Monday, 28 March 2016

AngryJoe Plays Polaris Sector (4X)

A bloody let's play, looks like he's shilling some random game again. I love how he talks about Master of Orion not having the tactical depth he requires, but then again Joe is the kind of guy who only needs explosions in his space games. And Joe has the tactical skill of a mc nugget, the guy is clearly out of his league anytime he plays anything. Anyway it's a boring let's play video ripped right from his Twitch, yeah that shows you that it took very little effort on his part. See ya later you bunch of cucks...

Friday, 25 March 2016

AJ's W40K: Inquisitor Martyr Developer Preview!

Oh hey look it's some shitty dungeon crawler with the warhammer name slapped on it, yawn. Joe will shill anything at this rate, I mean he jumps onto anything that's recent and popular just to shill it for money and e-fame. This is the kind of game that is aimed at people who don't even enjoy Warhammer, it's casual as fuck. Joe should also keep his filthy mouth shut and let the man finish talking before interrupting him.

I also don't appreciate that it seems more like a re-skin of "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing", than an actual new game. But I guess they gave them the WH40k license exactly because the relative success of the Van Helsing series of hack'n'slash games, so they don't want them to deviate from the set formula. I actually enjoyed the Van Helsing games to a certain degree. I just think they need a lot of improvements. And it will be a waste of potential if this WH40k version will not come with major changes and improvements of the engine and the general feel and it actually end as a simple re-skin. And that's basically the down low, but you won't hear Angry Joe say that because Mr fuck you give me money is baised as fuck. Nuff said.

Batman v Superman Angry Movie Review & Spoilers Discussion

Basically this is the video: LOL I'LL SCREAM AND ACT ANGRY FOR DA VIEWS XDDD
Got it? Now go away and fuck off somewhere else. Also if the reviewer makes a dumb exaggerated face in the preview pic then you know the video isn't worth watching. If you still haven't got it. 

I mean... am I just weird for not finding it funny? I don't understand, it's beyond amateur.

Actually he was mixed about the movie, 7/10 as a fan,(fucking pussy) but 6/10 from a critical perspective. but he made a fair point that Killing Superman within 2 movies was a really dumb move. My main gripe is the way he just talks over his two buddies, like constantly. While Joe's voice is perctly heard I can't say the same for the others, I mean give your friends a mic so they don't have to strain to hear their voices to be heard. WELL DONE PISSED PEDRO!

I like how 7 Perso Pablo always waits for a general reception even though he gets invited to pre-screenings to make sure not to offend his audience.

What a beaner. 

Biggest fanboy that loved MoS says there's shit he fucking hated. JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP. Wait, seriously? He's the biggest pleb ever. Thought he would love the movie. I guess it's a love/hate thing for Irate Innaritu. He always waits to see what the general consensus of the mainstream public will be about the movie before making the review. He knows it fucking sucks, he just doesn't want to seem contrarian to his fans. So he is just biding his time. Angry Joe isn't "angry" unless it suits him and his fans. Though if you had an army of nerds willing to cuck themselves to you, you would try to appease them too.. for the shekels
Joe's avatar has him looking fit as fuck but he's a greasy beaner in his videos, just hit the gym you fat burrito and lose those chinese phonebook chins.

Anyway this is what I guess he would say before he made the video:

  • he will make a video where he talks to the camera
  • his eyes will be watery
  • his face will be puffy
  • he will have a hoarse voice
  • he will cough after each laugh
  • he will look miserable
  • he will complain about batman killing people
  • you dun fucked it up, dc heheheh ooh *cough cough*

How did I do? Also there's two fucking video's and you've got to be the biggest moron in the planet to watch both of them, though I'm guessing most of you did because you are retarded or had nothing better to do.

AJ's Loot Crate Unboxing - DEAD 2016!

