Saturday, 30 August 2014

31/08/2014 - Twitter Madness

It's been a slow week on the video's front, but that hasn't stopped Joe from constantly posting on his Twitter account. And you know what the worst part of that is, he said his next review is gonna be Destiny (probably on the PS4 since he's a fanboy now) and the review will probably be out a week after the game which means the review is about two weeks away. He complains about no games being released even though there's games getting released all the time, what about the Risen 3 review he said he was gonna do or is that another failed promise.

Stop with this free to play bullshit, it's getting out of hand
Because priorities
What about Risen 3 jackass?
This is the reason he can't do reviews sooner, he better be making a video about this
Who the hell would want to see this?
Captain obvious, we don't need him to just repeat an even, that's what the news is for

That's it for this week and Joe better bloody put up a video or that sorry sack of shit will feel the back end of my boot going up his ass!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

24/08/2014 - Twitter Madness

Even though Joe has time to post on twitter it seems he doesn't have time to work on the actual reviews, he's been playing Risen 3 but he hasn't put out a review yet. Just look at how he responds to everyone's call for reviews, man, what a dick. Anyway onto the tweets.

Says the guy who was complaining about having 7 dollars in his pocket, and besides has he never heard of Amazon, what an idiot!
Another free to play game, does he ever stop
No Joe, nobody wants to see that
That's a pathetic excuse
What did he think would happen?
So that's where he got his bald fetish from.


  1. I just want to slap him in his fat face whever he says there havent been games to release, GAMES GET RELEASE DAILY ASSHOLE
    Way better games than all the crap he is promoting too!

    Skinny Joe was so much better than this new Fat Joe
    1. I know, games are getting released all the time and he has the gall to say otherwise, oh and Joe's just packing on the pounds because all he does is sit around and play video games and eat Doritos and drink mountain dew.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

AngryJoe Plays P.T. - Part 2 Finale!

What the fuck?

He uploaded part two first and then part one, where is his head at? besides Other Joe's ass. And what's with the "Finale" bit, it's not like it's some kind of grand finale to a ballet. Anyway, what to expect in this video:

  • Joe not shutting the fuck up
  • Joe acting like a complete idiot
  • Joe praising Hideo Kojima (Japanese pedophile)
  • Pretending to be scared and failing miserably
  • Joe not being able to play a video game properly

And what disgusted me most about this video is how Joe reacted to the demon baby fetus, Other Joe was like "hey pick it up, it's a crying baby" and Joe was like "no, it's a demon baby, get it the hell away from me" and freaking the hell out like it was real. But that just shows us an insight into Joe's psyche and his opinion on children, this is probably why he's single. Throughout the video he also constantly sucks Kojima's flee infested penis by saying how "beautiful" and "realistic" the game is, when in fact he has nothing good to say so he says the most generic thing possible. And he makes no mention of what he thought of the entire thing, probably because this is just a video from his twitch account which aren't edited besides from the odd fading.

Haven't you noticed how Joe cleans every Japanese dude Johnson
Because Joe is retarded
Well that's where all the dollars are at, that and he's just lazy
Oh so that's why the second part was uploaded first, does he not even check his video's before he uploads them?

AngryJoe Plays P.T. [Silent Hills]

Pretty much where Joe's career is at
Another one of these, it's basically him acting like a complete retard pretending to be scared. I really hate how he does this, he runs around playing the game with Other Joe with each of them taking turns like they blow each other in between the fading, they probably learned that from George Lucas. Just look at how Joe acts, he is constantly talking like and never shuts up, also he just runs around the same couple of rooms and hallways over and over. How the hell can he call himself a "gaymer" (hur hur) when he can't even pick up an item in a video game, especially when it's god damn right in front of him. Whatever he's just some poser, pretending to care about video games even though he just plagiarizes other peoples articles, it's comments time already, whatever..oh and did you notice that he uploaded part two first and then part one, just goes to show you how intelligent he is. 

Exactly, Joe doesn't know when to shut his mouth
I don't think he cares
I know, what a complete tool
Told you it was true

Sunday, 17 August 2014

17/08/2014 - Twitter Madness

Another week and (say it together) another Twitter Madness. Oh gee wicklers Jimmy what's been happening today, oh shucks I don't know, oh gee wally I think somthin bad happen today, Golly we gotta do something about it, I love Jesus more, oh gee oh gee oh gee oh shut the fuck up Joe. I'm sick and tired of hearing his biased opinion, some voice of gamers he is.

