Saturday, 31 October 2015

Angry Joe Tries to pick up chicks on Twitter

Angry "The Manlet" Joe is at it again, no not stealing candy from children and mugging old ladies at the 7/11. But trying to pick up chicks on Twitter of all places, I guess Tinder wasn't working out for him. Remember how Joe called Megan Fox the "biggest dumb slut of the year"? Yeah, I guess he's taken himself a fancy to murdering white women in the USA, oh wait that was that other Mexican Fox News wouldn't shut up about.

Angry Joe's got street cred. 
I guess this is a new low than pretending to be a Feminist for Joe, since he's always trying to pretend that he's something he's not. And one just wonders how Joe came upon this image, did he go searching for it like the predator he probably is? And what did he mean by he would "give her some candy"? Was that supposed to be some type of sexual remark? Angry Joe at his finest people, champion of Tinder and Video Gamers everywhere. I can't wait for trump to clean his ass out of the country.

You can't stump the Trump. Though I prefer David "Pig Fucker" Cameron over Trump, just a little fyi.

And I thought Joe was gay with his paedo friend Delrith and Other Joe? Or is he bisesxual? Shit just sends chills down my spine.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

AngryJoe Plays Warhammer: End Times Vermintide!

Another video of Joe playing a game because it's new, sigh. And it's a "promotional video" which means he took it up the ass from Sega, the video is also over 50 minutes long and you've got to be the biggest sheep in the world if you watch even 5 minutes of it. Mark my words. Angry Joe is also a racist, because he said "I hate whites" in the video. Yeah it's okay when Joe does it because he dindu nuffin and can do no wrong. This video is a good example of Joe not giving a shit about his fans, he promises and promises but in the end talks out of his ass so he can make more Jew gold to feed his chicken addiction.

Total War: Warhammer Pre-Order & DLC Angry Rant!

Look at my face, I'm so angry.
Another video made from his livestream footage, is he even trying anymore? This video just reeks unprofessionalism, derp derp need video for YouTube so people stop complaining so I'll upload an easy money rant video derpty derp. What a complete retard, all this crap was expecting from the get go and Joe crying like a child isn't going to change anything, maybe if he tried to do something to change this then people would say look at that guy but no, this is Phantom Joe who pretends to care, I mean look at him here he totally isn't sincere.
See? Even Other Joe doesn't give a shit.
If you don't preorder you don't get chaos, most people who are going to buy it are going to pre-order it in the first place! Why is he acting surprised when this has been going on for fucking forever, remember all that crap Sega did with the last couple Total War games? This is why we need (Can't Stump the) Trump or (Can't Arson) Ben Carson in American, we need them to stamp all the stupid people out of society and transcend us to a higher plane of existence. Wait, wut? How did that get there?

Monday, 26 October 2015

Rainbow Six Siege: Angry Interview

Another interview for a game nobody gives a crap about, sigh. Even though the interview is your usual "Angry" interview I have to mention that Joe was invited by Ubisoft to come and do this interview. I myself find these interviews boring and not interesting at all since if you were interested in the game you'd already know all of the information contained within, this video is only for the sheep to watch. If you've got a brain don't bother watching the video like me, just go and do your own thing while Joe wallows in his own shit community.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Star Wars Trailer #3 Reaction - AngryJoe & OtherJoe

Seriously, another fucking reaction video? I'm not even going to bother watching this because you know what to expect from this lazy mexican, he should be working on a review instead of acting like a retard on the internet. But whatever all you sheep are still going to watch every second of this video anyway, I'm off ot listen to someone who knows what they're talking about. Later...

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Backlash Against Angry Joe Over His Battlefront Remarks

If you haven't noticed yet, Angry Joe has received massive criticism over the remarks he made in his recent Battlefront video. He's basically under a multi-pronged assault on numerous platforms:

  • His own forum
  • Social media (namely twitter)
  • YouTube comments section

Scroll through the comments on anyone of these places and you'll see the remarks people are making about Angry Joe. I'm not going to cover everywhere, you'll see a few examples below:

Angry Joe getting owned by a DICE employee
This is how is a DICE employee found out about Angry Joe's video, and how did he respond? Joe basically threw tons of shit his way and acted like he was all that and a chicken wing, it's funny because the DICE guy basically owned Joe in the image above, pointing out to everyone what he really is.

Criticism on the Angry Army Forum

Numerous people have pointed out that Joe isn't doing any reviews, these topics have since been closed by "fatass" Tons0fun himself. Lots of people in the battlefront thread have pointed out that Joe is making stuff up about the AJSA wanting to play the game. This is what one guy said:

Other people are bothered by the fact Joe acts like he speaks for them, he's effectively putting words into their mouths when they have a voice of their own. But the funniest thing is that people on Joe's very own forum are calling him a sellout, even they recognize what he truly is and that he's part of the problem in the gaming industry.

The YouTube comments section in general

Youtube is full of people tearing Joe a new asshole, the truth just hurts. I wonder how long it takes Joe to remove the comments section.

Monday, 19 October 2015

EA Battlefront Season Pass Angry Rant!

Man, I know Joe is stupid, but this is just beyond belief. Well not actually since this is Angry Joe we are talking about, he's got the intelligence of a gnat. Anyway long story short, amidst all the huffing and puffing Joe says that you shouldn't buy this game or the dlc. However, right after that "rant" he says that he'll be buying the game and the dlc anyway, lolwut? Is this nigga serious? Angry Joe is what's wrong with the videogame industry, it's full of a bunch of fucking nitwits that will buy something even though they don't agree with it. Grow a fucking backbone you spineless coward, don't throw your support behind a company that's practically evil itself. I mean this beaner can't be that stupid.

