Saturday, 19 December 2015

Anki Overdrive [AngryJoe's Tabletime!]

Another fucking sponsored (he's call's it a promo) boardgame video, if this ain't proof that he's a sellout I don't know what is. I mean if you aren't convinced at this point you might as well just listen to Eiffel 65's "Move your body" until you go numb and are forced to accept the truth.
Move your body, move your body. Everybody, come on now everybody. 

If you have no idea who these guys are then I have no words to describe the anger I hold towards you, I'm being a fucking serious internet tough guy here. Anyway the video is both long and boring, and it's a sponsored content video so it's a bloody product placement video and you shouldn't even both watching any of it. Because it's Joe trying to sell you a product because he's a sellout, make sure your voice is heard in the comments section and ignore those spineless fucktards that defend Joe at every turn. Probably a bunch of basement virgins who worship the ground Joe walks on because muh video games and muh internet culture.


AngryJoe Plays Just Cause 3!

Uhm, this is a let's play and not a review. Seems like Joe has got his priorities straight, and by that I mean he probably got payed to do a sponsored let's play because the game is recently out. I mean his fanbase want reviews and quality content, not this crap pulled from his Twitch account to act as padding in between reviews.

And I seriously doubt he'll even review the game because this is Angry Joe we're talking about, he says he'll do one thing while he fucks off to do something else. The guy is a fraud and a walking joke at this point, and the only people who fail to realize this are the sheep that keep eating up everything he puts out because they can only parrot the opinion of another and not form their own.

But anyway let's get onto the actual video, is it worth watching or not? Heck no! It's boring, not very entertaining, pewdiepie level and Joe just plain sucks at the game like most games. This type of content shouldn't be tolerated and I hope you all are letting it rip on Twitter and on the comments section. Addios amigos.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Trailer Angry Reaction

He's going to do a reaction video to this but not anything else, fucking faggot. I ought to beat him to death with my copy of Independence Day. Argh! Anyway, onto the autism filled mother fucking "ANGRY REACTION" video.  And man is Joe quite the manchild, I mean there's being excited and then there's being an autistic child on the internet who splooges all over himself because something TMNT related is being created, but at the end of the day who fucking cares about TMNT? 

Get a load of Joe's reaction when he see's Megan Fox, it's like he's afraid of women or something. And does he really need to all sorts of weird and stupid facial reactions? Can't we have a proper reaction video with production values and analysis? FUCK YOU for wanting that, this is pleb Joe and you only get what you deserve because FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY! Whatever, this guy's a walking joke. 


Yeah, because your a dumbass. 
He's probably afraid of women. 

Because he's retarded. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

AngryJoe Plays XCOM 2!

Wow more let's play footage, because that's what we want to see. But then again this is Joe being sponsored content Joe because he's got bills to pay (chick-a-filla) and the Mexican drug cartel or some other shit. Anyway it's only interesting if you are interested in the game at all, I'm not being it's a stupid rehash and a crippled remake at best. Just go play the fucking original you fucking retards, newfags like it more so because it's so goddamn streamlined from the original among other things. Fucking millennials.

Anyway during his let's play Joe blames the game even when he only had a 51 percent chance of hitting, sounds like Joe is salty as usual.


That's Angry Joe for you.


He's only doing that because that's what's popular to do. 

Sounds about right. 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

AngryJoe Meets Sonic The Hedgehog! & Special Twitter Madness

A really innocent video, but if this is what Joe thinks his fanbase wants then he is wrong. They are interested in content that is worth their time and that's something Joe rarely puts out, his time and efforts right now should be on reviews and not being an ass on Twitter or
being a moneyfag on Twitch. And this was recorded months ago, just pointing that out. Heck instead of watching this video just watch an Aqua music video. At least it's better than what Joe puts out, and if you don't know who they are then please leave.

And since I haven't covered some stuff from Twitter I had a look and screencapped some stuff that I saw.

