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Top 10 BEST Games of 2014!

Top 10 BEST Games of 2014!

Number 10 - The Banner Saga (PC)

Seriously he chose this game, something he probably wouldn't have mentioned if it wasn't backed by kickstarter and had members of BioWare in it's development team.

Number 9 - Smite (PC)

He was payed to play this game back when he made video's on it, he had to include it because he apparently enjoyed it. Yeah probably because he was payed as a coporate shill, this portion is basically a sales pitch that he wrote for the company. It's just sad to see someone do this, but then again most things about Joe is sad.

Number 8 - Endless Legend (PC)

He act's like nobody know's what this game is, and seriously he builds up this game to be some epic video game. Even though it's got as much depth as a turkey sandwich, same goes for Joe. I can't believe he included crap like this on his list, he probably watched the opening cutscene and jizzed all over the place without actually playing the game. What a moron!

Number 7 - Heartstone (PC)

A fucking card game, you've got to be kidding me. I can't believe this list so far, it's like he's trying to piss people off with this list of his. But then again it's another free-to-play title and he promots it again like usual, salespitch Joe ahoy! Fucking sellout! BTW it's pay to win not free-to-play you jackass, get your facts right.

Number 6 - Alien Isolation (Multi)

Don't mention colonial marines Joe, one game should not be compared o another if you're "trying" to be professional. He basically reads the cliff notes off of IGN's review and is selling this game like a motherfucker! This guy...

Number 5 - South Park (Multi)

You've got to be fucking kidding me, only retards would include this game in their best games list but then again Joe is the kinda guy who dresses like a little girl. People want real games in the list, not bullcrap like this. Joe you dun fucked it up.

Number 4 - Farcry 4 (Multi)

Instantly he shows that stupid honey badger clip that he tried so much to make into a meme, this was another game which he was paid to promote. His excuse this time is that it is the same as Far Cry 3 but since it's good he gives it a free pass, integrity, I don't see any. He's selling the game again, I wouldn't be suprised if he put links in the video description to buy the games. Sign of a sellout, just saying.

Number 3 - Divinity: Original Sin (PC)

Come on, another PC game, this PC master race mother fucker is  a goddamn idiot. He's acting like this game is so much of a throwback even though he hasn't played any games which he thinks it's referencing, this is a poser and it shines through in this video.

Number 2 - Shadow of Mordor (Multi)

He's really taking the piss with this one, not only did he not review the game he tries to sell us the game. He act's like the nemesis system is revolutionary, even though it was all talk and when you see it implemented it's actually quite lame. He says the games main character isn't interesting but has interesting abilities, this could be said for how many games? Exactly, it's nothing new Joe so stop making a fool of yourself on the internet. The game is average at best, not fucking amazing.

Number 1 - Dragon Age (Multi)

While I really don't mind this being number one since it actually looks like a good game, but the fact is that Joe didn't mention a lot of the games bugs a launch probably because he went to a paid event that EA Games sent him to. So much for fighting the good fight Joe, his is corporate commander.

Verdict / Judgement :

Gay fanart because reasons...
Taking everything into consideration, this list is mostly bullshit. All of the games that were on his list were released on PC which is Joe's platform of choice. There is not one console exclusive game on this list even though quite a few of them were released this year, Sunset Overdrive, Infamous, Titanfall and Drive Club to name a few. And that's not including indies. Another important note is that some of these games on this list were games which he was paid to promote since he was trying to shoehorn in that whole indie drive thing he had going on, which really nobody cared about.

All in all, a stupid list. And the video should be changed to top 10 best games of 2014 that Joe played, heck he just says they are good games and doesn't say say there games of the year. There's a difference Joe, not that I'd expect you to notice you smuck.

Let's see what the viewers think of this list:

Exactly, he's just an idiot. Plain and simple.
I know, what a Pleb.
I know, it's a bloody good game, it should be included regardless of what the original game came out on.
Hey, wait, this guys got a good point.
Woah, that was unexpected. 


  1. The list sucks. Dragon Age as #1? LOL that game has more filler BS quest just so they can say "look how big our game is" than any other game out there. It seriously rivals MMO in BS filler quests. Heck Joe himself did not even play through all the games. Parts of the games yes but not completely you can even see his "lets be pewdiepie" or lets play videos for evidence.

