Saturday, 31 January 2015

AngryJoe's Pax South Vlog Update

The video is just him talking about the video games he saw at Pax South during the 23rd-25th January. Though it's kinda sad to see him only talking about a few topics even though there were different events every half hour, heck, even Geoff Keighley was there, Joe should have did another interview with him. Check out the full schedule for the down low:

Stuff he talked about:

  • Dreadnought
  • Grey Goo
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Homeworld Remastered
  • Gigantic
  • Shadow over Westminster
  • Epic Resort
  • Super Dungeon
  • Ninja All Stars

Well that was the list and he sure as hell tried to sell the games as that's what he does now, you can even see it in his eyes that he has become a shell of his former self. Just look at Joe when Delrith steals his thunder when they're talking, he has those sad puppy dog eyes. Anyway, I don't really know what to say about the video other than it's just stuff, they really don't say anything important and it's really harmless when you get down to it.

And after all that he starts talking about some wounded warrior dude, reminds me too much of Fox News so I won't even bother talking about this. Though he did have to look at the computer to remember his name, seems like it wasn't a high priority for Joe.

Anyway let's have a look at some comments left by the viewers.

It's because he's got his head too far up his ass to notice...

He has said this multiple times and hasn't delivered.

He doesn't care what the fans want, he only cares about the money.

Yeah, he only played the game a while back and never went back to it.

That's kinda funny, quick, someone replace Delrith's head with a watermelon 

He's only saying it to calm down his fanbase. 

Yeah, there must be reasons beside him being just lazy, though I highly doubt it's anything substantial. He's probably fed up with the whole thing and only keeps it going because he needs the show for money, it's obvious that the spark that was there years ago isn't here now. 


  1. you missed the top 10 controversies? It got flagged down lol
    1. I watched the video the other day, I'm working on the post now. Though it sucks to be Joe right now, the standing of his account isn't in good condition. Serves him right for being lazy.
    2. His controversy video was a pos, "oh trust me" lol whatever.
  2. Controversies vid is back up. I just flagged it for being misleading (lying about gamergate). Lets see if we can get it taken down again lol
    1. That's actually a good idea, for the lulz, amirite?
    2. Yeah definitely, and at this point he deserves it. It's clear he's not going to change until he gets his ego kicked around some more. Hopefully he'll get flagged enough so he gets banned.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

AngryJoe Plays GreyGoo! [Multiplayer]

Another paid promotion, it looks like sell out Joe is up to no good again. This is the new trend for Joe, shilling out to companies for money to cover their games.  He talks about how some Westwood employees help make the game, maybe the neckbeard delrith knows about them but Joe is being spoon fed this information. Because he only got into gaming when the original Xbox came out and seriously when the Xbox 360 came out. Basically, he's a poser.

He role play's his way throughout the entire video, even talking like a robot at some points. He's really obsessed with saying the blob like it's hilarious, it's like amateur hour at the local comedy club. The video is pure gameplay and not very interesting, there's even periods where there's no dialog at all. They just fight the ai, why can't they fight real players for once, that would be interesting to see. Even though the ai was at hard, it was a cakewalk. I don't even wanna bother write anymore about this so I'll let these angry comments do the talking.

New to the party?

A well thought out opinion, Joe should actually pay attention to these instead of shoving his head up his own ass.

He is corporate commander, it's so ironic!

I know, spamming epic units is no way to play. He's probably one of the retards that play C&C 4 online and spams healer units, fuck that guy.

Dude, screw you. These shitty day jobs are what keep people alive, this guy's probably never worked an honest day in his life.

He probably doesn't even care, that's why he's taking so long.

All in all: If you haven't seen game play, good for you. If you have or aren't interested, just don't bother watching it. We shouldn't be giving Joe the incentive to do more deals with companies, just leave an angry comment.


  1. Paid Promotion Joe. It really has come to this, Joe. Also thanks Ciaran for introducing me to Veemonro (angry joe came out of the closet videos), he's an awesome youtuber.
    1. Yeah, he did a really good job on those.
    2. hehe I follow some of veemonro's stuff as well now :)
      He is pretty smart in some things but quite dumb in others... He is also very very stubborn lol but at least he exposes SJWs and feminazis so I cant hate on him for it.
    3. Anyone who talks about femnazis and SWJs is doing it because they know that sad pathetic neckbeards like to whine and bitch about that sort of thing and they want more views. I wish you'd fucking stop with that shit so I would never have to hear Anita Sarkisian's fucking name again but no, you guys make her fucking famous and are still giving her more publicity. It's fucking sad that you're all this stupid really.
    4. Your right. Talking about sjw means instant views. It's ironic when they complain about how sjw are going on abc and getting popular when they the ones that got them the attention at first. Seriously all those sjw channels need to study and the sjw they hate so much will fade away.
    5. sigh Veemonro sold out as well :/
      Angryjoe calls him a conspiracy theorist and he defends him wtf...
  2. Thats pure nonsense, there name already is all over the media. There is no avoiding it, so then ignoring it would be very VERY stupid, its like germany let hitler just do what he want until it was too late, these feminazis are just as dangerous and you need to step up to them... Ughh never know so many cowards were on here.
    1. Really what has "stepping up" to them done? Who is on the national news? who is duping the millions of uneducated people? Not the anti SJW side, nope just the SJW, and if people didn't raise their voice so loud to bring those extremist who threaten them then they would have faded to nothingness I hate SJW but it has been proven that not do all these anti SJW channels do it for the hits and money but also the speaking out has done more harm than good because of the extremist. No one was taking these SJW seriouslly until they started getting a following of people who hated them. Much like with rebecca black back in the day, "we do not hate them because they are popular, they are popular BECAUSE we hate them."

