Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Angry Joe on Family Vacation and upcoming reviews

Well for some reason Angry Joe thought he should release a new video, 2 mins of him and the rest with some random dude. Thanks Angry Joe. He does say he's sorry he couldn't review games but we all know that's bullshit because Angry "fuck you give me money" Joe only cares about the green. Here's the games he mentioned:

Overwatch - Meh
Total War - Isn't he a "hardcore" fan? He should go all out instead of being a faggot.
X-Men Review with cousins - who cares about it or his stupid beaner ass cousins when he's late on game reviews.
Drinks video - Something you only do when you've run out of ideas, what's next food video's?
There's so many stuff he didn't even mention, where the hell is the Doom review? Is he even doing one? This is getting out of hand, he's taking everything for granted while still acting like you should suck his dick for giving you the time of day. I think it's official that Joe doesn't give a fuck about his viewer-base anymore. He only cares about collecting a paycheck. Heck, he's getting other people to do reviews for him while he's gone, you can't be serious? He got someone else to do a VIVE review for him because he's so lazy and can't do it himself, he's basically Spoony One. What has this channel become?

From looking at the background you can tell he's at a farm or something similar, CIS white privileged male shit detected. Let's hope when Donald Trump get's elected he'll kick him and all those beaners out of the states. Yeehaw!

Angry Joe eats some salty Del Pickles and gets pissed

Found this on YouTube, it's from a stream not too long ago where Angry Joe get's pissed at Delrith because they lost. Boo fucking hoo. He goes off on Delrith like he ate all his Doritos and mountain dew, the dude needs to learn to communicate with people without acting like a total asshole. Heck I'll even defend Delrith here because he was actually in the right, unlike Joe who only wants people to do what he tells them.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Angry Joe gets PIZZA PRANKED Live on Twitch!

4 or 5 different pizza guys came to his house with unpaid pizzas, Angry Joe blames the 4chan boogeymen. Seems like I dropped the ball on this one because this happened way back in February this year. Anyway's enjoy the vid. And Joe's address was leaked on the internet along with his earnings, I still have it if anyone wants to pull some weird ass pranks on Joe.

Uncharted 4 Angry [RF] Review & more

Looks like Joe has gone ahead and done a Rapid Fire review of Uncharted 4, sigh. With these type of reviews he leaves so much detail out, he can barely cover the basic parts of the game people want to hear and yet he tries and fails. If there's one thing Joe should improve on it's writing his reviews, he wants to be IGN and Gamespot so desperately, he should stick to his traditional reviews. That is if he'll ever do one ever again. He doesn't talk enough about the multiplayer and his reaction to micro transactions for multiplayer is pretty mild. This is at odds with his Halo 5 review, where it costs the game a few points on his scale. Basically this review was missing all those fun (sometimes) skits and Joe being upfront talking about it more expressively. It was a shorter, cheaper, less entertaining type of review than people who watch Angry Joe reviews are use to.

He told a dude to fuck off on Twitter, rude.
It seems he's more interested in going to random events and making shitty reaction video's that caring about what made him popular in the first place. Heck, it's reaching the point where fucking feminist frequency is doing more video game reviews that Angry Joe. That's hilariously bad and it just puts things into perspective. Whether or not the game deserved a 9/10 is up for debate, but for Joe to not have played any other Uncharted game is ridiculous, he's a video game reviewer and yet he can't be bothered to research and play previous games in the series. He plain and simple doesn't care.

He also uploaded his Graduation Photo to Twitter for some reason, and it just shows how much of a blob he's turned into over the years.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Angry Joe goes to Italy on Holiday, new quick review series and other updates

Looks like Mr Joe "I work 70 hours a week and don't take holidays" Vargas has actually taken a holiday in Italy for a week, no doubt putting all that Youtube and ebeggin money to use.

You should also know that Jesse Cox was also in Italy during the same time as Joe, he was shilling for some Witcher 3 expansion event which Joe also attended. It also seems that everyone who attended the original paid promotion even in Poland for the release of the base game got invited for this event. I guess soulless sellouts stick together.

There is also a really obnoxious video by some pink haired anime character on YouTube you should check out if you want to see what happened during the event. It's best you watch it because you sure as hell won't see Joe uploading a video about it, that would be too much effort for him. Unless he was paid to promote the event with video's for quick and dirty sellout cash.

You should also know that Joe never stated he was going to this event, before leaving for Italy he said he was going on Holiday and now it's a paid promotional event. Which one was it Joe? He's also trying to do some quick review format but it's alright, he clearly isn't cut out for making shorter video's anymore.

Meanwhile Delrith has stayed stateside and continued to stream in place of Angry Joe, he's also been showing off his retarded walmart style gun collection. If you are going to buy guns at least buy ones which don't look retarded.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Angry Joe tells fans to fuck off over Reviews and Complains on Twitter

Looks like the stick has only gone farther up Angry Joe's ass, this time he has gone and dug himself a deeper hole by telling his fans to fuck off because it's not just a review show. Sounds like he's salty as usual because people are complaining that he's only pumping out shitty movie video's and trailer reactions.

His Call of Duty reaction trailer also got claimed by Activision and he's been bitching and moaning on Twitter that he can't make money. Boo hoo. Also get a load of Joe saying he'll go to court, I don't think Illegal Mexicans are allowed in court Joe.

It's funny because that's exactly what he's going to be doing.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

More movie reviews after PAX

Looks like Joe has jumped onto making more movie reviews after getting back from PAX, sigh. And it's a review for the shitty Ratchet and Clank movie, he literally went to see a movie made for children. But then again Joe does have the mentality of a child. Though one's got to wonder why Joe reviewed the movie when he didn't even bother to review the actual game it's based on? Maybe he's just being lazy as usual.

And I know it sounds like a broken record but where the hell are the reviews? Is he even planning on doing any? Also, his actual PAX coverage was terrible. Nothing but dick sucking without showing actual enthusiasm, fake enthusiasm doesn't count. Anyway you get the point.