A sponsored content video, looks like Joe wants everyone to know that he's a fucking sellout. Thanks for doing my job for me Joe, you are a special kind of stupid. He would also rather do sponsored content like this than the top 10 controversies video, seems like he has his priorities straight. Nobody subscribed to Angry Joe for this crap, Angry Joe is a sellout and everyone should know it.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Division Angry Review

Right off the bat we jump into retard central on the Angry Joe Show, it's cosplay man to the rescue for shits and giggles. Anyway let's get down to the actual video, Joe does do the game justice. Lot's of stuff were promised and they weren't even in the game, I remember reading about the game ages ago and finding out what was meant to be in it. This shit stinks and it shouldn't be tolerated because they are going to sell it all as DLC to make a cheap buck from retarded consumers. Also Joe should stop making the video's too long as it's a fucking drag when he dumps live stream footage and random gameplay clips, that's plain lazy. The video should be short and informative and not long, cringe worthy, boring, childish, and all that other crap. Ignore all this, it's an alright video.

I should also mention that Joe got into a huge twitter fight with a couple of guys over the misinformation he stated in his division review, it was far too long to cover here and half the posts were deleted because everyone's a bunch of pussies. What a bunch of dumb asses.

Civil War Trailer #2 - Angry Reaction

Another movie video. Yawn. Where's my reaction video for the new X-men trailer? Oh wait Joe only does video's when it suits him. I'm also kind of annoyed he got the characters fighting on the wrong teams in the video. The end of the video shows who is fighting with who... and Scarlet is on Cap's team while Vision is on Stark's team. (yes we know Vision was a Cap man in the comic) And Widow is Stark's team too, though he mention's that she is on Cap's. What a retard. Other Joe barely got to say anything as usual because fuck you it's my show.

It's funny how in the Batman vs. Superman trailer, Joe says something about crappy CGI. Yet he fails to mention the crappy CGI around the 1:57 mark. Did anyone else see the how Robert Downey's head seems to be off-centered from the suit? It looks likes he has a crook in his neck which looks a bit too unatural. He talks about them "cramming" more characters here but it works because for most of them you had 10 years of movies to get to know them, while for BvS the only character that has been flashed out is Superman, we know nothing about the others. Joe just loves to scream his head off when trailers show too much but makes excuses when marvel does it. dude you are such a hypocrit and need to stfu. you are a superman fan only when it suits you or your reviews. do us all a favor and Stay on marvels dick.

Friday, 18 March 2016

AJ's Battlefleet Gothic Armada Developer Preview!

Right off the bat, let me guess that it's a paid promotion. I know for one thing that it probably is but Joe won't tell you that because muh gaymer reputation and all. Did you know he actually took a flight from the granddaddy US of A to Yurop just to get this developer preview video done? Exactly, didn't think most people even knew Joe has left his house. Joe's also included a link to buy the game in the video's description and includes other links that appear during the video. Smells like a paid promotion, probably is a paid promotion. Not to mention that the video is freaking over 40 mins long, heck the average attention spam of an "Angry" Joe fan is next to that of a gnat. Why a gnat? Because it's got to be fucking something.

Anyway it's a long and boring video which only interests retards who can't be arsed to check out the game themselves without having to watch an autistic mexican's retarded video. That's the down low and that's a rap. Now fuck off you bunch of furries and watch Zootopia.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction

Quickly, make a stupid meme reaction so people will click bait into the video thinking something funny will happen. Seriously catering to retarded 12 year olds will be the end of Joe when they finally wake up. I try not to judge too much by the trailers. I've had it happen quite a bit where I was kind of lukewarm about the trailer but watched the movie anyway and enjoyed it. I've also had really awesome trailers end up leading me into watching films that I wished I could bleach out of my brain after. This is probably one of them.

Acording to the comment section: Feminism has destroyed ghostbusters! Honestly I couldn't give a shit though everyone is getting their nickers in a bunch. My response: Get the fuck out of here. This movie is gonna suck because it has a bad script. It has nothing to do with having women protagonists who aren't funny in any way and only in it because political correctness and their agenda. Stop trying to fit everything into your worldview shitlord, regardless if it fits or not. Anyway Joe is both wrong and right in the video, though he clearly thinks just because it's women that means it isn't Ghostbusters but does have a clear enough understanding of the situation. Except he shouldn't be biased in giving his opinion and should be level headed.

