2014

I know it's not nice to keep harping on about how Joe is shit at interviews but damn, this interview is just boring and you learn nothing new. Does Joe ask stupid and generic questions on purpose?

What he did right:
  • Uhm, asked questions

What he did wrong:
  • Asked generic questions, seriously we learn nothing new about the game so what's the point of this interview? Just skip it! But wait I did learn a couple of things from the video, don't trust guys with big foreheads and small eyes, not all bad, eh.
Just boring, agreed
I think we all know what Joe sucks "up" to, if you know what I mean, hur hur.
Because Obama
Because Joe is stupid
That's it for today, what are you still doing here, go watch Russel Brant on Russia Today.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Dead Island 2 - Angry Interview E3 2014

Damn was this interview short, it was about 5 minutes and Joe was all over the place talking about Cat's and stuff. What was the point of this interview again!

What he did right:
  • Nothing, he was all over the place

What he did wrong:
  • Asked about two questions
  • Acted like he was high on drugs
  • Was clearly not prepared for the interview
  • It was rushed and very short
  • Talked about Cats

Terrible interview, rushed as hell, anyway onto the comments:

Agreed, he was a literal Mexican Jumping Bean
I don't think he cares
Probably due to the time constraint
There you have it, a rushed interview and a rushed post.

AJSA June Community Update!

It took Joe months to put out this video, even though all he's been doing is playing with himself the whole time. His reason for the delay is simple, he doesn't care! If he actually cared he would have put out the video when he said he would, instead he waited until the last moment before E3 to film it and he only got around to uploading it now even though E3 was weeks ago. Just goes to show you that even Joe doesn't give a shit about his "Angry Army" or his fanbase. You fail!
What was he thinking releasing this video in this form, it's full of what should be bloopers and him asking off screen what to say because he couldn't remember what games they were supporting. I don't know what to think of Joe anymore because this year has just plummeted his down into the dumps, just look at what people say in the comments section and how many watch his video's now. It's a shame because Joe was once a voice for the community and now he's just some chump wanting to be the next PewDiePie.

Well Joe doesn't have a girlfriend anymore so that's a possibility
Yeah, Joe's glory days are way past him
Joe's become the exact thing he despised
Wait, What!? When did this happen?
Exactly, Joe needs to get back on track
That's it for now, I've still gotta watch more of the interviews so you'll see those posts when I do them, later days.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Evolve - Angry Interview E3 2014

Just what is wrong with Joe these days? I mean seriously, he had time before interviews to get his questions straight but still fumbles during interviews. Do he even care how the Internets seeing him 

What he did right:
  • Asked about enemy types (Seriously, every question he asked was generic as f$ck!)

What he did wrong:
  • Didn't ask about Split-Screen Support
  • Kept cutting off the guy
  • Mentioned Colonial Marines for some reason
  • Made developer nervous
  • Asked stupid questions
  • Mentioned Cthulhu
Now let's look at some comments:

Yeah right, what skills?
I know, doing interviews is totally selling out
Everything about Joe is amateurish, just look at the way he acts during interviews and how he makes his videos
Agreed, Joe's looking like a dumbass shifting it about

That's it for now, next up is the community update video which Joe forgot to do / didn't care about.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Angry Interview E3 2014

Well it seems that Joe has finally done a video on the Call of Duty franchise, but sadly he screwed this interview big time by asking the wrong questions and getting owned in the end by the developers.

What he did right:
  • Tried to talk about multiplayer
  • Tried to get them to talk about the story

What he did wrong:
  • Asked how long the game was
  • Got owned by the developers
  • Went into Interview unprepared
  • Tried to talk about a game series he hasn't or has played very little of
  • Was clearly nervous taking to developers
  • Mentioned that he was "Call of Dutied out"
Joe did really bad in this interview and it just shows when the developers started making fun of him by saying that Kevin Spacey has played more Call of Duty than Joe. Anyway onto the comments, I tried to get good ones but I searched for a long time and could only get these, enjoy.

Has Call of Duty ever stated how long their campaigns have been before release?
Would you rather hear to answer we all already know?
Very bad interview from Joe, easily one of the worst he's ever done
This guy must have his beer googles on

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Battlefield Hardline - Angry Interview E3 2014

A solid interview from Joe this time, it's good that Joe is getting around to the FPS games for interviews at E3. The guy Joe was interviewing is called "Thaddeus Sasser", it's time to name and shame.

What he did right:
  • Mentioned Battlefield 4 being a disappointment
  • Tried to talk about the story
  • Talked about how the survivalist class was over powered
  • Mentioned the net code
  • Asked if there will be 64 player battles (they said yes, what are they thinking?)

What he did wrong:
  • Didn't say it looks like a re-skin
  • Joe wasn't assertive enough
Other than that he did great in this one, oh look comments:

Yeah it's good that Joe asked the hard questions that devs don't like answering
Thaddeus Sasser looks like a serial killer in the making
Yeah, he did great
That's EA for you
You'll probably see him in America's most wanted in a years time