Can't stump the Trump!

Man he is such a poser, he's a dragon ball fan and is only watching the original now. 

Get a load of this one. 
Here's some comments:
Failed promises as usual. 

You're talking about Joe, right?

Exactly, we are fed up.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Far Cry Primal Angry Interview (Lets Play Ed.!)

So this is why he went out of Texas again, to suck corporate dick and score some brownie points with the big man. Yep, it's Angry Jew at it again. And what's he showboating this time, oh wait it's another shitty game nobody cares about but Joe will act like him and others actually care about it when in fact nobody does. Though I actually watched the whole thing since I wanted to know how Ubisoft were going to handle this caveman style game, naturally they fucked things up as usual. Anyway I guess it's worth a watch if you want to hear a little about the game but be warned that this is during a let's play so prepare to be annoyed by Joe's constant ramblings like an epileptic retard getting raped by the easter bunny.

And the guy he has "interviewing" had Guyot in his name, where's my Guyver reference damn it? Joe also had camera problems and lost stuff, way to be prepared Joe. I mean there's being Mexican and then there's being Angry Joe, I'll let you sort out which one is worse. As always, see ya later.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

BvS Trailer #2 ANGRY RANT Reaction!

Jesus Christ fucking Hitler, get a load of that thumbnail. It's proof that Joe is just a general movie YouTuber with terrible thumbnails with big heads and bright letters. And what kind of reaction even is that? A fake reaction is what it is. Anyway onto the actual video:

As usual it's Joe geeking out and all that other shit, he does have some valid points about Doomsday and the plot, he also shits over Gal Gadot as expected. Basically most of the video is Joe stating that he knows better than the company making the movie, and while this is probably his ego speaking for the most part, he's also challenging his inner fanboyism because hez a nerd guyz and that's keewl.

He's a salty fish, he's a salty fish. 

This shit get's tired easily, I mean you could have a well edited and produced video citing the valid points while maintaining a level of professionalism. But Joe only cares about what will get him internet views and that's an angry styled rant that is a dying fad, I mean who the hell wants to be the Angry Video Game Nerd anymore? It's also funny how everyone's picking at everything Joe said in the comments section,

Exactly, would you rather have one or not?

He does have a point. 


Friday, 4 December 2015

Batman v Superman #3 Teaser Reaction

Another one of these stupid videos, I'm not even going to bother watching this one. And I'm guessing he'll probably do a full video for the full trailer, oh joy. Listen if you don't like this content make sure you let your opinion be heard, you shouldn't tolerate crap content like this.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Angry Review

Not even 20 seconds in, and it's already a shitty review. Angry "Autism Overload" Joe proves yet again that he's a manchild, it's shit like dressing up like a clown that makes people not take him seriously. Serious talk though - I fucking hate his whole act. I fucking hate how much he exaggerates and overuses his facial muscles for exactly EVERYTHING.

It's nothing but pure sensationalism. I do know the standard for games journalism is very low, but come on - can't we find better outlets for our news and reviews? I'm really sick and tired of it, especially because it is all an act made for nothing else but to attract viewers thinking the videos SHOULD/MUST also be "SO FUNNEH XD" Seriously, even Kotaku looks good next to these types of reviews.

I demand dry and stone-faced reviewers that gives you nothing but facts and well-based opinions and no, Totalbiscuit doesn't count, he's a cuck anyway. It's stupid that Joe's dumb audience thinks if you talk for a long time about subjects you could easily sum up in 60 seconds instead of one hour it somehow makes you intelligent. Quality over quantity, that's all I'm asking for. 

But does Joe have good points in his review, yes of course he does because even a chimp could see the flaws the game has. And it doesn't help Angry Joe's argument when he acts like a baffoon on the internet, but then again it's not like he cares about that sort of stuff because the money will come his way anyway because his fanbase are drones. 

Watch this review from Angry Centaur if you want a proper review.