Aw, shut the fuck up. 
If Joe really believes what he says then he should stand by his claims, but whatever this guy is just in it for the money and all that shit. Did you also see how he said that the Angry Army want to play the game, a fact that's even debunked on the Angry Army forum itself. Now that just shows you how delusional Joe himself is,


That's because he's an idiot.

My point exactly. 

He won't do that, he needs people to watch his review to make him money.

Yeah, he's too ignorant to do that.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Star Wars Battlefront BETA - Angry Impressions

Well, it took Joe ages to put out a video that some people actually care about, not me because I already knew the game would be shit. But does that mean the game is worthless, of course not, you might get some enjoyment but the amount of content in the game and the gameplay does not justify paying full price. But does Joe even say this, not he just get's salty because people point out his flaws and tell him how to play the game properly. Mainly because he isn't very good at the game, and his constant shouting like a retard just makes his "impressions" video hard to watch because it's annoying and obnoxious.

It's also hilarious because Joe calls himself a "critic" in the video, that's funny because apparently he thinks a critic is somehow who acts like a complete manchild on Youtube. People need to be open-minded about their criticism, otherwise you just come off as an immature asshole on the internet. That applies to me to, but I don't give a shit.


Take a guess?

The same applies to the Angry Army.

A valid point.

Just obnoxious. 


Double points!

Monday, 12 October 2015

AngryJoe Plays Prison Architect!

Another video of Angry Joe shilling to another indie game, this is proof enough that he is a sellout. Anyone denying this fact is either a fanboy or mentally retarded, and if you get offended by that then I don't give a shit, get offended. And what game is he shilling this time? A prison, yeah somewhere his mexican ass should be, amirite? Seriously he should be working on a review or showcasing a game people actually care about, but no he wants to tell people about a game nobody cares about, mainly because he was paid to do so. And all these little bitches in the comments section is just pathetic and ridiculous, but if you fanboys want to watch a channel with shitty let's plays and bullshit then be my guest. But all you rational people out there just post angry comments and let your voice be heard.


Get a load of this guy.


A rational opinion.

I would actually like to here his opinion on the game.

Whoo hoo!

Friday, 9 October 2015

"ANGRY JOE IS A SELLOUT" Reviewing Angry Joe's Paid Witcher 3 Review [RE-UPLOAD]

Looks like Art-Official reuploaded his ANGRY JOE IS A SELLOUT" Witcher 3 video, it was originally taken down by hoards of butthurt angry fanboys who couldn't stand that someone dared to speak out against their mexican master.  Give it a watch and hopefully you'll learn something.

And be sure to check out his channel if you like his content:

The Martian Angry Movie Review

Joe said he started work on another review, what could it be? Mad Max has been out too long and I doubt he's gonna review that, so is it some shitty indie game or Tony Hawks? He also mentions Bill Nye the science guy, he says it all weird and comes off like a YouTube retard, how the hell takes that guy seriously anyway. He then starts shouting MATT DAMON, he even shows a clip to show how autistic he is, only idiots would even bring that bring in a legitimate review, does he even want to be taken seriously?
Joe geeks out over the fact that there are WOMEN in this movie, he champions this fact like he's fucking anita sarkeesian. But the most laughable thing about this "review" is that Joe thinks the Martian is better than Interstellar, he can't be fucking serious. This movie is nowhere near Interstellar, this in itself is why you shouldn't take Joe seriously because he gives you a stupid opinion which anyone can see is wrong. He also gave the movie 9/10, hahahahahaha......Joe says he was alive during the moon landings, yeah and I'm the King of France. Toodles.


Joe only cares about making money, pure and simple.

Right on my righteous brother. 


He's trying to appeal to the female viewers and tumblr. 

Don't forget he's a paedo.

Monday, 5 October 2015

AngryJoe Plays Ghost Control Inc.!

Another video of Joe shilling to a shitty indie game developers, don't even bother watching this one. Take a look at the comments section but heaven almighty don't watch or tolerate this kind of shit content from Joe. Peace out.



Thursday, 1 October 2015

Angry Joe Tries it: Rainbow Six Siege

AngryJoe Plays Rainbow Six Siege Beta!

Another let's play, yeah because that's what we want to see. And he's putting up a video on the new beta of Rainbow Six Siege when he played the one earlier this year too, now he's just being picky because he'll get more views because the game is closer to release. With that aside, this video is terrible. It's full of Joe screaming his head off like a retard, and man o man, I've got to mention the comments section. They have become aware of how shit Joe really is, almost every comment is people complaining. THIS IS GLORIOUS!

To make matters even worse, Angry Joe is the worst player ever, he's running around like a headless chicken getting fucked by that hillbilly from the Preacher comic. And he doesn't even know how to bash down a door, hasn't he even checked the controls? What a fool. It's pure let's play ripped from his Twitch channel which takes zero effort, this is how lazy Joe really is. And where the hell is the Mad Max review? Is he even doing it?

This video is just beyond annoying, he's obviously trying to be like PewDiePie with all the childish behaviour in this video. Joe also fell off the roof in this game, this gave him a flashback of when he fell of his roof in real life. What a retard. Maybe he should lay off the Doritos and Mountain Dew, maybe then he'd have a braincell to make a video that takes effort instead of screaming like he's getting buttfucked by a gorilla.




Isn't that a porn game for weebs?

How can you expect Joe to know that, his first console was an xbox. Heck even the first Red Faction had a freaking riot shield, now those were the days.

It's because he's a PewDiePie rip off.

This is hilarious.
I'll also edit the video and put up a video full of his inane screaming.