Thursday, 25 February 2016

Street Fighter V - Angry Rant (& Impressions)

Can you see my face, that means I angry. Le angry epic meme reddit face lmao xd. Uck, that's the average retard response to this video. Apparently Joe loves the game, he says it's better because it's easier to play for casuals for him. Joe says something stupid everyday and this is but one of them, I mean how dumb can one guy be? Oh wait he's Mexican so that's explains everything. Anyway even though he does make some good points the video is half an hour long even though all his points could have easily been done in under ten minutes, but this is lazy low effort vlog Joe so don't expect him to go the extra mile for his fans/slaves.

And this video isn't even an Angry Rant because it's just a dying facade to get people to watch his video, it's not like he can be upfront and calm when telling people facts. Whatever, don't even bother watching it because it's nothing you really need to know unless you haven't got a brain.

Friday, 19 February 2016

(2016) Angry Joe's Defense of Anita REFUTED!

If you've got an hour to spare (I don't) then I suggest you check out this insightful video, thanks to killerskiely100 for letting me know.

Deadpool Angry Movie Review & Spoilers Discussion!

Just like an underaged redditor, Angry Joe liked Deadpool probably because lmao meme's xd or some other crap. Right at the start of the video he's signing it's high praises, telling people to give money to the movie and go see it. And you are probably saying how dare you say that, the movie is awesome and sheeeit! But you know what, I didn't see it and I don't plan on seeing it. Say whatever you will but I'm here to hate Angry Joe JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT!

Joe says this is the greatest superhero movie because it has ass, titties and HARDCORE FUCKING! Wew lad, if the sole reason you like the movie is because it has sex and violence then you are a retard. You don't see people liking Showgirls because it has sex and violence in it, pure kino by Paul Verhoven btw go and watch it. Joe even mentions the "little kids" watching this video, this shows that even he is aware that his fanbase is a bunch of underaged retards. And what the hell is the point of even having other joe and PAEDO Delrith when they barely utter a word through the whole video? Heck, Joe talks all over them as usual because he NEEDS to be the center of attention because IT'S HIS SHOW!

Damn his head is FAT!
Even though he said near the start of the video that the movie was awesome he starts saying lots of bad stuff about the movie, so what is it Joe, is it awesome like you said or is it bad? Whatever, when you've got a guy who can't make up his mind you shouldn't take him seriously. Anyway that's Memepool signing off.

AngryJoe Plays The Witness (Drunken!)

Joe acts like it's awesome that he played a game while drunk, he knows people wants reviews and he said that Xcom 2 and Deadpool reviews are coming. Then he tells people to shut up and enjoy the free content, yeah because that's how the world works. And why the hell is he playing some stupid indie game no one cares about you say? Oh wait probably because he's either paid to or is just a plain idiot trying to spam video's with games which are easy for him to play. I mean this game he's playing takes little to no skill, so that's a good thing for him.

And is he trying to create a new type of let's play with his drunken crap? I think not, he's too stupid to come up with a good idea that's not being lazy. Even with all things considered it's still a boring video to watch, I mean who the hell finds a Mexican retard on you tube interested to watch when all he does is act like an idiot and ask chat to tell him what to do. Also did Joe get "drunk" from just one beer, I mean dudes got some serious problems if it only takes one beer before he gets drunk. Anyway it's a shit and boring video for a shit game, and you can tell it's bad when the comments section is full of people complaining...for good reasons. That's all for this time, Dr Jones signing off.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Batman v Superman Final Trailer Angry Reaction!

Still waiting for the Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2015? That's all I've got to say. I'll dump music video's instead because if Joe can be lazy so can I.

All that crap aside, if you are wondering what I thought of the video then you won't get it. The main reason being that I didn't even watch the video, I just can't be bothered to. K...keep me posted.

Monday, 8 February 2016

08/02/2015 - Twitter Madness

Because reasons...

Nice one Joe, stay classy with those "outta the womb" jokes.

I know Fox News say stupid stuff all the time, but is Joe really that insecure about his manhood?

People can say whatever character they want Joe, regardless if it's a console mascot or not.

Always an asshole with this guy, doesn't he have any manners?

Joe's other replies were deleted by him, probably didn't want people knowing he's such a dick to people.