I think I'll just leave this here. 

Here's why Joe can't use the entire trailer and make money on it. Showing the ENTIRE trailer in your video disqualifies you from "fair use" and leaves you open to copyright claims/strikes. This seems to be from a twitch stream and maybe it works fine there, but youtube is different and you'll get your ass smacked by copyright if they actually knew what they were doing.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Angry Joe threatens legal action and his response/rant

If you haven't heard already then I'll tell you, apparently Joe has threatened legal action against me and this blog for things that I haven't even done. Looks like all those peso's have finally gone to his head.

Here's the threats he sent me over email:

And now I've legally got you requesting this information and participating in an unlawful hack Ciaran.
Thanks for encouraging this shit.
I've never done anything to you and you attack me like this? and encourage it?

If you post anything related to this hack Ciaran.
I WILL take LEGAL action against you. I know your address and I also know the identity of the hacker.
I will not STAND for this - this is an unlawful act, even in your country.
The authorities will be involved.

So be prepared for Legal Action as soon as you post any of my private sensitive information.
I will also get in contact with your web server host and google itself if this continues.
Wow, now let's all see who Angry Joe truly is.

And here's what he sent me afterwards, I've included my reply below his rant.

Wow. You are really two-faced aren't you?
Del showed me what you wrote on your hate blog.
I guess I'm just far too trusting of people...

Well, I don't have two faces so I don't know how I'm two faced. Oh and does Delrith "the paedo furry who likes bill murry" tell you everything? Seems likely. 

Thanks for not posting my personal information... Even though you put my earnings on blast.
Well post THIS asshole - you have my permission, let's see if you care about the truth and the real story, or if you hide inconvenient emails from the people you mislead about me every day.

Why thank you, I'll take that as a compliment. And what exactly have I been hiding from people? I've been as open as a whore from Morocco with one leg. Misleading my ass, I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. You don't earn seven dollars as we all thought, you've let all those peso's go to your head bro.

I work fucking hard. My show never stops. I put in 60-80 hour weeks, without vacation, without sick leave without a break. I quit my job and barely made ends meet till I could build up my show from NOTHING. 0 Subs. With NO ONE else building me up. I dealt with people like you, your constant hate speech about my ethnic background regardless of where I was born (Austin, TX), your daily attempts to destroy and defame me with any lie you can come up with, turn me into someone I'm not because you have some kinda insecurity or need for meaningless negative attention daily on the internet. An addiction and a sad lifestyle.

Playing video games isn't hard, you give yourself too much credit. And you say you work 60-80 hours a week without breaks or vacation? Yeah we all know that to be true, oh and how was Paris and Europe. Oh wait I forgot you don't take breaks. Silly me. Don't try and lie your way out of this one, Joe. You do realize TGWTG are partly to thank for your "e-fame" for lack of a better term, though I think generic angry mexican is a better term. You've got quite the victim complex. Boo hoo, you do realize people work themselves to the bone and have all kind of crosses to bear these days and yet you have the gall to complain. Say the same things to others and see what there response is. 

And IM the money grubbing asshole because I EARN my Income? You throw around those numbers like you know what they mean.
Consider that Maker takes a cut and that I ALSO have 2 employee's; OtherJoe & Delrith my best friends whom I try to support and you try to damage! EVERY DAY.

Wew lad, don't get ahead of yourself. You chose to bring them aboard so you don't get to complain. And nice headcannon Joe, I don't try and damage you EVERY DAY. You think too highly of yourself. 