    Destiny will be on his top 10 worst? LOL the game is mediocre but there def 10, heck 20 more games worse than that released this year. His top 10 worse games will be high published AAA titles including Titanfall, COD, and Destiny, because pretending to be controversial will get the hits and make people think he is not corporate commander.
    1. I bet you he won't even have the "time" to make more lists...
  2. Also to have a card game on there, yes that is all hearthstone is a digital card game, then you might as well include P.T.
  3. Hey Ciaran, check out what I said to Joe's fans on his Top 10 Games. I spoke about how Joe changed for the money and is now chasing that dollar. I can't stand Joe for the life of me.
    1. And of coarse Joe's fanboys rush to defend him
    2. LOL I know right!! They deployed quicker than the United States Marines!!
    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha........
  4. "Americans look like a bunch of fucking Niggers".. Couldn't have said it better myself. I want to see a Fat Uncle Yank die.

    I liked Banner Saga and Isolation to be honest. Favourite game was Stick of Truth.. fuck that LGBT BS game as number one.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, here, but don't you have to pay to be Joe's friend on Twitch and part of his ridiculous "army"?
    1. Yes you are wrong.

      You asked me to correct you if you were wrong and that is what I am doing.

      As a test I joined his army and became his friend on Twitch. It all cost me a grand total of $0.00.

      I don't know if you are lying or were lied to, but what you just said has no basis in reality.
    2. Yeah, but to subscribe to his video's on Twitch it costs you 4.99 a month.
    3. Thank you, Ciaran. I figured it cost money in order to subscribe to his videos. Joe will find anyway to cheat the system for a buck.
  6. Welp, I've finally done it. Joe has apparently began to systematically delete my comments. I'm not sure if it's Joe (who claims he takes criticism head on and doesn't block or delete comments) or You Tube defending Joe. Oh well, I won't back down.
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.
    2. Don't let Joe get the uperhand. We will defeat him together and he'll be about as popular as Fred was at a time.
    3. Oh he won't get the upper hand, I promise you that. I will not rest until Joe Vargas is exposed as the liar, fraud, overweight, piggish, demon that he is. He is nothing but a corporate shill. I will continue to fight the good fight against him. I know Joe is lurking on this blog, too. Joe Vargas, know can run....but your past, lies, all the people that you hurt and all the shit that you've will come back to bite you in the ass one day....
    4. Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap.
    5. Joe doesn't even know you exist dude.

      Get over yourself.
    6. Do you really think we care if Joe takes notice, he still knows people out there are making a ruckus and it's not about a single individual but a collective taking a stance.
  7. yeah this list was just trolling his old fans, all joke entries.
    And yeah my comments on youtube get deleted by joe's angryfaggot army as well, seems the truth hurts their fantasy about joe lol
  8. The Banner Saga and Endless Legend were probably just mentioned by his neckbeard pc elitist "friends", Im sure he never played em more than 10 minutes.

    Heartstone made me turn of the vid, that hardly can be called a game its that bad of a cash in.

    South Park deserves to be on the list though I dont know what you have against it but it was one of the best console rpgs in ages.

    Divinity: Original Sin makes it even more obvious he asked his neckbears "what game can I mention so the pc crowd will think Im hardcore?"
    It was a decent game in potential but it felt half finished, maybe good enough for the number 10 spot, putting it third is just retarded!

    Shadow of Mordor: he likes this game so much because its the only game he can feel powerful in, a blind monkey could complete this game and look cool and feel badass, literally... You cant die at all so the combat is horrible and indeed the nemisis system is a badly implemented gimmick that requires you to die which is impossible after 10 mins of learning the combat. this game shouldnt be on anyone's top 10 list besides a top 10 wasted potential list!

    Dragon age.... yeah do I even need to start? DA1 was good, DA2 raped it and this new installment even pisses all over DA2.... Its one of the worst RPGs ever but people drool over it because of hype and graphics. The characters, story, combat, rpgelements are all for braindead morons so they suck. nobody with a love for gaming would EVER put DA:I on a top 10 list....
    1. I agree about South Park. I don't usually enjoy video games but Joe's review sold it for me and I had an amazing time playing it.