Sunday, 25 January 2015

25/01/2015 - Twitter Madness

Joe is away at Pax so work on the controversies video's is probably stalled, if he's even started it. Anyway, here's some stuff from his Twitter.

Is he gonna make a rant about this too?

Holy shit, look at Joe's thumb. Did he break it something? 

A paid promotion, who would have guessed.

A real fan doesn't shout shit like this on Twitter, what an idiot.

Yeah right, they look like a bunch of morons.

You'd need a king size bed to fit Delrith's ass.

And fail you do, Joe.

He still doesn't understand YouTube and it's policies, he's trying to make money on their content. He wasn't give a strike at all, he just can't make money off his video's. That's all, this show's he's just in it for the money.

1 comment:

  1. Lol at the Derilith joke. Also I see Joe is STILL lying about the whole flagging thing. You would think he would just shut the fuck up about it now that most people have seen the truth. But I guess his little white knight Autistic Army will always have his back and keep giving him that sympathy money.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2014!

Well I don't have that much problems with this list as most of the stuff on here deserve to be here. But he borrowed stuff from other reviewers again, that's just plain lazy and it's apparently meant to be him list. Check out the list below:

10. Civilization: Beyond Earth

9. The Crew 
Used another guys video for most of his explanation.

8. NHL 15 
This one was downright lazy, because you could tell that he didn't play the game since he hands the whole thing off to another dude.

7. The Sims 4
Granted most of the stuff he said was true but it was stuff anyone could say by just looking at the game, or heck even reading a review and saying the bad points. Which is exactly what he did, some people liked the new one, some people didn't.

6. Assassin's Creed: Unity 
This one did get a lot of flak when it was released, but most of the problems have been fixed, something which Joe didn't even bother bringing up. So what does he think about the game since it's been fixed? Oh wait,  he probably didn't even notice since he jumps ship ever time a new game get's released. That and he never even bothered to review it.

5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
He was so wrong about this one, he just acted like it was the same old call of duty with new tricks and weapons. But how does that make it different from Battlefield or other video game series, he let's his blind rage against Call of Duty cloud his judgement and you get a biased opinion from someone who didn't even bother to play the other titles in the series. So how does he know it's the same as the other one's if he didn't play them? Oh wait, he's just a poser.

4. Titanfall

3. Watch Dogs

2. The Elder Scrolls Online
Joe got this game so wrong, not only did he get gameplay facts wrong. He didn't even bother playing the game to it's fullest, so how can he properly judge it. And all the problems he had with the game have been fixed since launch, he didn't even bother to revisit the game and give his new opinion. It may have been disappointing at launch but is it still disappointing?

1. Destiny
This game just wasn't his cup of tea, that's mainly the reason he didn't like it. Not to mention that everyone had the wrong opinion of the game, sure it's not what you expected but that doesn't mean it's bad. I found it an enjoyable experience and so did others, some people like it and some people don't. But multiple opinions on a game are better than one, so check out other people's reviews as well as Joe's.

He mentions games such as Sunset Overdrive even though it has been favorably reviewed, he probably didn't like it because he's not used to the games or he just sucks at it, the same could be said about Infamous Second Son as he played that game terribly. Just watch his live stream and you'll understand. There was so many games he could have mentioned and he choose mostly triple a titles, he didn't even mention Far Cry 4, probably because he was payed to do previews of the game and he didn't even bother to review it. All in all, it was an okay list though he should really prioritize his lists instead of just looking at what others think.

Let's have a look at some comments:

Probably because he can't make money off them.
An improvement for Call of Duty but not bad ass.
It's probably all that fast food he keeps yapping about, that's what's making him fat.
Essentially why Joe is wrong about Elder Scrolls online.


  1. these lists have been so random and pointless up to this point, and he avoids hurting his masters and just rags on some crappy games nobody cares about sigh.
  2. A yes a here is my list of top 10 which contains footage from mostly other people.
  3. Biggest disappointment of 2014: Angry Jew selling out even more than before, refusing to do reviews on popular games, lying saying he's going to do a review then not doing it, telling his old fans who made him what he is to fuck off on Twitter... the list goes on and on.
  4. Wow...this is both better and worse than your other lists.

    I see you didn't mention anything about Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Civilization. Ok, won't hold that against you. Maybe you couldn't find anything to hate about his opinion, maybe you just forgot to talk about it.

    Your opinion for The Crew and NHL is actually valid. Angry Joe relying on someone else's video to explain it. Yea, that's lazy. No argument there. That's valid criticism.