So that's what he's spending all that Twitch money one, good to know that it was spend right. (Sarcasm)

Begging for review copies again, is anything scared for this guy?

Oh great, we've got one pretentious asshole promoting another pretentious asshole.


  1. I cant for the life of me understand why people would actually tweet with joe, it means they still take him seriously... what morons
    1. It's more along the lines of "Sempai noticed me". They just want Joe to notice them for they can have what self importance they need.
  2. Was hoping you were going to put up that hour long twitter fight Joe had? On a side note do you think Joe is in a secret relationship with Delrith and Sgt "I wish I was a real soldier" Ross?
    1. I'll put up the entire twitter fight, I didn't think about it because every time someone argues with Joe on Twitter it's really an afterthought. Though I'd wouldn't put it past Joe about SGT Ross, they could be more than casual dude bros.
    2. I only heard about the hour long fight. I would read his twitter, but it makes me want to punch him in the face that much more. He doesn't respect even his fans, which are his bread and butter, and I think he doesn't even have any self respect either.
    3. Joe should be saving all his twitch money for liposuction and/or diabetes medication, he's going to be needing it soon.
  3. He gonna be one broke ass bitch when his channel falls.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2015!


10) Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Syndicate makes no fucking sense on this list. Unity was slammed by reviewers so how would a sequel that got great reviews be disappointing. Holy shit you put Siege as a disappointing game then had the nerve to put it after Halo 5 lol. On top of that major fuck up you thought Mad Max was a disappointing game. Mad Max the game that literally no one thought was going to be even halfway decent, you put as one of the more disappointing games of the year. Then finally after all of that you don't mention Fallout 4 which was a step back in the franchise and one of the most hyped games of the entire year. Seriously man some of your lists are just so bad it's painful, and I think you don't understand what "disappointing" means either. I have no idea how you haven't gotten more dislikes with such a bad list.

So, the defining characteristics for a disappointing game are microtransactions, poorly ported to the PC, issues at release, but where was Mortal Combat X? Oh yes, one of the best of the year according to Joe. What happened to you, Joe? I miss the passionate no pulled punches reviews.

9) Need for Speed

Apparently the new Need For Speed is fun to play with friends and if you enjoy driving nasty cars that you get to customize yourself WITHOUT some restriction from the developer, then you'll love it. Loads of fun, but otherwise an alright game if all things are considered.

8) Beyond Earth Rising Tide

How can a fucking expansion be a disappoint for the Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2015?

7) Heroes of Might & Magic VII

I don't see how Heroes VII are on this list, apart from their bugginess. To me it is the first time since Heroes III that I can see an improvement in my enjoyment of the game... 2 was good, 3 was great, 4 was meh, 5 was meh with terrible controls in 3d, 6 was just out there somewhere... and 7 is the first improvement over 3 that plays similarly yet has some new stuff... I don't get the hate at all.

Side note for Heroes 7 - if you want to play a truly awesome game from the Heroes genre, play HOMM 3 Complete, that game has beautiful graphics (for its age), great gameplay, challenging campaigns and an extensive map editor. HOMM 4 is also a good choice, though the third game to me still is the best one of them all.

6) Batman Arkham Knight

How can you put in Batman Arkham Knight as a disappointment when it was critical acclaimed? If it's because of the PC version then you should've added Mortal Kombat X as well since the PC version is shit. Batman Arkham Knight was great game on console.

5) Halo 5

The problems with Halo 5 are valid, but they are not nearly as bad as he made it sound. Requisitions and micro transactions are quite bad, especially with a randomized req system, however the req system does not affect Arena in any negative way, leaving a pure balanced multiplayer with solid controls, although unfortunately there is a lack of game modes as of now. Since I am a HUGE Halo lore fan, I found the story enjoyable, not amazing or worth the hype, but it was alright. The lack of a proper boss fight with Locke was a bad flashback to the Didact "battle" from Halo 4, and by the end of the game I was beyond sick of the same boss battle 6 times over. All in all Halo 5 did not deserve the hype it had pre release, but it also doesn't deserve so much hate either, but to each their own.

You know Joe complained a lot about the Warden being reused(not defending Halo 5, don't even have an xbone), but he didn't complain about MGSV spoiling all of the enemies before you started a mission, and didn't complain that the "skulls" were used about 8 times, oh and how about Chapter 2 just being a repeat of chapter 1?