Seems like Joe's trip to Las Vegas went south, good for him
Nope that's just Joe's reaction to his bank account balance
He's probably gonna ask for an exclusive in return for some corporate dick sucking
The only epic fail here is Joe
The only one sucking corporate dick is you Joe!
Nice to see Joe jumpinng onto the bandwagon, has he no shame

That's it for this post now go away.

AngryJoe Rages at Risen 3!

Angry Joe is a complete tool, from watching the first couple minutes of this video you can tell that he can't even play a simple video game. He just shows clips from his stream on Twitch and it's terrible to watch because Joe is such a bad player, in the tutorial he complains a lot even though it's only showing him how the game works. He then goes on to yap about the combat system and there's no much to say other than Joe thinks all games should have a fantastic combat system even though it's a third party game and shouldn't be judged by the same standards as first party games. There's even a point where he's skipping the dialog, because as we all know Joe ain't a real gamer, he's just a poser and we all know he never owned a video game console before the Xbox 360.

He even goes to Amazon to check out a review to back up his own opinion even though all major video game websites gave the game either average or favorable reviews. Which it so rightly deserves, at least the others judged the game on all it offered while Joe on the other hand goes full retard and declares the game an "epic fail" just to pander to the YouTube retards. At the end of the video he begs people to subscribe to his videos, but this is from his twitch stream and to subscribe costs money, kind of ironic considering this guy was complaining about having no money when they copyright thing hit at Christmas. He's just as shallow as the companies he makes fun of!

Let's see what the viewers think:

It's because Joe is retarded and can't understand anything
And a bad troll at that
Exactly, just like vampire rain, it may be a bad game in the eyes of some but it's also a deep and satisfying game
Yeah, cut them a brake, they don't have thousands of staff like Assassins Creed does, and they do there best
Joe's just stupid, he can't help it, it's to get the views
Anyway, that's my two pence, we can probably tell what rating he's gonna give the game.


  1. You pretty much a inbred of troll and moron, you never watch his reviews (Witcher 2) and his streams (Dark Souls) and he loved both these games and knows a good game
    1. And you must be an ignorant troll fresh off of Angry Joe's ding dong.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Tomb Raider 2 Xbox Exclusive - Angry Rant

Well it seems Joe has blown a gasket since the new Laura Croft game is going to be an Xbox One exclusive. Even though I do agree with his opinion on the matter, his rant went on way too long. He hit all the right points in the first nine minutes but went on and kept ranting away, also he's acting like he can't even play the game even though he's owns an Xbox One. You can just see his hatred for Microsoft throughout the entire video, but he's totally missing the point that it's a timed exclusive. He just jumped on the band wagon instead of waiting for them to reply, and what happened, they said it was a timed exclusive and it would eventually make it's way onto the other platforms. Joe's just being a dumbass and the entire world knows it, sometimes he should just keep his mouth shut.

Let's see how people across the internet have reacted to Joe's reaction. We'll be checking out NeoGaf and the YouTube comments section.

Yeah, gotta roll in the dough
Exactly, Joe went way overboard with this one
This comment is to the point

Once you go jap you don't go back
And the world now knows it
Only time will tell

Planetside 2 Basic Training [AJSA]

Yeah, it's another Planetside 2 video, oh wait it's just an hour long video showcasing an Angry Army training event. Even though the video is an hour long Joe does explain that it's just to show people what a training event is like, so I can see where he is coming from but he just uploaded an hour long unedited video. That takes little to no effort to do, also Joe's just tagging along with no interaction what so ever with the other players. Don't even bother checking out this video as you'll be bored to death by the robotic voice that plagues the entire video. Anyway onto the comments since I've got nothing better to talk about.
I know, Joe's treating it like it's an actual war
Exactly, Joe's getting too complacent
I don't think Joe has been playing games for that long since he's such a terrible player
I always knew that Angry Joe was into BDSM

Anyway terrible video so go watch something else even worse like the Archfiend or the Irate Gamer.