Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Angry Joe disables comments in Mechanic Review

According to on Reddit (Tips fedora) "Yep. The highest voted comment was something like "Joe, inviting more sketchy people doesn't make your videos better". Most of them mentioned diabetes, or that they're arranged from fattest to thinnest. And of course, you had the folks asking why it's become a movie review channel." So because people made fun of the fat slobs Joe got butt hurt and disabled comments over a couple of fat jokes, the dudes got thin skin considering he makes fun of people on Twitter but can't handle it when people make fun of him and his fellow slobs and neck beards.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Purrluna goes back to Sweden (Cuckland)

Looks like Purrluna has arrived back in Sweden! SWEDEN YES! Hopefully she'll get a visit from Captain Sweden (pic related) who'll teach her all about how to be a true Swede.

Follow this and you will be on the true path to enlightenment. Go on my fellow brethren, become what you are truly meant to be. With all that crap aside let's get down to business. Before leaving the United States Purrluna and the gang went out to some cheap american diner which specializes in pancakes. Ah yes fat and grease, one way to get through to a man's heart.
For some strange reason Joe didn't want to "duck face" (when Donald duck shoves his cock down your throat) with the others, either he was embarrassed or didn't want everyone to see him stuffing his fat face on camera. Whatever the reason was one thing is certain: she's clearly enjoying her time with Angrybeard and Delrith more than Angry Joe. After that she tried to leave the states for a few days but her flight kept getting delayed leading to all sorts of problems, but did Joe give a shit about any of this? Fuck no, while she was busy trying to get a flight Joe was stuffing his face streaming and doing the No Man's Sky review.
After all that bothersome business she finally got home after four days, heading back home to Chad or Muhammad sugar daddy depending on your cuck fantasy. Mine involves Delrith and snowmew, heading to Sweden with his dominatrix furry hit squad on a mission to defend Sweden from trannys from Russian with love.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

No Man's Sky Angry Review

Looks like Angry "feed me Seymour" Joe is at it again, this time it took him over a week to pump out a review because well let's face it he's fucking lazy. that and streaming on Twitch for the dollar dollar is more important to him.

He's right you know
But let's get to the actual review: he's basically waited a week to test the waters and see what the general opinion of the game is, but he gave it a 5/10 so fanboys wouldn't be that pissed off. But the worst thing is that Joe plagiarized (can't remember the link) some dudes entire Reddit post, even referencing it in the video. Heck the dude brought this up on Twitter and so did a few others on the net. But does anyone care? Fuck no because this is mah beaner Joe we are talking about, purest of the pure! This fat fuck can't do anything by himself, it's shameful.
This guy get's it
And in the end Angry Joe doubles back and gives the game a 5/10. According to his score that makes it an average game, well that just goes to show you his scoring system is fucked up because this game sure as hell isn't a 5/10 or average. Word to the wise: You can shine a piece of shit and made it golden but that doesn't change the fact that it's a piece of shit.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Angry Joe's copyright problems

Like a broken record Angry Joe has yet again began to bitch and moan when he can't make money off someone else's content on YouTube. First his Rogue One trailer reaction got flagged, since he couldn't monetize it he removed the video and edited it so he could make money. But he had further problems and had to get those copyright claims on his video's removed by sending his army of trolls on Twitter at the Sony Twitter handle. Yeah because he can't even do anything himself so he gets his littler army of pathetic fanboys to do it for him. Slurp slurp.

Get a load of his tone on this tweet, sounds like an order. 

Except half of the time they are bot's and not actual people you dimwit, Joe probably thinks the whole world is out to get him.

And here he is celebrating because he got it removed and now he can make all of the jew gold he wants off the video. But you are probably wondering about a post about the actual meme reaction video's? Where is it Dirk? Well I can't be arsed watching them as I've got better things to do with watch an idiot on the internet act like a fucking monkey with a banana up his asshole.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Angry Joe's Suicide Squad Review

Angry "my opinion is better than yours" Joe gets down to business and shills yet again, saying "fuck the critics, they don't understand".

It's not just RT DC fags. Almost everyone is saying SS isn't that good.

Keep reaching Joe. 
These guys are fucking plebs that try their best to appeal to fanboys. If you have even a basic understanding of film making and screenwriting on a purely fundamental level you'd see how Suicide Squad is a fucking disaster. The only acceptable YouTube critics to watch is RedditLetterMedia, YOURMOVIEFUCKS and FUCKING ARMOND.  

And Angry Joe is talking over everyone as usual not letting them get their opinion across, though it does seem everyone afraid to be negative. "Fuck all those critics" Joe wants the spotlight for himself yet once again. Who is the fudge packer on the far right? Joe's bouncer? Joe called him "Angry Liquid", wait is he a fucking video game character? Long time viewer in town. Basically fanboyism rules the day on the Angry Joe show. Btw he's getting roasted in the comments section, though don't expect them to be there long since Joe is actively removing comments because his feelings are hurt. Boo fucking hoo. Tough fucking luck.