    But now we come to the problems with your list.
    The Sims 4: just because he has the same complaints as everyone else does not mean he shouldn't be allowed to include the game on the list.
    Assassin's Creed Unity: it was a disappointing (and that is an understatement) release plagued with bugs and frame rate issues. Sure they fixed them later on, but after playing it at release the way Joe did and seeing that they took the best parts of Black Flag out, would you really have stayed with the game long enough for the patches?
    Call of Duty: It isn't different from Battlefield 4. He hated that too. It's just that Call of Duty was hyped up so much more and given what we got...yea...disappointment.
    Elder Scrolls Online: No, no he didn't get his facts wrong. And again, even though the problems were patched, the problems that existed at launch coupled with the hype and promises, you probably wouldn't have stayed with the game either. I'm starting to think you are confusing the "top 10 disappointing games" list with the "top 10 worst" list.
    Defiance: And you have proven my point that you have no idea what his video was even about. It's a list of games that were disappointments, not necessarily bad. You completely missed the point of his video.

    In conclusion, you made one step forward, ten steps backward. You completely missed the mark with this one, possibly worse than you previously did because at least then you made it clear that you understood the point of his video. Here you admitted that you had no idea what he was talking about but decided to disagree with him anyway.

    I'm sorry dude but you are just horrible at this. I think you just hate him because you just want attention or something.
    1. you are getting pathetic mate, go back to the angryfaggotarmy and dont bother posting here, we're all laughing at how sad you are.
    2. Looks like you can't even read, granted some of those games were buggy and bad at launch but does that mean they are truly bad. Don't let your blind fanboyism blind your judgement. He didn't even mention the games were fixed, that's dedication right there, ignoring the facts to push your own agenda.
    3. Oh harry harry harry, how you disappoint me. I'm pathetic? Because I pointed out the flaws of this blog? Truly, the fact that I am right me make me wrong because you said so!

      Ciaran, you obviously can't read yourself. Angry Joe ever made this particular list to be full of games that were bad, just disappointments. That is why it was "Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2014". He already made a "Top 10 Worst Games of 2014" list, and he told us that these were separate lists.

      I'm not a fanboy. I just know how to read, but does he really need to mention that the games were fixed? Shouldn't the fact that they had far too many issues at release that had to be ironed out in the months to come instead of, oh I don't know, NOT having the issues in the first place make them disappointments in the first place?
    4. Those are your words not his, stop putting words in Joe's mouth.
  5. So Angry Joe hurt you pretty bad because YOU MADE A BLOG JUSTS TO BASH ANGRY JOE! SERIOSLY!?, why not BLACKB0ND or Gilgar13vids, those are the scum of youtube.
    1. Joe is a poser and a fraud, if you've actually read anything on this blog you would know that.
    2. Actually Ciaran, the reasons on this blog are spotty at best and logically fallacious/downright wrong at worst.

      This blog no more proves that Joe is a poser or a fraud than your post proves that you tell the truth.
    3. Now I know you're a rabid fanboy right off the teet, sure some of the shit I say on here is stupid but for you to say that Joe isn't a poser is the over statement of the year.
    4. You're one to talk Ciaran. You assume that everyone who disagrees with you in the slightest is a rabid fanboy of Joe just because they disagree with you.

      You're nothing more than a poser who hates Joe because you think it will win you some internet creds. Newsflash: it won't.
    5. Okay, I'll take the fanboy comment away but my other opinion still stands. And if you had an inkling on intelligence you'd know Joe was a dude bro before he became a pc elitist, and I'm not doing this for "internet creds", I'm doing it to expose Joe for who he truly is. Plain and simple.
    6. Very Mature to admit your wrong their Ciaran, that makes you still better than Joe. Although I have to admit that if mr Demon64 did see your posts I don't understand why he hasn't seen that Joe in the end is a poser. Not trying to be a douche but I know from some of the earlier posts the evidence you supply shows Joes true nature and from what I've seen in some videos. But if he or others supply good evidence then listen first and question if needed. Also I wouldn't take this fight with Joe too seriously if you have. While if he keeps his new attitude up I want him gone too, but my younger brother told me to just "let the leaves fall". The demise of his career is inevitable, but at the same time doesn't hurt to talk about it. Can't wait till your next post.
  6. Just looking at this site I just have to say:
    You must have a real HARD-ON for Angry Joe, I mean you are in some kind of anti-love or something.

    I mean this site exists, and it follows his activity so closely, I had to look up Angry Joe's channel just to compare.

    You are like some kind of supervillian-sans-super of the "Monarch" variety from The Venture Brothers.

    Your profile pic is so perfect.

    The utter geek drama this all invokes.

    This is great :D I'm all smiles over this.
    1. So if TMZ or a reporter follows and posts news about somebody they have a HARD-ON for them. And dude, don't get your own thoughts confused with mine, because you don't know them.
    2. I don't know your thoughts? Lol, who writes your comments then, your dog?
      Or do you just spout thoughtlessly?

      Anyways, great blog :)
    3. Yes my dog does write my comments, and his name is Rin Tin Tin.