I've been doing youtube what 7 years now? so you do the lifetime math, we honestly probably make the least of any youtuber at our subscriber level.
I read of youtube lets players who take EVERY DEAL, (who NEVER DISCLOSE, and STILL DONT disclose) and make insane amounts of money, far more than me, at lower subscriber levels too. Millions a YEAR, not lifetime. Then you got the big guys like pewdiepie makes something like $14 million A YEAR? Yet I'm the god damn grubby asshole that makes too much money for videos that are full productions? I'm the target for 4chan or hate blogs because I have opinions on games that gets unstable people's panties in a bunch. Enough just over a game OPINION that they devote the next 2 years of their life to posting about me every day on a hate blog full of lies? That's you. THOSE GUYS make more than a million dollars a month. And you know what? Good. Good for them. I hope that pisses you off every time you realize it. Every time you say what they or I do is "EASY" then answer me this? Why aren't you making that kinda money if it's so fucking easy?! Instead of making shit off your trash shit stain blog you work so often on.
I hope that really pisses you off how much I make and how much he makes.

You don't get my panties in a bunch because I don't wear any, though some of my jimmies do get rustled. You are trying to make it seem that I'm jealous of you when I think you are jealous of the others on Youtube who make big dollar. No wonder you try and be like PewDiePie, he's your senpai. 

So, tell me Ciaran, how does it feel to know that you are literally attacking a person who tries to support his friends with jobs and a huge percent of everything he makes, a person who makes far less than any of his peers because he has principles, and yet you make me out to be some kinda super villain because you take my "7 dollars" quote where I was pointing out big corporations are taking money out of our pockets and turning their backs on us as a community, all while I get taxed at some ridiculous percent while they get taxed NOTHING. Note, I never said all I ever made was 7 dollars or that I only have 7 dollars to my name you dumb shits! I was illustrating a fucking visual point.
Remember, you chose to support them, that's a choice so stop trying to garner sympathy. You are called 7 dollar Sanchez for a reason, you don't need me to explain why. 

So now you will post about me every day, but not because I'm evil, or deserve getting hacked. But because YOU want to. You love me. You want to know everything I say. You wait for my every move. So wait for my next move. Study what I do and write novels about how I open my chickfila nugget boxes (wow your obsessive). If that's what you need to be happy. But be very careful with libel, defamation and slander Ciaran. I don't think you understand the law in Belfast.
And I do things on principle, I think you believe that, and if you cross the line again then expect to your blog to be treated as such.
You might want to spend the next few days/weeks combing your website. Each and every post, each and every sentence, check it all to see if you are within the law.
Someone already took you down, for what you never did tell us. But im sure it would be just as easy to do again if you violate terms of service with blogger, your host or google (search engine).

Kek, a foreigner telling me how the law works in Belfast. Wow, I knew you were stupid but this takes the cake. I think it's you who clearly doesn't understand how things work, amigo. And stop implying the blogger takedown had anything to do with you, nice dubs, check them. Which I alreayd did explain, my blogger account received multiple dmca takedown requests because I translate anime, mango and light novels for FREE and the nips in Japan didn't really like that. That's why.

To the rest of you haters who lick Ciaran's balls every day. Keep Licking. You don't deserve independent thought. Make yourselves miserable, you guys deserve it.
So post this Ciaran. You want a follow up story to my online hack and how much money the show makes actually makes?
HERE it is! An Exclusive! Just for you - a supposed former "concerned fan" who thinks Joe has sold out (all while I decline thousands of dollars a month on shit promo deals that I cant in good conscious take - where was your post on those?) Exactly what you wanted, right?
Well no longer. In fact I think I'll start taking far more deals (ones that make sense and are for good products) and making far more money for you to write about (Stop letting people like you dictate how much I make or if I should be afraid to support something I believe in, like a good game or a good product). Yeah, that sounds good. Make it to where my friends can better secure their futures and we can do even bigger things for our show for you to complain and cry about. So how about it Ciaran? Deal?