      I hate SOM and DA: LGBT.. They're not great games at all.
  9. BONUS: Twenty points for whoever can decode this anagram!!

    Ease Rival Jogs
  10. Replies
    1. Joe Vargas Lies, but yeah, you get 20 points and a beer!
  11. Joe used to review plenty of console games way back when I was a High School student when Joe was cool. Right now, his mind is full of MOBAs and fantasy that Joe was always playing games on his PC using his Xbox 360 Controller and called it a "console game". I'm sick of reviewers who is a PC Elitist, I want him back to his old format where he reviews both console and PC games at the same time.
  12. If your a huge South Park Fan its legit.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

28/12/2014 - Twitter Madness

Well Joe's been having fun on Twitter, between the recent GamerGate thing and all that in between it seems Joe just let's everybody else defend him instead of actually answering the questions properly. Anyway this post will cover what else he said during that time outside of the gamergate event, though I won't be including all that crap he said about that stupid movie, the interview because it's not worth posting about.

I see MegaManda is still controlling you.

Joe as usual getting other people opinions instead of finding his own, what a tool.

Some Gamer you are, but then again you've always been a dumb jock.

Maybe if you did your video's in advance instead of uploading them in the middle of the night when you finish editing after you watch porn, you sicko.

Nobody cares Joe...

Where the hell did this come from, is he gonna hate on Scientology next?

Seriously, you lazy shit, using an excuse such as that is pathetic, you don't work so there shouldn't be a problem as to why you couldn't do it in advance.

1 comment:

  1. Stupid Vato. He doesn't even fucking work and yet can't put videos out? He should change his name to Gargamel.. the fucking nigger.

Angry Joe explodes on Twitter over #GamerGate

Probably since Joe got wind of the series of video's about him he has exploded over on Twitter about GamerGate. This went on for ages over on his twitter account and this post would be very lengthy if I posted it all so I'll post a summary of the events instead.

It all started when people starting questioning Joe's response to his response to GameGate, and this is what he had to say.

Talk about blowing a gasket, maybe he should calm down before throwing a fit.
That one was pretty funny, though Joe should have responded to the censorship on his forums rather than replying to the insult.
Wrong Joe, all you do care about is money. If not, then why do you need multiple revenue sources?
If so, when JOE? Don't give half baked answers if your unwilling to go through with them.
Does Joe even know what he just said?
No Joe, you know why he's doing it, stop trying to gain a "win" and get the last word in. This guy...
Yes now you do, but when you first started doing sponsored content you didn't even bother to put in a disclaimer until months late.Stop only telling half of the story, that's called lying.
Well then, I take it your not above those things either Joe, or do I need to bring up that whole "ass and titties" thing you did.

Because this is what Joe thinks GamerGate mostly is, harrament of women! This isn't the first time he's said this.
And he say's he's a drama whore, there's so much irony in this comment.
And that's what he think's of other people's opinions, good job Joe. Fuel the fire. 
It seems that Joe can't take it because he was proven wrong!

Most of the arguments he had were with @ItalyGG on twitter, he just couldn't stay away from this guy, he just kept adding fuel to the fire. But then again, assholes do think alike. If you want to see the full thing just jump on over to both of their twitter accounts, the links are below. We'll see what Joe will do next, damage control is my best guess.


Angry Joe Twitter Account:
Italy Gamer Gate Twitter Account:
Reddit Thread:


  1. Furious Fernando and his Fat Uncle Yank $7. Fucking Angry Jew.
  2. Told you what side Sell out Joe was on a long time ago.
  3. I hate NeckbeardGate just as much as I hate Angry Jew. If it weren't for those stupid basement virgin retards and their sad little war with the femnazis, Sarkisian and the others would never have gotten rich and famous. They should have been ignored like PETA and Scientology since they're essentially on the same level. But no, NeckbeardGate virgins for life had to vent their endless virgin rage with rape and death threats and make all games look like pathetic basement dwellers in the mainstream media. Thanks a lot, for pissing away all the acceptance gamers struggled to achieve during the 2000s you pricks. I'd say I wish you'd all get AIDS and die but we all know that will never happen, keep humping your pillow basement dwellers.
  4. His days are numbered if he keeps up this crap.