4) Rainbow Six Siege

The whole Rainbow Six tangent is just bizarre. Seemed really out of place and I think it's silly to call a game you like a disappointment over the nomenclature then swoon over a hypothetical singleplayer component that by all accounts was garbage. I've been playing Rainbow Six since the original and Siege is definitely a step in the right direction away from the Vegas games, which were clearly influenced by the rise of casual console first and third person shooters that came with the PS3/360 launches. It's not an HD remake of Raven Shield but it's an extremely tactical game that rewards positioning and map knowledge as much or even more so than sheer reflexes and aim.

My only real complaint about the game is the netcode and matchmaking. I'm surprised AJ didn't bring that up. 30% of the times that you enter the matchmaking system, you'll be booted out because of a 'Matchmaking Error'. The other 70% of the time it'll work fine, but maybe 40% of that remaining 70% of the time you'll be put on a team of all-Bronze ranked against a team comprised of Diamonds and Golds, all in the same clan.

Case in point:

Assassins creed is disappointing because no innovation, Rainbow six is disappointing because too much innovation. Joe is fucking stupid.

3) Mad Max

Mad Max was surely a solid game. I think it could have had a little more to it but overall I really enjoyed the game, especially with the finishing moves, customization ect.

2) Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis had MANY other problems. For one the roster was way too samy with 4 Batman and 3 or 4 Jokers, plus a huge amount of Supes and WWs, when it came to iconic different characters, Yes the setting was Multiverse and the new characters that got added later are from different IPs, but if you launch a game, with half of your characters being copies thematically which is a huuuuuuge disadvantage if you look at the other Mobas on the market. There were other things, being rather small nut I think marketing was just horrid.

1) Star Wars Battlefront

Now I'm not defending EA BUT credit where it's due they are giving out free updates and adding new skins and balance tweaks and the stuff in the expansions is said to be Cloud City with Lando as a hero, a Death Star expansion that will incorporate the famous trench run scene in A New Hope, etc. But that doesn't make up for the shit they shoved out at launch. I don't buy a game, see it's shit then wait several months and hope it improves, I expect a game I can play by itself with no DLC and stand on it's own two legs. I shouldn't have to rely on DLC to get a good experience out of a game. Star Wars Battlefront EA is such a disappointing game and that's what hurts the most about it because the potential was there but it was never realized plus NO CLONE WARS ERA when every other game in the series including Renagade and Elite Squadron on PSP had a Clone Wars era to play in.

Now if you actually read that mega sized rant then I'll leave you with another brick of text:

The the title of the video says that it's about games that disappointed Joe, but actually it's more like about games he simply didn't like. Like for example, Assassin's Creed. How the game could be disappointing if you do not expect anything interesting from the franchise in the first place? Or Mad Max, which is better than a usual movie-licensed game, so how it is a disappointment. And to Joe any game with micro transactions that isn't free to play is irredeemable. That's really what it comes down to. Also Joe complained about a new ass creed game even though they already did make an assassin's creed in medieval china it's called Assassin's Creed Chronicle's : China and it is a disappointing game if not it's the worst assassin's creed game out there. Idiot can't even be bothered to do research.

Games which should have been on the list but were probably removed because Joe is a fucking hack and shill.

  • Fallout 4
  • Witcher 3
  • The Phantom Pain
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3

These games should have been on the list for obvious reasons, nuff said. Also look forward to the Top 10 Controversies of 2015 in 2017! And notice how half of the list doesn't have an angry review this channel is a joke now

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

360° Video: AngryJoeShow [PAX South 2016]

Really? He's uploading another boring video no one's interested in. I think I'll take a pass on it, got better things to do than watch a Mexican make an ass of himself.

Also this is probably another paid promotion since he is showing off this product, he had to go and ask the booth if he could promote this shit. What a sellout.

AngryJoeShow Panel - PAX South 2016

A freaking panel video, who the hell wants to willingly watch an hour of boring shit? Put your hand down you Angry Army faggots. Anyway it's a long and boring video that only 12 year old autistic retards would watch, don't even bother with this crap.

The only good thing that came out of this is this:

Ain't that the truth.
If you are wondering yes, I didn't even watch the video because I can't be bothered with this crap. Later...