Ewww, you gay brah? Nobody licks my balls like Delrith licks yours, stop pushing your fetishes onto me. And I don't think you sold out, the entire internet KNOWS you sold out because you've done paid promotions out of the asshole and the eternal Jew's own your ass and you know it. And no Joe, stop acting as if you are building a better future because you aren't. You clearly think too highly of yourself and are acting like DSP time and time again. Maybe you want to be him, I don't know. And speaking of crying, are your tears salty Joe? I think they are. So why don't you go make a fool of yourself somewhere else, you've already taken too much of my time already. 

Dr Jones signing off. 
Well, what do you think of them apples?

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Angry Joe gets hacked

Joe has got his Youtube account hacked by the Moon man himself, or Keemstar if you can't tell that yourself. Anyway this has resulted in many keks across the internet. I for one want to give a massive thanks to the guy who did this to Joe because he deserves every bit of it.

Joe's Twitch also got deleted.
Here's his response on Twitter.
And in a startling reveal the hacker dumped private information on 4chan in numerous threads. I won't be posting Joe's home address for obvious reasons but I will post his earnings. Feast your eyes on the seven dollars he gets below:

I think that pretty much sums up how much of a fraud and liar Angry Joe really is, 7 dollars sanchez doesn't have 7 dollars. He has a lot. Anyway I'll keep you updated as the story progresses.


I contacted Angry Joe and he has threatened me with legal action, poor thing probably thinks I'm behind it. Well, boo fucking hoo. Here's the exchange below:

From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2016 12:51 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Show Hacked

Wait you've got his email too? Sent me all the juicy stuff.

Subject: RE: Angry Joe Show Hacked
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 12:56:26 -0500
And now I've legally got you requesting this information and participating in an unlawful hack Ciaran.
Thanks for encouraging this shit.
I've never done anything to you and you attack me like this? and encourage it?
From: Ciaran Hillock [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2016 12:59 PM
To: Angry Joe
Subject: RE: Angry Joe Show Hacked

Anything but that. And dude do you honestly think I'm behind any of this, just got wind of it from 4chan. 
 Angry Joe ( This sender is in your contact list.
13 March 2016 18:01:15
'Ciaran Hillock' (
If you post anything related to this hack Ciaran.
I WILL take LEGAL action against you. I know your address and I also know the identity of the hacker.
I will not STAND for this - this is an unlawful act, even in your country.
The authorities will be involved.

 Angry Joe ( 
13 March 2016 18:05:09
'Ciaran Hillock' (
Then send me the link to the 4chan thread dude, help me!

 Ciaran Hillock (
13 March 2016 18:06:25
Angry Joe (

How would that help you exactly? 

 Angry Joe ( This sender is in your contact list.
13 March 2016 18:06:53
'Ciaran Hillock' (
I'm watching your website.
So be prepared for Legal Action as soon as you post any of my private sensitive information.
I will also get in contact with your web server host and google itself if this continues.
 Ciaran Hillock (
13 March 2016 18:08:29
Angry Joe (

What the hell are you talking about? Now you are just making stuff up, I don't have any of your private sensitive information. 

Apparently Joe believes that typing in caps makes himself smarter, what a moron. Let's all laugh at him for his pathetic attempt of a threat. And I know you are reading this Joe, you can't help but read what people say about you because of that ego you've got. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Gods of Egypt Angry Movie Review (Vlog)

Another movie review, this guy has done more movie reviews than actual video game reviews. And where the hell is that other top ten video that Joe said he would do. I guess he has his priorities straight with all that sponsorship on his Twitch account. You can just see by the look on his face that he's not interested in giving his fan base what they want. Because...

It seems Joe has a problem with the casting of the movie because there's white people playing Egyptians or some other kind of liberal bullshit. I find it very interesting that people like Angry Joe are fine with Heimdal being a black man. Somehow it's only wrong only when it's whites. The only thing worse than actually making a video about this movie is actually going to see the movie itself, you go in expecting it to be crap and you get upset because it was crap even though you knew what you were getting from the get go. This is just a stupid click bait tactic to see lel epic reddit funny man xd get angry because that's funny, right?

Whatever, Dr Jones out.

AngryJoe Plays Gods of Egypt (iOS)!

Really, I mean really? This must be some sort of pathetic attempt to garner sympathy from the community, boo hoo poor Angry Joe can only do paid promotions "aka sellout" when he likes the game. This is proof enough that Joe does it for the money, in the past he's done paid promotions for shit games but now apparently he can't do this one because even his brain dead fan base would know he's up to no good.

And get a load of his face at the start, the faggot looks like he's about to burst into tears because someone stole his Twinkie. To make matters worse the video is half an hour long, I mean you've got to be really "special" to actually watch more than five minutes of this shit. Don't tolerate crap content and click bait crap like this.

Monday, 7 March 2016

06/03/2016 - Twitter Madness

Twitter Madness is back baby! This week we've got lots of stupid shit from Joe's twitter, I mean the dude is obviously a Superman fanboy so much that he takes the battle to Twitter. He also spammed Twitter with his terrible political opinion as if his voice matters, he really has it out for Trump mostly since he will be deported if Trump has his way. Butthurt Benico ahoy!

Boo hoo, looks like Joe can't handle the heat.

Jesus H Christ in that Jesus and Budda Anime, no one cares about this Joe. Also nice to know you are still a massive fanboy.

No Joe, stop pretending you actually played those back in the day. Shame on you, poser.

Yeah right, I bet it's just him sucking up to developers. 

FURRY ALERT! I bet Delrith's going to see it again.

Hahaha, Joe just got BTFO. Notice how he never replied.

Dear lord, these more of this idiocy. 

Implying you can get away with making money off their content without their permission Joe.

Joe: Boo hoo I want to make money off your content.
Yeah, Joe thinks he can use other people stuff for his own purposes. This guy doesn't know how the world works.

That's it for this week, folks. Dr Jones singing off.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Layers of Fear Angry Review

Wow, two reviews in one week. Though the intro segment may be funny, the rest of the review sadly isn't. It's a long an dreary mess of a review where he lengthens the video by showing random clips from Twitch, LAZY! Why does the dialog in this review sound nothing like Joe would say? I think that he's plagiarizing IGN and Gamespot's written reviews again, obviously using big words trying to sound more professional. And the review is lazily 17 minutes long, heck you could edit the first couple of minutes and that would tell you if you want to buy this game or not. But whatever, this is Angry Joe so that means quantity of quality.

And why the hell is he making comparisons to Silent Hills PT? I mean is that the only first person horror game he's played? Oh wait we all know the answer to that question, casual Joe ahoy! I bet he hasn't even played Penumbra. He gives the game a 6/10 and that's far too low in my opinion, the game obviously tried to give the player something different but I guess people don't like that. I for one actually really liked the paintings and all that Jazz, it reminded me of a certain horror film that I can't remember the name of. Anyway it's a good game and you should check it out, it's also not full price 60 dollars so that's an extra incentive to play it. Anyway this is Dr Jones signing off, see ya.

XCOM 2 Angry Review

Apparently XCOM is Joe's favorite franchise of ALL TIME! Yeah right and my favorite franchise of all time is Dynasty Warriors. Anyway it's a showboating time on the Angry Joe Show as usual, he more or less gives most of the games problems (too many to count) a pass and gives the game a 8/10 because why the fuck not? It's not like Joe's scores actually mean anything anymore. I also love how joe flips his shit when a game doesn't come too PC...But when a games sequel comes ONLY too PC that was previously a multi-platform he conveniently doesn't say anything.

The review is biased as shit and the game is easily above average or just plain average, there's tons of features missing from the game among tons of other things but do you see Joe even hinting at that? NO! That's because he appeals to the lowest common denominator, which is the retarded 12 year old market who can't form an opinion of their own. Though thankfully the comments section is ripping Joe a new asshole for this review, seems like people are doing my work for me. Catch you next time on the Angry Jew Sellout show!